• Ablestum - pilot, sitting second on the shuttle to Eylot[1]
  • Abram - Boss on Surebleak when Miri was young, Milt Boraneti sold medicine in Boss Abram's Turf[2]
  • Admiral Bunter, a self-aware ship. One of the main Independent Logics. Mentored by Tolly Jones[3]
  • Aelliana Caylon Clan Korval - (f), b. 1335[4], originally of Clan Mizel (Birin Caylon's middle daughter[5]), Lifemate of Daav yos'Phelium, mother of Val Con, tawny hair, changeable green eyes, left-handed, revisor of the ven'Tura Tables, Honored Scholar of Sub-rational Mathematics
  • Ailsworth - Juntavas Sector Boss[6]
  • Aimee Keller - one of the 10 passengers Bechimo took on for the evacuation from Codrescu Station.
  • Al - (m), owner of Al's Hardware Store on Boss Conrad's turf on Surebleak[7]
  • Ala Bin tay'Welford - Seated Scholar, Osabei Tower (pre-Migration)[8]
  • Alara chel’Voyon Clan Silari - (f) brown eyes, daughter and heir of Valad chel’Voyon Delm Silari (allied to Korval); Field Ecologist Scout in the Surebleak Transition Team. See The Rifle's First Wife[9]
  • Alisa kor'Entec - (f), trader on Irikwae[10]
  • Alosha - (m) Headman of The Bedel[11]
  • Aloysha Maksim Ilari Berk, aka "Al Berk" - first class pilot with a license out of Waymart, named for three uncles on his father's side
  • Alys Tiazan Clan Erob - (f), born c. 1383[12], Makina's daughter,[13] calls Emrith "aunt" and Win Den "uncle", has a riot of red curls and brown eyes[14]
  • Amiz Braun - one of Kareen's hands on Surebleak
  • An Der Tiazan Clan Erob - (m), Emrith's nephew[13]
  • ana’Tak - (Mrs. ana'Tak), Cook at Jelaza Kazone, [15] neighborly with Yulie Shaper
  • Anders Jeff - (m) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak, from Moravia[16]
  • Andresi - (Lord Andresi) (m), a High House gentleman, one of Chi yos'Phelium's allies (identified by Daav as "one of his mother's cronies"[17][18])
  • Andreth - an associate of The Uncle found signs of surveillance at Catalinc
  • Andy Mack - (m) also called Colonel, long silver hair, pilot, owns a repair shop near the port on Surebleak, hired Clarence O'Berin, provides cars for taxi service in Skyblaze[19]
  • Anecha - driver, Tarnia's Clanhouse [20]
  • Angela "Liz" Lizardi - (f) Terran, tall and rangy, brown hair streaked with grey, born on Surebleak, grew up in Boss Peterman's turf[2], retired Commander of Lizardi's Lunatics; recruited young Miri and acted as her foster mother, currently Port Security Chief on Surebleak [21]. See Fighting Chance and Misfits
  • Anj Tibbets - member of Theo's study group "Four Team Three" on Delgado
  • Anne Davis Clan Korval - (f) 1327-1382[4], Lifemate of Er Thom, thodelmae, mother of Shan, Nova and Anthora, brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin, scholar of comparative linguistics
  • Annis - (f) of Nova's staff[22]
  • Anthara ter'Gasta Clan Idvantis - (f) Scout Commander[23]
  • Anthora yos'Galan Clan Korval - (f) b. 1366[4], Dramliza, possibly the most powerful on the planet (Guild could not measure the limits of her abilities[24]), youngest sister of Shan and Nova, lifemate to Ren Zel dea'Judan, cousin to Val Con, flutter headed, by her own admission, silver-blue eyes[25], was teaching at the college of the Dramliz in Solcintra[26]
  • Arin Gobelyn - Iza's deceased spouse, Jethri's father, Gobelyn's Market [20]
  • Arl Fed pen'Uldra - Fer Gun's grandfather. Daav yos'Phelium's great grandfather. Captain pen'Uldra. He had been a seated commissioner on the Divers Trade Association. With his lifemate, he had owned a fleet of four small traders. Pirates attacked. He died very soon after going to ground on Echieta, where he sought refuge with his cousins in Clan Telrune, hiding his one-year-old grandson from those who would murder him for his birthright. (see Due Diligence)
  • Arman - Pilot-Instructor at Transit School on Melchiza
  • Arn - (m) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak[27]
  • Arn Eld dea'Judan Clan Obrelt - Ren Zel's uncle[28]
  • Arndy Slayn - First Class Pilot, had gone from Guild technical assistant to Acting Stationmaster at Orbital Trading Station Codrescu, Eylot nearspace.[29]
  • Artelma - (?), a Liaden composer[30]
  • Asha Carresens-Denobli - First Class Pilot who arrived on Carresen packet ship Twinkle to observe the evacuation of Codrescu station.[31]
  • Asu diamon Dayez - (f) of the luxury cruise lines - Theo's roommate at Anlingdin Piloting Academy, tall, black curls, brown eyes. [32]Helped with the evacuation of Codrescu station, but only after others did[33]
  • Audrey Breckstone (Ms. Audrey) - proprietor of the whorehouse on Blair Road, one of Boss Conrad's supporters, blue eyes, pale hair (dyed), not young, friend of Luken bel'Tarda
  • Aufime - Mercenary of Lizardi's Lunatics, died on Klamath. See Misfits.[34]
  • Ave-Su - Transit School on Melchiza
  • Azia pel'Otra Clan Elarnt - Solit trading family long affiliated with Korval in general and yos’Galan in particular. Was at the contract signing luncheon of Chi yos'Phelium and Fer Gun pen'Uldra, Daav’s father. (See Due Diligence) [35]


  • Baan Tiazan Clan Erob - (m), a former Delm, possibly Miri’s great grandfather[13]
  • Baan yo'Nelon - (m) one of Aelliana's students, Scout Pilot[36]
  • Ban Del pak'Ora Clan Ranvit - (m) butler at Trealla Fantrol[37] until recalled by Ezern pak'Ora Delm Ranvit. Jeeves took his place.[38] See Intelligent Design
  • Ban Del ser’Lindri - “befriended” Kamele on her trip to Surebleak, almost certainly an agent of The Department out to kidnap her.[39]
  • Bandelute Apres-Donegal - one of the 10 passengers Bechimo took on for the evacuation from Codrescu Station.
  • Bar Jan chel'Gaibin Clan Rinork - (m) Infreya chel'Gaibin's son and heir, "as fair and as narrow as she", likewise a trader,[40] Nadelm Rinork[41]
  • Bar Vad yo'Tornier - (m), Commander of Agents in The Department of the Interior[42]
  • Barq - (?), Liaden, Director of Chonselta Technical College[36]
  • Barth - (m) one of late Boss Moran's hands, stayed when Pat Rin took over Moran's Turf[7]
  • Bechimo, a self-aware ship, boarded by Win Ton yo'Vala; captained by Theo Waitley. One of the major Independent Logics. Hunted by The Department of the Interior. He created Admiral Bunter from a reserve personality.[43]
  • Beck - (f) Cook in Nova's House on Surebleak, red-cheeked plump face[44]
  • Bed War tel'Pyton - (m), Master Tea Merchant, business associate of Er Thom and Shan[45]
  • Bek Tehruda - Theo's partner in dance and with whom she later has her First Pair. Has heavy yellow hair and gray eyes.
  • Beldyn chel'Mara Clan Aragon - (f) formerly a Scout known to Val Con; subverted by The Department of the Interior, an Agent of Change. Dead. [46]
  • Beltaire - Ermeritus Professor of History of Education on Delgado
  • bel'Verand - (f), Trade Mistress at Finifter[47]
  • Bendara Tiazan Clan Erob - (f), Thodelm, Cel Met's daughter, carrot-red hair[13]
  • Bern dea'Maan - (?), pilot serving on Daxflan[48]
  • Beslin vin'Tenzing Clan Omterth - (f) trader on Liaden tradeship Habista, lost a son when Korval fired on Liad, sought Balance with Korval on Surebleak[49]
  • Betea sen'Equa - (f) sen'Equa is a family with Terran roots (the name is derived from "Seneca"), which runs gambling houses in Solcintra Low Port[45]
  • Bhupendra Darteshek - (m) Terran, Juntavas courier pilot, first class pilot, very tall, very thin[50]. Attacked The Department of the Interior with Boss Conrad
  • Bilinda - (f) one of Ms. Audrey's girls, red-haired, ginger brown eyes[7]
  • bin'Dekel - Taylor on East Port Street, Chonselta[51]
  • Bindrea yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (f) Delm in a time before Trealla Fantrol was built.[52]
  • bin'Flora - (m), merchant who buys Jethri's consignment of hand-loomed cellosilk[53]
  • bin'Tabor - (?), an Agent of Change[25]
  • Birin Caylon Clan Mizel - Delm, mother of Ran Eld, Voni, Aelliana , and Sinit[5]
  • Bobrin del'Pemridj - (f), a High House lady of Daav's acquaintance[17]
  • Bon Sel (ven'Arith? ) ClanMenlark[54] at Portcalay;[55]
  • Bor Gen pin'Ethil - (m) Mechanic First Class Dutiful Passage (gambling addict)[56]
  • Borg Tanser, Juntavas, second-in-command of the group chasing Val Con and Miri [57]
  • Borril - a watch animal - please pull his ears [8]
  • Boss Whitman — turf boss on Surebleak[58]
  • Boylan - (f) (Dr. Boylan) Planetologist on Research Station Number Measton 4 in Orbit over Klamath, has little sympathy for the tragedies happening on-world[34]
  • Braken - (f) friend of Miri's mother Kati Tayzin on Surebleak when Miri was young[2]
  • Bre Din sig'Ranton Clan Persage - (m), a musician who plays at Bas Ibenez in Avontai Port into whose very hands the dulciharp must be placed (also called Rose)[59]
  • Brine Batzer - (m) Ship Agent, Codrescu Station, Eylot[29]
  • Bro Moddasin - who answered for Frader Transport Group on Cresthaller 15
  • Bruce Peltzer - (m) Pilot, Circuit Rider for the Terran Guild on Staederport[60], later Guildmaster on Codrescu Station, Eylot nearspace[29], tall and broad, hair a hand-wide bristle of black along the very top of his head[60]. Signed pilot license for Kara ven’Arith in Landed Alien. Evacuated from Cordrescu Station when Eylot attacked and gave norbear Ambassador Hevelin into Theo Waitley’s care, on Bechimo.[61]
  • Bunter — see Admiral Bunter, self-aware ship
  • Byneta - (f) Master Gardener at Jelaza Kazone during Chi's time as Delm, very old, has known Chi since childhood (Due Diligence, chap 4)


  • Cady Rutland - Inspector at Tradedesk 15
  • Cantra yos'Phelium — Cantra is an engineered human, an aelantaza from Tanjalyre Institute.[62] Jela’s ally against the Sheriekas and his lover, she conceived his only son and tended his tree when he died[63] Founder and first Delm of Clan Korval. [64]“The Captain” of Quick Passage on the Great Migration, she named the planet Liad. [65] A cantra is a large unit of currency with her image stamped on one side.
  • Cel Met Tiazan Clan Erob - (?) deceased parent of Bendara Tiazan[13]
  • Ceola tel'Denvit - (f), owner-operator of The Friendly Glass, sister of Min (f)[66]
  • Chames Dobson - took Jen Sar Kiladi's class on comparative cultures at Searston University[60]
  • Charn Duxbury - Chairman of the Autumn Rains Cooperative on Tradedesk.15
  • Charzi - (m) cat, lives in the Lysta Clanhouse, orange[34]
  • Chayne dea'Judan Clan Obrelt - Ren Zel's aunt and the delm's sister[28]
  • Cheever McFarland - Terran. Taller than Shan yos'Galan by a few inches. Healthy and strong. Good natured but shrewd and fast with a gun. Master Pilot, owns small ship LucyBug, formerly master pilot for Bascomb Lines, flying their big cruise ship in the Sol System.
    • Edger of the Clutch Turtles hired him to deliver a message to Nova at Trealla Fantrol, because he's "the hottest pilot on port." [67] Immediately upon delivery he was employed by Shan to be Pat Rin yos'Phelium's pilot on Fortune's Reward and his bodyguard.[68]
    • Stays with Pat Rin as Boss Conrad's "head hand" /chief of security on Surebleak. Engages in the battles against The Department of the Interior.[69]
    • Befriends Vertu Wylan, the taxi driver who took him to Trealla Fantrol, when she is exiled to Surebleak for ferrying The Mercs around Liad. (See Skyblaze).[70]
  • Chelly Frosher - (m) Senior Piloting Student on command track, Theo's suite mate at Anlingdin Piloting Academy, blue eyes[32]
  • Chels Carresens-Denobli - the receptionist in Carresens (also noted as a pilot) 15
  • Chelsa yo'Vaade Clan Plemia - (f), captain of trade ship Daxflan[71]
  • chel'Venga - (?), a pawnbroker in Solcintra Low Port[72]
  • Chernak Strongline -- (f) a Pathfinder Trang (see Yxtrang) from the old universe [73]
  • Chi yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (f), 84th Delm, identical twin sister to Petrella, mother to Kareen and Daav, murdered on Ganjir. See The Department of the Interior
  • Chim Dal dea'San Clan Wylan - Solcintra taxi driver[74]
  • Cho sig'Radia - (f), Senior Scout, Scout Inspector Specialist who had sponsored Theo to Anlingdin Piloting Academy[75], had taught finger-talk at Scout Academy[76], arranges to get Jon out of the drunk tank [72], the same or related to: Acting Scout Commander (on Nev'Lorn). [77] See Breath's Duty
  • Chock Robertson - (m), father of Miri Robertson, married to Kati Tayzin, native of Surebleak, good in crane repair, alcoholic, violent, tried to sell Miri to the local pimp in Fighting Chance.[2]
  • Chon Rifith - one of the 10 passengers Bechimo took on for the evacuation from Codrescu Station.
  • Chorli - (Mr Chorli) lecturer on cruise-passenger ship Vashtara
  • Claren Liu - (f) Dayside Portmaster on Surebleak[78]
  • Clarence O'Berin - Terran, red-haired, Juntavas Boss on Liad[79], retired, Theo's XO on Bechimo.
  • Clonak ter'Meulen Clan Guayar - (m) Delm Guayar's son,[80][18] served as a Scout in Daav's command, and still in the habit of addressing Daav as Captain[81]; wears a mustache[82] which is likewise a holdover from his days as an active Scout.[83]. A Scout Commander in I Dare, Breath's Duty, Ghost Ship, Prodigal Son...
  • Clothide - Juntavas Boss on Velaskiz Rotundo (where evacuees were taken from Codrescu Station)[84]
  • Cly Nelbern - (f) sends Pirro Velez to steal a secret from the Mother's Temple on Sintia, gets killed by Priscilla[85]
  • Clyburn Tang - onagrata to Orkan Haflley on Delgado, citizen of Melchiza
  • Cochel lo'Vanna - (?), shipbuilder of high repute who only sold to members of registered clans, in Misfits [34]
  • Constince LoRita - Sector Guildmaster on Velaskiz Rotundo 15
  • Cordrey - red hair, Pilot on cruise-passenger ship Vashtara [86]
  • Corvill - Zhena Trelu’s mangled pronunciation of Korval, for Val Con yos'Phelium, Clan Korval. [8] See also Prodigal Son
  • Coyster - (m) cat, Theo's cat on Delgado, pink nose, orange ears, orange chest, amber eyes, white paws [87]
  • Cris Gobelyn - First mate on Gobelyn's Market, Iza's oldest child, [20]
  • Cyra chel'Vona Clan Nosko - (f) a jeweler[72]


  • Daav yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (m) 6th Delm of Korval,[88] first of his Line to bear the name Daav. Eba yos'Phelium's delm[89] (and also her thodelm? unclear)[88]
  • Daav yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (m) b. 1325[4], the 85th Delm, Scout captain, lifemate to Aelliana Caylon, Cha'leket to Er Thom yos'Galan, father to Val Con yos'Phelium and Theo Waitley, onagrata of Kamele Waitley, also known as Scholar Jen Sar Kiladi[90]fourth of his Line to bear the name Daav. black eyes, when young: long dark brown hair, silver twist in his right ear, when older: hair short and greying. Left Delgado after ~25 Standards when he heard the Juntavas announce aid and comfort for his son, and helped defeat The Department of the Interior at Nev’Lorn. See Breath's Duty
  • Dablin - (m) cat, the resident cat at Priscilla's town house, a gift from Val Con, striped orange[91]
  • Dafydil Koonts - one of Kareen's hands on Surebleak
  • Dagmar Collier, Second Mate, Daxflan [92]
  • Dalin - Transit School on Melchiza
  • Dan Art yos'Galan Clan Korval - (?) Only survivor of a catastrope that overtook the ship Zipper in the 7th century of the Standard Calendar.[93]
  • Danise - (f) Luken's daughter. Her younger sister is with her.[94]
  • Danny Ringrose - (m) Surebleak Streeter, part of the group that beat up Rys Lin and left him to die, smarter than the rest[95]
  • Daria dea'Luziam/dea'Luzian? - (f), trainee Scout, Val Con's lover, one year older, intended partner, died during Solo [96], killed in the drop from the mothership, victim of a freakish solar storm.[97] See To Cut an Edge
  • Dath jo'Bern Clan Hedrede - (f) the person who commissions the delivery of the dulciharp to Avontai[79]
  • dea'Blanco - (m), Captain of Coyander Kenso[47]
  • dea'Ladd - (?), a Scout, killed at Nev'lorn[77]
  • dea'Liss - (f) Scout[98]
  • dea'Nobli - (?), presumable creator of Pat Rin's show pistol[99]
  • Del Ben (or Del Ban) yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (m) His misdeeds against Line bel'Tarda required a major Balancing which included bel'Tarda being brought under the Dragon's wing.[100]
  • Del Orn dea'Lystra - (m), master of the Modrid Trade Hall[101])
  • Dela bel'Urik Clan Shelart - (f) an acquaintance of Pat Rin's[45]
  • Delia - (f) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak[27]
  • Delm Briat - norbear, on Dutiful Passage [102]
  • Delm Korval - see also The Delms of Korval
  • Dema Wespail Clan Chad - Thodelm, pilot (Present at the midmorning picnic)[103][18]
  • Derani sel'Mindruyk Clan Simesta - (?), Delm[104][57]
  • Desi Beale - (f) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak[16]
  • Diglon Rifle - (m), a Yxtrang “rifle” common trooper, formerly in the 14th Conquest Corps, now sworn to Line yos'Phelium.[38] [9] See The Rifle's First Wife and see Alara chel'Voyon, his wife[105]
  • Dil Nem Tiazan Clan Erob - (m), son of Kern Tiazan, agressively red hair, hazel eyes[13]
  • Dil Ton sig'Erlan - (m), Trader stationed on Mandrake[106]
  • Dmitri - (m) of The Bedel, deceased[107]
  • Don Sin - delivers kegs to The Friendly Glass [66]
  • Dorik - (f) owner of Dorik's Bake Shop on Surebleak when Miri was young[2]
  • Dorrie Golden - (f) Michael Golden's Grandmother in Surebleak, probably deceased by now[108]
  • Dostie - (f), Pilot of Surebleak's port tug, pink hair[19]
  • Droi - (f) of The Bedel[11]
  • Drusil tel'Bana - (f), linguistic specialist, student and academic heir of Jin Del yo'Kera[109] (Note: Anne refers to her distillation of Professor tel'Bana's theory of the common root-tongue [110]
  • Dulsey - a Batcher that Jela and Cantra help [45] and one of The Uncle's crew [8] [20][111] [as "Dulsey Omron"] [112] [84]
  • Dus Tin sig'Eva - (m), driver employed at Korval's primary shipyard in Solcintra[113]
  • Dustin - (m) In The Mercs, defends Clan Erob and Lytaxin from the Yxtrang. Meets Shan when his lifeboat lands in the quarry. short, nutmeg eyes[114]
  • Dwight - Surebleak Streeter, part of the group that beat up Rys Lin pen’Chala and left him to die[95]
  • Dyk Gobelyn - (m) cook on Gobelyn's Market [20]


  • Eba dea'Judan Clan Obrelt - (f) youngest of Ren Zel's three elder sisters[115]
  • Eba yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (f) In the time of the first Daav, she was publicly flogged by her thodelm,[89] who was also her cha'leket - that being the least undesirable course of action left open to them by the Clan's enemies. The subsequent Balancing took seven years and resulted in the deaths of all those responsible.[88]
  • Edger - also known as: Twelfth Shell Fifth Hatched Knife Clan of Middle River's Spring Spawn of Farmer Greentrees of the Spearmaker's Den: The Edger (in the short form for Men) [57] - (m) a Clutch Turtle, appreciates the art of the ephemeral [57], T'carais of the Knife Clan of Middle River's Spring, Brother of Sheather, Watcher and "Brother" of Val Con yos'Phelium and Miri Robertson
  • Edil yos’Phelium Clan Korval - Lifemate of Var Ond ter’Asten? - mentioned by Kareen when showing Kamele the portrait hall [49]
  • Elabet pel'Ongin Clan Diot - a poet[116][117]
  • Elby - (Captain Elby), Min tel'Denvit's latest boyfriend, a popinjay, attempts to force Ceola to sell The Friendly Glass[66]
  • Elid yos'Casin - (f) Agent of Change, died when Anthora tried to separate her from her conditioning[118]
  • Elizabeth Murphy - Anne Davis' Mother, First class pilot, light transport to trade class AAA (deceased)[119]
  • Ella ben Suzan - Kamele's longtime friend, "Aunt Ella", History of Education, Delgado
  • Elsu Meriandra Clan Jabun - Delm's daughter, pilot, Ren Zel's contract wife[120]
  • Elza pen'Chapen Clan Severt - (f) Tom Lei's mother, freight expiditor, deceased[51]
  • Emrith Tiazan Clan Erob - (f), Delm, wire thin, grey hair, grey eyes[13]
  • Ena Tyl sig'Lorta - (m), trader, Jethri's mentor at Irikwae's Trade Hall[10]
  • Endele per'Timbral - (f), a gardener[121]
  • Er Thom yos'Galan Clan Korval - (m), 1325-1383[4] Son of Petrella, Thodelm, Lifemate of Anne Davis, Cha'leket to to Daav, father of Shan, Nova and Anthora, Captain and Master Trader of Dutiful Passage, golden hair, violet eyes.
  • Estan Vanderpool - proceduralist, stolid, solid, meticulous boy, member of Theo's study group "Four Team Three" on Delgado
  • Estrava - (f) Dr. Boylan's Intern on Research Station Number Measton 4 in Orbit over Klamath[34]
  • Ethilen - (Master Ethilen), Hall Master at Chonselta Healer Hall
  • Ethilen - Master Healer, Hall Master at Chonselta Healer Hall
  • Etienne Borden - (m) Nightside Portmaster on Surebleak[78]
  • Eyan yo'Lanna Clan Justus - (f) friend of Pat Rin yos'Phelium, noted as a social hostess[45]
  • Eyla dea'Lorn - (f), Master Taylor situated in Solcintra, with the patronage of Korval[122][88]
  • Ezern pak'Ora Clan Ranvit - (f) Delm from c. SY 1375, not noted for subtlety (nor for good sense)[38]
  • Eztina - cat, rangy, orange with white feet and belly, and green eyes[123]. Particularly attached to Syl Vor. At Jelaza Kazone on Surebleak, until going with Syl Vor when he moves to his mother's house in town. [124]


  • Fal Den ter'Antod Clan Imtal - (m) who nominated his friend Pat Rin to close out his debt book[45]
  • Falish Meron (m) - High Judge of the Juntavas, short for a Terran, beige and freckled face, rust-red hair. [125]
  • Fantile dea'Starn - qe'andra[51]
  • Farancy Able - Ermeritus Professor of History of Education on Delgado
  • Farin dea'Judan Clan Obrelt - one of Ren Zel's three elder sisters[115]
  • Faro - Director of Trigrace School were Quin was student[126]
  • Fel Din yo'Shomin - (m), Scout Lieutenant[127]
  • Felea Ongit - (m), waits tables at family-owned Ongit's Restaurant [79]
  • Fer Gun pen'Uldra - Daav yos'Phelium's father. [128] Jump pilot to marvel at. Contract wed to Chi yos'Phelium for one year, the babe going to Korval. Broke off from treacherous Clan Telrune on their out-world Echieta. "Low House but a pilot to marvel at" [129]Married his trader, Karil Danac-Joenz, and created family Uldra-Joenz, seated on Fetzer's World." (See Due Diligence)
  • Fereda dea'San Clan Wylan - Solcintra taxi driver[74]
  • Feriola - (m) (Commander Feriola), Mercenary Commander, recruited Angela "Liz" Lizardi on Surebleak[2]
  • Fern - one of The Uncle's associates (pre-Migration)[8]
  • Fil Tor Kinrae - (m), Liaden, the man who abducted Anne and Shan; owing allegience to the DOI, he gave no clan in his introduction[130]
  • Filmin - (m) doorman in Boss Conrad's house on Surebleak[7]
  • Finlee as'Barta - (f), Society page editor for the Gazette wittnessing the signing of Chi yos'Pheliums mariage contract with Fer Gun (Due Diligence chap 4)
  • Fis Lyr - ("Master Fis Lyr") - boss of Korval's Chonselta yard
  • Flandin - Professor of History of Education on Delgado, forged citations
  • Flinx - cat, at Tarnia's Clanhouse [20]
  • Flyer Shugg - (m), grizzled, short-haired;Pilot, Surebleak[19]
  • Fondi - (m) cat, grey and white kitten at Jelaza Kazone[131]
  • For Don chel'Gaibin Clan Rinork - (m) challenged to a duel by the young Norn ven'Deelin after cheating at cards; his death in the duel led to a long-standing rift between Rinork and Ixin[40]
  • Frad Jinmaer - (m) a Liaden Scout, a cartographer, formerly one of Daav's teammates and remained a close friend[128][132][133]
  • Frances Hollins - one of the 10 passengers Bechimo took on for the evacuation from Codrescu Station.
  • Fris, Clan Reptor - aunt of Yolan pel'Kirmin and Sed Ric bin'Ala [134]
  • Fruma - Transit School on Melchiza


  • Gaenor tel'Dorbit - (f), first mate of Elthoria[135]
  • Gamkoda - (f), Liaden, tutor to Syl Vor yos'Galan[136]
  • Gar Sad per'Etla - (m), cargo master of Elthoria[137]
  • Garad ven'Albren - Master Vintner of House Albren [138]
  • Garen yos'Phelium Clan Torvin - (pre-Migration)[8]
  • Gath tel'Izak Clan Bindan - (f) Delm Bindan[139][140]
  • Gavit - (m) young man of Nova's Staff on Surebleak, thin, dark hair[118]
  • Gayl - Transit School on Melchiza
  • Gernchik Explorer - Yxtrang Explorer (similar to Scout) [38]. Hazenthull's mentor. Died on Lytaxin.
  • Gert Jazdak - Kareen's Security Chief / Head Hand on Surebleak
  • Ghan - of The Bedel[95]
  • Gidis Arkov - Government Chaperon on Melchiza
  • Gil Don Balatrin - (m), Liaden, third mate of Dutiful Passage'[141]
  • Giodana Govans - Pilot Third Class, owner-operator of Beeslady (destroyed)
  • Glodae - (?), First Speaker, part of Korval's social circle when Nova was First Speaker for Korval[142]
  • Golden, Mike - Grew up on Surebleak with his grandma Dorrie Golden, Nova yos'Galan's hand
  • Gordon (Gordy) Arbuthnot - (m) grandson of Richard Davis and Rosie, associate trader on Dutiful Passage[143], Pilot, Shan and Priscilla's foster son[144], belongs to Clan Korval
  • Gorna Dail - merchant at "Gently Used", former Visiting Expert, sells rug to Theo & Jen Sar
  • Graem - Ren Lar's second [20]
  • Grafton - Inspector at Tradedesk 15
  • Grasile Elikot - Pilots Guild Master located at Tradedesk Station, also arrived on Twinkle at Codrescu Station 15
  • Grawn - (m) (Grawn Brothers) Mercenaris of Lizardi's Lunatics, died on Klamath [34]
  • Greenshaw Porter - (m) Juntavas pilot, lanky, tan-colored short hair, long face, grey eyes, attached to the Justice Department[145]
  • Grenada - person owed a counterchance debt [77]
  • Grig Tomas - back-up everything, Arin's cousin, Gobelyn's Market [20]
  • Grom Trogar - (m) Chairman of the Juntavas has his office in Cessilee on Shaltren[146] , not well loved, tries to bring back the more chaotic old times of Juntavas[147]
  • Grover - owner of Grover's Tavern on Surebleak when Miri was young[2]
  • Guardians of Knowledge, Dobrin University
  • Guayar - (Delm Guayar)[148] (m)[149] who always has the good gossip; brother to Lady yo'Lanna[103][18], Clonak's father
  • Guildmaster Peltzer of Orbital Trading Station Codrescu, in orbit around planet Eylot
  • Gus Tav bel'Urik Clan Shelart - (m) Port merchant near Ongit's[103] [79]
  • Gwince - (f) former hand for late Boss Moran, then aide to Pat Rin[7]


  • Hae Den pen'Evrit Clan Yron- (m) Thodelm, pilot[103]
  • Hakan Meltz - musician [8]
  • Hanelur Caylon Clan Mizel - Birin Caylon's mother, who preceded her as Delm[150][151]
  • Hank Regis - (m) Surebleak Streeter, part of the group that beat up Rys Lin and left him to die[95]
  • Hannit - (f) a drunk woman in port of Surebleak[21]
  • Hantem - regular at The Friendly Glass who usually has ale [66]
  • Hap Harney - (m) Piloting Student at Anlingdin Piloting Academy, killed when his plane was shot down[32]
  • Har Par dea'Liss Clan Tuxent - (m) a master of the Accountants Guild[152]
  • Harn - sandy haired man who delivers Theo's rug on Delgado
  • Harold Geneset Belansium - (f) Terran, also known as Little Gene or Bell, Painter[72]
  • Hazenthull Explorer - (f) Yxtrang Explorer (similar to Scout) sworn to Line yos'Phelium[38], undergrown for an Yxtrang but still bigger than Terran, now member of yos'Phelium House Guard and on duty as Port Security on Surebleak Port, partner of Tolly Jones who calls her Haz[21].
  • Hedrede (Delm Hedrede) - (f) attempted to cast doubt on Anne's scholarship in open Council[80]
  • Hedrede (Delm Hedrede) - (m) delivered the Council's judgment to Korval[153]
  • Henrick - (Boss Henrick), many years ago part of what is now Boss Conrad's Turf belonged once to Boss Hendrick (before Boss Tourin)[7]
  • Her Nin yo'Vestra - (m), Kareen's close friend, another cornerstone of the League for the Purity of the Language[140][154]
  • Herb - (m) Terran, midday bartender at the Emerald Casino on Surebleak, sturdy[21]
  • Herbert Alan Costello - Juntava, has two fingers bitten off by Clutch Turtle Watcher[155]
  • Hervan - one of the ship inspectors/greaters on Frenzel port [84]
  • Hevelin - (m) norbear, brown fur shot with ripples of orange.[156] Rescued by Aelliana and Daav on Avontai[156] and placed in the employ of Bruce Peltzer at the Pilots Guild temp office on Staederport.[60] As an older norbear at the Guild office on Codrescu station some decades later (still in the company of Pilot Peltzer)[29], skinny, wizened and dignified; fur nearly colorless with a touch of rust in the eyebrows.[157] onBechimo after Codrescu evacuated [158].
  • Hia Cyn yo'Tonin - (m), who made his living by leading High House lordlings into error[45]
  • Hieri - terminal Helper on Delgado
  • High Judge (no personal name mentioned) - set up Juntavas Justice Department (together with Korelan Zar)[147]
  • Hin Ber del'Fordan Clan Etgora - (m) Delm[17][18]
  • Hiramson O’Nandy O’dell - citizen of Strabane accused Clarence of being an active antagonist, thief, scoundrel, and an agent of the Juntavas. Resulted in Clarence's being taken into custody why off ship on Tradedesk. 15
  • Holdhand - (f) norbear, first norbear to volunteer for ship travel. [159]
  • Hopanik - (f), Liaden, Master Pilot at Solcintra Pilot's Hall, signed Er Thom's second-class license[56]
  • Humania Bhar - (f), sister of Inas Bhar (also known as Natesa), native of Skardu, married to Safarez Majidi[160]


  • Ian Davis - Anne Davis Father, engineer (deceased)
  • Ichliad Brunner Clan Lysta - (m), born on Liad, raised by Liaden clan, but of Terran stock, with ditchwater-blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes [161]. A master meteorologist, studied at Scout Academy's Meteorology School, worked at volcanic Klamath, later hired by Clan Korval as the official weatherman to improve the climate on cold Surebleak[162]. Main character in Misfits, a story about Klamath.
  • Ifry pen'Chala - (f) elder sister of Rys Lin[131], killed in the Yxtrang raid that wiped out the whole clan exept Rys Lin[163]
  • Ilthiria yo'Lanna Clan Justus - (f) Thodelmae, oldest friend of Chi yos'Phelium,[17][139][18] sister to Guayar Himself.[103][18] noted as a social hostess
  • Ilvin Tiazan Clan Erob - (f) daughter of Jen Sar Tiazan[164]
  • Inas Bhar also known as Natesa the Assassin - (f) b.1355, Skardu in a Terran sector. Third daughter of Scholar Reyman Bhar[160], Juntavas Sector Judge, lifemate of Pat Rin yos'Phelium [165], dark skinned, doe-eyed, hair like a silky black cap, first class pilot, Master Shooter, eplosives specialist[145]
  • Infreya chel'Gaibin Clan Rinork - (f) "star blond and narrow in the face"; a trader;[40] Delm Rinork[41]
  • Initha - Transit School on Melchiza
  • Inkirani Yo (Inki) -- pilot first-class of ship Ahab-Esais [166]
  • Intassi - (Mrs. Intassi) (f), a Liaden ex-Scout[88], grey haired[167], nurse to multiple generations of Korval's children[168]
  • Ira Gabriel - (f) (Boss Gabriel), Surebleak Boss, member of the Affiliated Bosses of Surebleak[78]
  • Iridyce sen'Ager - (f), Commander of Agents after Bar Vad yo'Tornier[169]
  • Isart - (m) of The Bedel, halfling age, lanky, black hair, black eyes[95]
  • Isphet bar'Obin - (f) Agent of Change, ice blue eyes, short pale hair, disguised as Blair Road Patroller[95], later tries to make Rys Lin launch an attack on the Consolidated School[170], killed by Syl Vor
  • Ivdra sen'Lora - (?), Scout Commander who certified Jeeves as sentient[38]
  • Ivrex - (?), a Liaden trader[106]
  • Iza Gobelyn - captain-owner of Gobelyn's Market [20]


  • Jabun - pod pirate, thief, murderer in Changeling[120]
  • Jack Vance - (m) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak, from Hamilton Street[16]
  • Jacumbra "Jack" Edgil - (m) big Terran, talkative, Ex-Merc, wears a toolbelt full of gadgets, in charge of maintenance on Research Station Number Measton 4 in Orbit over Klamath. In Misfits[34]
  • Jai Kob cho'Fadria Clan Telrune - one of Fer Gun's cousins in Due Diligence (chap 1)
  • Jakoby - one of The Uncle's associates (pre-Migration)[8]
  • Jamie Moore - Juntavas Boss on Skardu (home planet of Inas Bhar aka Natesa)[160]
  • Jamin Fowler - (m) one of the Shuttle Pilots on Research Station Number Measton 4 in Orbit over Klamath, flies down to the surface to rescue the surviving Mercenaries of Miri's Unit[34] See Misfits
  • Jan Rek ter'Astin - (m), Scout Captain[171]
  • Janice Weatherbee - Second Mate Dutiful Passage [172]
  • Janifer Denobli-Carresens - Senior Trade Commissioner and Pilot. Theo's contact at Tradedesk.[173]
  • Jarl - (m), Liaden, Master Pilot at Chonselta Pilot's Hall, supervised Aelliana's testing for second-class license[174]
  • Jas Per - (m) tall and broad for a Liaden ("surely there had been a Terran at Festival"), helps out in The Friendly Glass, doesn't talk much, owes balance to pen'Edrik - (f), pilot employed at Korval's Solcintra Dispatch Office[151]
  • Jeeves - Butler /security chief, assembled from a centuries-old AI admiral (IAMM: Independent Armed Military Module) by Val Con and Shan [38], metal grey cylinder topped by an orange globe that flickers, three articulated arms, rolls on wheels. [25] See Intelligent Design
  • Jefferson - Juntava [155]
  • Jela, full name: M. Jela Grantor's Guard - (m) M Strain Soldier, a generalist; sought to defeat the Sheriekas, and helped humanity to escape them. Cantra's partner and co-pilot and the father of her son. Rescued The Tree from it's dying home-planet, Jela died before the founding of Korval, but he brought the founding members of the clan together and gave them their purpose, so he's officially recognized as the clan's Founder.[175]
  • Jen - Neglit Center - jeweler who forged duplicate Korval ring - [176]
  • Jen ana'Tilesty - (f), a Healer at Chonselta Healer Hall, who teaches Empathic Sensuality[177]
  • Jen Dal del'Fordan Clan Etgora - (m) Delm's son & Nadelm[17]
  • Jen Sar Kiladi - a scholar recently awarded his third degree by the Guardians of Knowledge of Dobrin University. Kiladi is a Scholar Expert in the following fields: comparative linguistics, diaspora dynamics, cultural genetics, alter ego of Daav yos'Phelium
  • Jen Sar Tiazan Clan Erob - (?)[13]
  • Jen Sin yos'Phelium Clan Korval (m) - The best Korval pilot of his generation, he was ordered home from the Scouts by his delm to serve the necessities of his clan during the clan wars and in that service he was lost.[178] See Tinsori Light
  • Jeni yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (?) 9th Delm of Korval, donated land and building for the establishment of the Scout Academy.[179], also mentioned by Kareen when showing Kamele the portrait hall [49]
  • Jenicour tay'Azberg - Seated Scholar, Osabei Tower (pre-Migration) [8]
  • Jennetta - (f) Cook's Assistant at Boss Conrad's house[98] in Roving Gambler
  • Jeren - Transit School on Melchiza
  • Jerim Snarth - owner of the lift-bike Miri helps repairing on Surebleak when she was young, in Fighting Chance[2]
  • Jerrel Trelu - 1412-1475, Zhena Trelu's Beloved zamir (deceased)[180]
  • Jerry - (m) sipmate of Hannit who is drunk in port of Surebleak [21]
  • Jerzy Entaglia - (m), Terran, Chairman of Theater Arts at University, grey eyes, one single eyebrow, pale face, rough black hair chopped of at point of jaw, a bit under standard weight and height, Anne and Shan's friend [181]
  • Jethri Gobelyn Clan Ixin - Terran, son (or clone?) of Arin Gobelyn, adoped son of Norn ven'Deelin, apprentice trader on Elthoria (12th century)[20]
  • Jeyanzi Pikelmin - Third Director of the Treasure House on Melchiza
  • Jezim Clan Telrune - Fer Gun's aunt in Due Diligence (chap 1)
  • Jim Snyder - (m) Boss Moran's Second Hand, Boss Conrad cast him out when he took over Moran's turf[7], later Conrad killed him for shooting the boy Jonni[182]
  • Jin - (f) of The Bedel[183]
  • Jin Del yo'Kera Clan Yedon - (m) Learned Doctor, deceased, Anne's colleague, whose book she finished[109][184][80]
  • jin'Bardi - (m), lives on Lytaxin, serves on the Irregulars during the Yxtrang invasion, challenges Captain Miri Robertson when she makes Nelirikk her aide [185]
  • Jinny - member of Theo's practical dance course on Delgado
  • Jivan - (f) Head of Security for Diamon[186]
  • Joadin - Pilot? on cruise-passenger ship Vashtara
  • Joan - presumed owner of Joan's Bakery om Boss Conrad's Turf[187]
  • Joey - (m) Mercenary of Lizardi's Lunatics, died on Klamath [34] in Misfits
  • Johansen - (f) Instructor of History of Piloting at Anlingdin Piloting Academy [188]
  • Jon dea'Cort - (m), a Liaden Scout[72], later Daav's piloting instructor at the Scout Academy[56], later proprietor of Binjali Repair Shop, well past middle years, sturdy rather than stout; hair a close-clipped strip of rusty gray about four fingers wide, eyes the color of old amber.[189] See also Phoenix
  • Jon Fu - temporarily replaces Kamele as Sub Chair of History of Education on Delgado[190]
  • Jonni - (m) deaf boy who grew tubers on the rooftop in Boss Conrad's Turf, killed by Jim Snyder and Boss Deacon's hands[182]
  • Jonni Conrad - ( Boss Conrad) (see Pat Rin)
  • Jorj - Pilot? on cruise-passenger ship Vashtara
  • Jow Lit pen'Chapen Clan Severt - (m) Delm Severt, grey hair, dark eyes, Tom Lei's Grandfather in Code of Honor[51]
  • Joyita - (m) an AI, the communications officer on Bechimo, another one of the uncertified Independent Logics
  • Julier - Terran, a Juntavas bodyguard, none too bright[38]
  • Justin Hostro - Juntavas Boss, Lufkit[155]
  • Justus yo'Lanna Clan Justus - (m), Lifemate to Ilthira, thodelm at the time of Local Custom." Clonak's uncle. Helps Fer Gun get ready to sign marriage contract with Chi, in Due Diligence . By the time of Street Cred -- set on Surebleak -- he is deceased.
  • Jyl ven'Apon - (f), a Master Trader involved in shady dealings[106][89]


  • Kahliiz - Yxtrang Commander who raided the ship in which Val Con and Miri later escaped to Vandar[191]
  • Kale - (m) friend of Miri's mother Kati Tayzin on Surebleak when Miri was young[2]
  • Kaleb - (m) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak[27]
  • Kamele Waitley - (f) Scholar, Sub Chair of History of Education on Delgado, Mother of Theo, Daav was her Onagrata while living as Jen Sar Kiladi [192]
  • Kar - of The Bedel[95]
  • Kar Min pel'Mather - Captured agent of the DOI who chose to die (DiE)
  • Kar Sin bel'Witnin - (?), technician aboard Elthoria[193]
  • Kara ven’Arith Clan Menlark[54] - Delm's daughter, friend and fellow student of Theo at Anlingdin Piloting Academy[188]
  • Karea yo'Lanna Clan Justus - (f) granddaughter of Ken Rik[136]
  • Kareen yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (f), b. 1313[4], Pat Rin's mother, Daav's sister, Liad's foremost authority on the Code, Not a pilot[129], also known as The Right Noble Lady Kareen yos'Phelium, Patron of the Solcintra Poetry Society, Founder of the League to Preserve the Purity of the Language and Chairperson Emeritus of the Embassy of Form[194], dark hair now iron grey and dark eyes[165]
  • Karil Danac-Joenz - (f), Trader, owns a Liaden Trade Ring as well as a Terran Trade Key, hires on Comet and later incorporates with Fer Gun and their children as family Uldra-Joenz on Fetzer’s World (Due Diligence chap 6 ff and Epiloge)
  • Kartor Singh - member of Theo's study group "Four Team Three" on Delgado
  • Katauba - One of the Kapoori, middle in age [138]
  • Kati Tayzin - (f), mother of Miri Robertson, married to Chock Robertson, friend of Angela "Liz" Lizardi, native of Surebleak, worked as baker in a big baking shop on Light Street, deceased[2]
  • Kayla Bell - First Mate on Momma Liberty, Rys Lin's old ship[195]
  • Kayzin Ne'Zame - (f) First Mate Dutiful Passage [196][197][103]
  • Kazee (Tokeoport)
  • Kea Tiazan Clan Erob - (f), "the very best we had", pilot, died in the war[13]
  • Kel Bar Rentava Clan Kenso - a leader in the revolt on Lytaxin[13]
  • Kel Var tay'Palin, Seated Scholar, Osabei Tower [8]
  • Ken Rik yo'Lanna Clan Justus - (m) Cargo Master on Dutiful Passage, Pilot[144][196]
  • Kensi al'Findosh - (f) Merchant, assisted in Luken's Shop in Solcintra and plannes to follow him to Surebeak to work in his Port Annex Shop there[198]
  • Ker Lin yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (m) Delm in the 7th century, following his aunt Rinoka. A Seer, who foresaw the outlines of his life as a young man: Scout, lifemate, Delm. Died c. Standard Year 680. silver eyes, hair cropped short[93]
  • ker'Eklis - (f) (Ms. Ker'Eklis) Syl Vor's tutor[170]
  • Kern Tiazan Clan Erob - (m), Miri Robertson's "uncle" (given relative ages, etc., more likely her grandmother's brother than her mother's)[13]
  • Kern Vallee - Student Pilot [1]
  • Kesa del'Fordan Clan Etgora - (f) Delm's daughter aged perhaps 12 standards[17]
  • Kestra - (f) Master Healer, hull-gray hair, gray eyes.
  • Kezzi - of The Bedel, (street name Anna Brown, Wentworth' Turf)[199] "Sister" of Syl Vor[200], black eyes and black hair[199], apprentice of Silain-luthia
  • Khana vo'Daran Clan Baling - (m) Lord Rinork's valet[201], as his uncle was before him[202]
  • Khatelane (Khat) Gobelyn - pilot, Gobelyn's Market [20]
  • Kifer - (m) cat, one of the Trealla Fantrol cats, "a sorry mop of varicolored stripes" with "outrageously, wonderfully soft fur".[93] [203]
  • Kilara pen'Ebit - (f), technician aboard Elthoria[204]
  • Kilon pel'Meret - (f), bystander during the battle of Solcintra, mother of Nev Art (m)[25]
  • Kin Dal yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (m) Lifemate of Larin yos'Galan, Father of the identical twins, Chi yos'Phelium and Petrella yos'Galan.[122]
  • Kipler - (m) arrested in Surebleak Port for trying to cause a riot, lank gray hair[198]
  • Kol Vus Tiazan Clan Erob - (m), the clan's radio tech,[14]
  • Kon Rad yo'Lazne - (m), Scout Commander, Scout-in-Place at Klamath during the disaster[34]
  • Kor Ith yo'Lanna Clan Justus - (m) (12th century) captain of Elthoria[205]
  • Korelan "Kore" Zar - courier pilot for the Juntavas High Judge, but in reality his accomplice in establishing the Juntavas Justice Department. Retired to be again a trader and partner to Midj Rolanni, Captain-owner of the Skeedaddle. Born as son of Amin Zar. Tall, thin, amber eyes, coffee-color skin.[147]
  • Kritoulkas - (f) Sub-Commander, Mercenary Unit on Lytaxin, iron-grey hair, prosthetic right hand[114]
  • Kylin - Sub-Chancellor, Delgado
  • Kyr Nin vin'Tensing Clan Omterth - (m) trader Besling vin'Tensing's deceased son and heir, was killed when Korval fired on Liad[49]


  • Lady Dignity - (f) cat, Daav yos'Phelium's answer to his sister's complaint that he has none, long cream-colored fur, with round blue eyes in a mask of darker brown, prefers to observe the wilderness from a window seat [110][206]
  • Lady Pounce - (f) cat, one of the Trealla Fantrol cats, slightly crossed blue eyes, snowy chest.[143]
  • Lady Selph - (f) norbear, on Dutiful Passage [102]
  • Lai Tor - Ren Zel's friend[102]
  • lar'Adrin - Agent of the The Department of the Interior, bought Rys Lin's Contract[207]
  • Larin yos'Galan Clan Korval - (f) Lifemate of Kin Dal yos'Phelium, Mother of the identical twins, Chi yos'Phelium and Petrella yos'Galan. A Healer.[122]
  • Larnce - (m) one of Nova's Hands, escorts Syl Vor to school, gets fired when Syl Vor gets beaten up on his watch[16]
  • Latimer - Boss on Surebleak when Miri was young[2]
  • Lef Nal vin'Eved Clan Selbry - (m), a student pilot who graduated from Anlingdin Piloting Academy at the same time as Kara ven'Arith[54]
  • Lela Toonapple - Clarence O'Berin's immediate long-term predecessor as Juntavas Boss on Liad[6], coincidentally the woman for whom he did a favor years ago, in return for the buy-in for his first class license
  • Leman chi'Farlo - Scholar, Osabei Tower (pre-Migration)[8]
  • Len - Pilot? on cruise-passenger ship Vashtara
  • Len Sar Anaba Clan Gabrian - Port merchant, a favored dining partner of Lady yo'Lanna[103][18]
  • Len Sar Anaba Clan Shelart? (check) (Present at the midmorning picnic)
  • Lesset Grinmordi - member of Theo's study group "Four Team Three" on Delgado
  • Lew - (m) one of late Boss Moran's hands, died when Pat Rin took over Moran's Turf[7]
  • Liad dea'Syl - Revered Scholar, Osabei Tower, Landomist [45] [8]
  • Lida - member of Theo's practical dance course on Delgado
  • Lina Faaldom Clan Deshnol - (f), Thodelm Faaldom[208], Healer, Ship's Chief Librarian on Dutiful Passage[196], cha'leket of Priscilla Mendoza[196][209] (pronounced: Lina Faaldom = LEE'na fal-DOME)
  • Lip Ten, Clan Reptor - uncle of Yolan pel'Kirmin and Sed Ric bin'Ala, who left them a crate of things he'd gathered, star-hopping[134]
  • Lisha yos'Galan Clan Korval - (f) Master Trader some hundred years ago, discovered Del Ben yos'Phelium's misdeeds[100]
  • Liz Lizardi - see Angela "Liz" Lizardi
  • Lomar Fasholt - Lead Trader of Fasholt and Daughters, Swunaket Port
  • Losan vey'Norember - Trader, experianced and older, one of the three Traders Chi and Fer Gun consider hiring for Comet (Due Diligence chap 7)
  • Luce Jacobs - (m) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak, from Wentworth' Turf, big boy, demands "insurance money" from Rudy[27]
  • Lucky - cat, Cantra's cat, acquired in Osabei Tower. Accompanied the refugees to the new home on Liad. [8]
  • Luken bel'Tarda Clan Korval - (m), b. 1315, sandy hair now silver, grey eyes[165], buff, good humored face, Master Merchant, in the business of rugs, foster father of Pat Rin yos'Phelium, father of at least one child of his own, Danise[94]
  • Luma - (f) of The Bedel, deceased, daughter of Dmitri[107]
  • Lus Tin ven'Deelin Clan Ixin - (m) Delm Ixin, uncle of Rema ven'Deelin, grey brows, triangular face[140]
  • Lute - (m) Magician, travels with Moonhawk, black braid, lean, hawk-faced, Shan meets Lute when he enters the Hall of Weapons (a mind-space) and learns that he and Lute are the same person in different times/lifes (in another when)[114]
  • Lyada ro'Menlin - (f), person appearing in Liaden literature, whom Shan el'Thrassin loved but could not spare[210]
  • Lyn Den Kochi Clan Midys - (m) Var Mon's cha'leket, 17 Standards[149]
  • Lys Fidin - (f), Liaden, one of Aelliana 's most brilliant and outrageous students. Insisted that Aelliana learn piloting. Left Liad as a First-In Scout[174]
  • Lystra Mason - (also Roni's mother), Scholar on Delgado


  • M. Jela Granthor's Guard (m) - see Jela
  • Maelyn tay'Nordif
  • Mags (Tokeoport)
  • Makina Tiazan Clan Erob - Makina (?)[13]
  • Malda - (m), dog, belongs to Kezzi of The Bedel[11], black and tan, pointed nose, skinny tail, street name: Rascal[108],
  • Mandrin - (f) cat, Jen Sar Kiladi's cat on Delgado, black-and-white. [87]
  • Manza Clan Severt - (f) Nadelm, Tom Lei's aunt[51]
  • Marjene Kant - Theo's official mentor
  • Master Fis Lyr - boss of Korval's Chonselta yard
  • Master Frodo - (m) norbear, on Dutiful Passage [102]
  • Matthew - Juntava, Hostro's Secretary[155]
  • McKlellan - Portmaster Tokeoport
  • Mealin yo'Lanna Clan Justus - age mate of Syl Vor on Liad[16]
  • Meicha Maarilex Clan Tarnia - (f) identical twin sister of Miandra[211], author of "Sam Tim's Ugly Day"[212]
  • Mel Gobelyn - Gobelyn's Market [20]
  • Melina Sherton - (f) Boss who controls the far end of The Road, aka "the country" on Surebleak [78][213]
  • Melsilee bar'Abit - (m) captured Senior Field Agent of The Department, light brown curls, blue-grey eyes, compact, She tricks Val Con into killing her[214]
  • Memit - (f) of The Bedel, blade thin, big hands[95], in charge of the garden
  • Meri - Zhena Trelu calls Miri this[8]
  • Merlin - (m) cat, one of Val Con's cats while he was fostered at Trealla Fantrol, named by Val Con after King Arthur's wizard, from a story told him by Anne's brother Richard.[215][38] Still alive, though grizzled, in 1392, yellow of eye,[216][25] sometimes addressed as "Lord Merlin"[217][218][46][219], accompanies Anthora when she moves to Jelaza Kazone[218], in later years, entirely grey[218] with four white feet.[25][220] Very active in I Dare. Moves with the house to Surebleak 15
  • Miandra Maarilex Clan Tarnia - (f), Delm's daughter, identical twin sister of Meicha[211]
  • Michael Golden - (m) Nova's Chief of Security on Surebleak, Dorrie Golden's Grandson, brown face, black hair, wide mouth, short legs[108]
  • Midj Rolanni - Captain-owner of independent trade-ship Skeedaddle, one of a dozen free traders elected as liason to TerraTrade, had once a post as trader on the Zar Family Ship where she met Korelan Zar, who then became her partner[147][8]
  • Mik yos'Galan Clan Korval - (m) b. 1392, son and heir of Anthora, fraternal twin brother to Shindi yos'Galan.[221][165]
  • Mil Ton Intassi - (m), Liaden, a Healer and storyteller[121]
  • Milt Boraneti - sold medicine in Boss Abram's turf on Surebleak when Miri was young[2]
  • Min tel'Denvit - (f), owner-operator of The Friendly Glass, sleek black hair, sister of Ceola[66]
  • Miri Tiazan Clan Erob - (f), Miri Robertson's grandmother[57], red haired (looked very much like Miri her granddaughter) also called Miri-eklykt'i, left the clan in disgrace because she carried the unborn child (Miri's Mother) of her dead lover and her delm wanted her to abort the child in order to enter a contract mairrage with Timashon[13]
  • Miri Robertson Clan Korval - (f), b. 1365[4] on [[Surebleak]], Mercenary soldier, retired, half of the current Delm of Korval with her lifemate Val Con, mother to Talizea, member, by genetics, of the Tiazan line of clan Erob, daughter of Kati Tayzin and Chock Robertson[2], also called "Redhead", long red hair, grey eyes, pale skin, freckles.
  • Mistress Apel - Jon dea'Cort's paramour
  • Mistress Miranda - (f) cat, at Pat Rin's house in Nasingtale Alley on Liad, moved to Surebleak with the rest of the household[222]
  • Mithin - Master Healer, in charge of monitoring the captured Agents of The Department[198]
  • Monit Applethorn - Professor of Advertency on Delgado
  • Montet sig'Norba - (f) Field Scout, fool, and discoverer of Naratha's Shadow [223]
  • Monti - Transit School on Melchiza
  • Moonel - (m), Liaden, Master Jeweler situated in Solcintra[89][122][88]
  • Moonhawk
  • Morejat - Juntava, (knocks down Val Con so he can be captured)[224]
  • Morgan - Gordy's step-father
  • Morgan Fairchance - Trader on Momma Liberty, Rys Lin's old ship[195]
  • Mort Almonte - (m) Surebleak Streeter, part of the group that beat up Rys Lin and left him to die, talks a lot[95]


  • Nalli Olanek Clan Plema - (f) held the title of Speaker of the Council at the time of the Great Migration, and led the negotiation of the Clans' contract with Korval[225]
  • Narna vin'Tayla - (f), Solcintra Portmaster[132]
  • Nasil ter'Gasta Clan Idvantis - (?) a guest at one of yo'Lanna's gathers, known to Daav[18]
  • Natesa the Assassin - see Inas Bhar
  • Nelirikk Explorer - Yxtrang Explorer (similar to Scout), (aka no-troop or Beautiful), [[Yxtrang sworn to Miri Robertson
  • Nerin - one of Aelliana's students,
  • Nev Art pel'Meret - (f), young son of Kilon pel'Meret, bystander during the battle of Solcintra[25]
  • Nik Laz Galradin - (?), Liaden cargo-hand serving on Daxflan[48]
  • Niki - (f) cat, white, frivolously befurred, long-haired with pink ears and toes, and brilliantly emerald eyes, resident in Master Merchant Luken bel'Tarda's warehouse on Liad, prior to the Clan's move to Surebleak [100]
  • Nil Ten pel'Quida - (m), pilot stationed at Chonselta Guild Hall[226]
  • Niota yos’Wentroth - Scout Pilot arrived on Carresen packet ship Twinkle to observe evacuation of Codescru station
  • Noni - (Professor Noni), Visiting Expert of Dance ( Practical Dance) on Delgado
  • Nor Ton yos'Quentl - (m), a Linguist Specialist - according to Val Con, under circumstances that cast doubt on the existence of Nor Ton yos'Quentl in particular and offer scant support for the existence of Line yos'Quentl in general)[227]
  • Norista ven'Deelin Clan Ixin - (?) a playwright who wrote the melant'i play "The Harusha Hillside Massacre"[154]
  • Norn ven'Deelin Clan Ixin - (f) a Master Trader on Elthoria (12th century)[40]
  • Nort Moran - (m) (Boss Moran), Pat Rin shot Moran and took his turf to become Boss Conrad on Surebleak[7]
  • Nova yos'Galan Clan Korval - (f), b. 1362[4], Shan and Anthora's sister[57], was First Speaker until the Ring was taken up by Val Con, pale hair, violet eyes[26]
  • Nugget - cat, one of Yulie Shaper's many cats, "frail" and "very skinny"[222]


  • Octavius Higdon - (m), Mercenary Commander of Higdon's Howlers who land on Liad to defeat The Department of the Interior[25]
  • O'Dell - (m) (Mr. O'Dell) Patrolman on [[Surebleak]][228]
  • Oki - (m) norbear, Norbear that led the rescue of Klay Patel Smith on Thakaran[159]
  • Old One, The - Eldest of the Kapoori, called "Auntie" by her juniors [138]
  • Olwen sel'Iprith - (f), Scout Lieutenant, ex-lover and old and dear friend of Daav's[229], they were teammates when Daav was a Scout[128]
  • Orkan Hafley - Chair of History of Education on Delgado
  • Orn Ald yos'Senchul - (m), Liaden, misses right arm, Piloting instructor at Anlingdin Piloting Academy on Eylot[32], later Flight Operations Associate Supervisor, Codrescu Station, nicknamed "Short Wing" by his students[1]
  • Ornth Delaboa - of Macker Marooney on Vinzca - Contact Shan had given Theo. Is no longer in business, the owner is deceased.[230]
  • Osa pel'Naria - seeking Theo on behalf of FTC (and others ?) on Tokeoport
  • Oshimao - Mercenary Counci Liason Officer[51]
  • Otaria - (f) new first-class pilot, friend of Ren Zel[102]
  • Otto El - glider instructor at Anlingdin Piloting Academy[231]
  • Otts Clark - (m) made an assasination attempt at Miri directed by The Department of the Interior[123]


  • Padi yos'Galan Clan Korval - (f) b. c1380[232], Shan's daughter and heir[165]
  • Paitor Gobelyn - trader on Gobelyn's Market, Iza's brother [20]
  • pak'Ora - (Mr. pak'Ora), see Ban Del pak'Ora
  • Pallin Kornad - (m), Liaden, serves on Dutiful Passage, teaches self-defence[233][234]
  • Pan Dir 'Clan Tarnia - (m) (Line not specified) a son of the house, presently on Liad to complete his education[235]
  • Parfil - Surebleak Streeter, part of the group that beat up Rys Lin and left him to die[95]
  • Parin tel'Ossa - (f), an apprentice at Irikwae's Trade Hall[10]
  • Parvet sig'Flava - (f), who propositions Jethri in Balance of Trade[137]
  • Pat Rin yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (m), b. 1354[236], son and heir of Kareen yos'Phelium, fox-faced with brown hair and wide brown eyes, at age 6 was fostered with Luken bel'Tarda [129], failed piloting exam 5 times: the first three times because of his mother influence, the other two because he had lost confidence in himself, [237], father of Quin[165], becomes known as Boss Conrad on [[Surebleak]], earns a Pilot license, and gains a lifemate: Inas Bhar, also known as Natesa[238], (pronounced: Pat Rin yos'Phelium = PAT'rin yos' FELL-ee-um)
  • Patch - resident cat at Binjali Repair Shop, black and white
  • Patsy - (f) "Bouncer", Ex-Merc, green eyes[239]
  • Pel Jim tel'Vosti Clan Erob - (m), Win Den's father[13]
  • pel'Cheela - (f), Val Con's nurse[240]
  • pel'Endra - (?), presumable discoverer of the pel'Endra Ratio used in pilot math[36]
  • pel'Esla - (Mrs. pel'Esla) - the nurse for Shindi & Mik (Anthora's twins), Talizea (Val Con & Miri's child) and Syl Vor (until he moves to his mother's house in town)[123] at Jelaza Kazone on Surebleak [214]
  • pel'Iso - (?), Agent of Change sent unsuccessfully against Anthora[241]
  • pel'Jonna - (m), tutor to Padi yos'Galan[136]
  • pel'Kana - (Mr. pel'Kana) (m), butler at Jelaza Kazone when Daav was delm[129]
  • pel'Kana - (the young Mr. pel'Kana) (m), butler at Jelaza Kazone when Val Con is delm[15]
  • pel'Nyan - (f), a High House lady[17]
  • pel'Odyare - (f) Scout Linguist, Master level, supporting Anne's work, in her spare time[242]
  • pel'Rula - (Lord pel'Rula), intended to contract wed Voni Caylon, the family is higher than Caylon by enough that the match is described as "a coup, indeed"[5]
  • pel'Saba - (Mr. pel'Saba) (m), butler, Tarnia's Clanhouse [20]
  • pel'Varn - (f), Thodelm[45]
  • pen'Dela - (Ms. pen'Dela) (f), works in dea'Gauss' office, young woman dressed in sober business clothes[243]
  • Pen Dir Maarilex Clan Tarnia - cousin at school [20]
  • Pen Rel sig'Kethra - arms master on trade-ship Elthoria [20]
  • pen'Uldra, Arl Fed - Fer Gun's grandfather. Daav yos'Phelium's great grandfather. Captain pen'Uldra. He had been a seated commissioner on the Divers Trade Association. With his lifemate, he had owned a fleet of four small traders. Pirates attacked. He died very soon after going to ground on Echieta, where he sought refuge with his cousins in Clan Telrune, hiding his one-year-old grandson from those who would murder him for his birthright. (see Due Diligence)
  • pen'Uldra, Fer Gun - Jump pilot to marvel at. Contract wed to Chi yos'Phelium for one year, the baby going to Korval. Father of Daav yos'Phelium. Broke from Clan Telrune. Married his trader, Karil Danac-Joenz, and created family Uldra-Joenz, seated on Fetzer's World." (See Due Diligence)
  • Pen vel'Kazik - (f), Counselor mentioned in Cantra's logbook who couldn't bear to be near the Tree[242]
  • Pendra Ongit - (f), works at family-owned Ongit's Restaurant [79]
  • Penn Kalhoon - Boss of Hamilton Street on Surebleak, thin, pale yellow hair, steel-rimmed glasses[78], wife Thera (they have two children), grew up with Miri, his father owned a mechanical repair shop[2]
  • pen'Valer[51]
  • Pequi pel'Mandra - (f), stationed at Liad Defense Station Five[52]
  • Per Sea ren'Gelder - (m), Pilot Guild Master[132]
  • Per Vel sig'Zerba - (m), med tech in the service of Clan Erob[244]
  • Peri Clan Reptor - who kept warehouse on Mordra[103]
  • Pet Ric Maarilex Clan Tarnia - (m) son of Ren Lar[211]
  • Peter Day - (m) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak, big (looks as if he should be apprenticed), one blue eye and one brown, from Wentworth's Turf, bullies Syl Vor[16]
  • Peterman - Boss on Surebleak when Miri was young, Angela "Liz" Lizardi grew up in Boss Peterman's Turf[2]
  • Petrella yos'Galan Clan Korval - (f) Thodelm, identical twin sister to Chi, mother to Sae Zar and Er Thom, Captain and Master Trader of Dutiful Passage[56], light blue eyes[197] , brought back word of the deaths of Chi and Sea Zar on Ganjir, wounded.
  • Phobai Murchinson - black hair with blue highlights, Pilot on cruise-passenger ship Vashtara[86]
  • Pil Tor - cat, one of the Trealla Fantrol cats, too young to have met Val Con before he vanished into The Department of the Interior[216]
  • Pimm tel'Jadis - (?), first mate of Daxflan[245]
  • pin'Epel - Master Pilot who tested Rys Lin[163]
  • Pinori - Youngest of the Kapoori (pre-Migration)[138]
  • pin'Weltir - (m), a gamester of Pat Rin's acquaintence[100]
  • Podesta - (f) norbear, thick brown-and-orange fur, somewhat shy. Hevelin's great-granddaughter, with him at the Pilots Guild office on Codrescu station.[157] [246]
  • Posit - cat, elder cat at Jelaza Kazon [247]
  • Pounce - (m) medic in Nova's house[44]
  • Prael - (f), Liaden, Master Trader on Anusta Hern, broad and tall, gives a service robot to Er Thom as a gift which becomes later part of Jeeves body[38]
  • Priscilla Delacroix y Mendoza Clan Korval - (f), b. 1359[4], Captain of Korval's trade ship Dutiful Passage[248], lifemate to Shan yos'Galan, Witch (healer and dramliz equivalent talents), native of the planet Sintia where she was "Moonhawk-in-Training" before she was cast out of the Temple, (pronounced: Priscilla Delacroix y Mendoza = prih-SILL-ah deh-la-CROY EE men-DOH-zah,)
  • Pulka - (m) of The Bedel, bald and plump, moustache[199]


  • Qaichi Bringo - (m) Chief Tugwhomper and unofficial security consultant on Codrescu station, graying hair[29]
  • Qiarta tel'Ozan - (m) Field Technician, one of Aelliana's students, older than the others[36]
  • Quenpalt - (?), Liaden presumable owner of Quenpalt's Casino[249]
  • Quin yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (m), b. c1379[232], Pat Rin's son and heir, opal blue eyes[165]


  • Rafin - (m) of The Bedel, Artificer, "Brother" of Rys Lin, tall, sharp cheekbones, strong brow, lean dark face, blue eyes, prominent hooked eyes[199], came from Outside or was fathered by an Outsider ("We went Outside and got Rafin.")[107]
  • Raisy - Grig Thoma's sister [20]
  • Rakina Lirgael Clan Nexon - (f) Delm Nexon[148]
  • Ran Eld Caylon Clan Mizel - Nadelm, Birin's son, Aelliana's brother[5] recently deceased
  • Rand yos'Belin - (f), a courier pilot[41]
  • Randa Tiazan Clan Erob - (f), Win Den tel'Vosti's mother[13]
  • Randall - (m) (Boss Randall), was Boss for a short time on what is now Boss Conrad's Turf (before Boss Vindal)[7]
  • Randoling - an associate of The Uncle who had dropped to Gondola with a certain very particular something bound for the inventory of Mildred Bilinoda,trader in exotic items. Mildred was apparently captured(?) by The Department of the Interior
  • Rantel pin'Aker Clan Midys - (12th century) Master Trader on Barskalee[250]
  • Rantel ver'Borith - (f), technician aboard Elthoria[251]
  • Ravin Paylot - at Chivin Trade Limited on Chustling, one of the contacts Shan had given to Theo. Person answering phone is very nervous - saying they have no Tree and Dragon affiliates at Chivin Trade.[252]
  • Ray Jon tel'Ondor, protocol master on Elthoria [20]
  • Rayman Bhar - (m), father of Inas Bhar (also known as Natesa), native of Skardu, deceased [160]
  • Rel Vad Yoltak Clan Simesta - (m), Agent of The Department[104][57]
  • Relchin - cat, orange-and-white, avid outdoorsman, and birdwatcher[110]. Very interested in the Rainbow. Situated at Jelaza Kazone.
  • Rema ven'Deelin Clan Ixin - (f) Scout corporal, one of Aelliana's best students[140]; eidectic memory;[36] partner to Var Mon pin'Aker[149]
  • Ren Lar Maarilex Clan Tarnia - (m) Stafeli Maarilex' son, master of the vine[211]
  • Ren Zel dea'Judan Clan Korval - (m), b. 1369[4], originally of Clan Obrelt, lifemate to Anthora yos' Galan, fist class pilot[120], dramliza, first mate on Dutiful Passage[248], brown hair and eyes[26]
  • Retzler - (Captain Retzler), somewhat in command on Eylot when Codrescu station was under pilot in peril emergency.
  • Riaska ter'Meulen Clan Guayar - (f) Clonak's daughter and heir,[253] stationed on Lytaxin[13][64][254]
  • Richard Davis - Anne Davis Brother, First-class Pilot pending Master[255], Gordy's Grandfather, a Master Storyteller[92]
  • Rig Tranza - Pilot of the Primadonna, where Theo got her first class ticket; Rig gave her his jacket because of an attitude problem with the Master Pilot certifying Theo
  • Rinoka yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (f) Delm in the 7th century, preceding her nephew Ker Lin, was promised to contract-wed Tan El yo'Lanna who died, contract-wed to yo'Hala instead, the child coming to yos'Phelium[93]
  • Rint dea'Sord - Cantra's dealer on Taliofi (pre-Migration)[8] [8]
  • Riva - (f) of The Bedel, killed by a gadje because she muddled the meaning of the cards[256]
  • Robir - Liaden, Master Pilot who taught Er Thom] and Daav their first piloting equations[56]
  • Robit - Transit School on Melchiza
  • Rod Ern pel'Arot - (m), Scout Pilot, missing three fingers on one hand[56])
  • Rodale - (m) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak, from Cruther's Turf, used to live in Wentworth's Turf, hardly ever volunteers[199]
  • Roderick Spode - (m), (Commander Spode), in charge of decomissioning the AI that hundreds of years later became Jeeves[38]
  • Rogen - (Mr. Rogen) Pet Librarian - on cruise-passenger ship Vashtara
  • Roland (Rollie) Yermanov Shaper - Yulian Rastov Shaper's brother (deceased) [213]
  • Ronagy - (f) (Commander Ronagy) Anlingdin Piloting Academy[32]
  • Roni Mason - member of Theo's study group "Four Team Three" on Delgado, daughter of Lystra
  • Rool Tiazan - (m) Master Wizard, one half of a dramliza pairing, once a free zaliata [8] [8], "History tellls us that Master Wizard Rool Tiazan's lady lived in him after the death of her body"[257] [238][38], most puissant dramliza of history, died 40 standards after planet-fall[24], founder of line Tiazan Clan Erob[258]
  • Rosie - Richard Davis' intended
  • Rudy Daniel - (m) short red hair, schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak, from Gough Street[27]
  • Rusty Morgenstern - senior radio technician on Dutiful Passage[144] [196]
  • Rys Lin pen'Chala - (m) ex-Field Agent of The Department, only survivor of an Yxtrang raid that wiped out his whole clan[163], dark curly hair, prosthetic right hand (crafted by Rafin)[259]


  • Sadie Onit - one of Nubit’s crew (Eylot sympathizers)
  • Sae Zar yos'Galan Clan Korval - (m) b. 1313[260], Son of Petrella, elder brother of Er Thom, A'thodelm, Master Trader, d. 1355 on Ganjir, Given Thodelm's grace to postpone marrying and producing an heir, with the result that his genes were lost to the clan by his untimely death.
  • Safarez Majidi - (m) married to Humania Bhar: the sister of Inas Bhar (also known as Natesa), native of Skardu, [160]
  • Samay pin'Aker Clan Midys - (12th century) his niece, assistant trade accountant on Barskalee, a'thodelm pin'Aker[261]
  • Sambra Reallen - (f) JuntavasChairman Pro Tem of the Juntavas [262] [8], one of Trogar's pack but not his friend[147]
  • Samiv tel'Izak Clan Bindan - (f) the pilot to whom Daav was engaged[150][140]
  • San bel'Fasin - (m), a Port tough to whom Ran Eld Caylon owes a considerable amount of money[83]
  • Sanamayer - (m) (Mr. Sanamayer) Principal of the Consolidated School on Surebleak[263]
  • Sanella Thring - Juntava, present at meeting with Clutch Turtles, also took a shot at Clarence [264]*
  • Sarah Chang - Juntavas Sector Chief, takes Inas Bhar (later known as Natesa) off Skardu (Inas' birth planet)[160]
  • Sav Rid Olanek Clan Plemia - (m), Trader of Daxflan[71]
  • Scout - (m) cat, grey with green eyes, came to live at Chonselta Healer Hall after being found living wild in the business district, at first shy of people and given to hiding under furniture, he was first called "Mouse", but grew bold and earned a new name. [265]
  • sea'Kira - (?), Captain of Genchi[266]
  • Sed Ric bin'Ala Clan Reptor - (m) together with Yolan pel'Kirmin known as "The Pirates"[267]
  • Seeli Gobelyn - admin on Gobelyn's Market, Iza's second child[20]
  • Seignur Veeoni - (f) Tassi. A fractins researcher. The Uncle refers to her as "my sister” in Neogenesis.
  • Seltin vos'Taber - bondslave to Zanith ven'Albren, commanded to trim the vines, where she meets the Kapoori (pre-Migration)[138]
  • Sera tel'Kai Clan Vakmont - (Lady Sera) (f) a guest at one of yo'Lanna's gathers[18]
  • Seth Johnson - (m) Pilot[144], maintenance Dutiful Passage [172][258], rat-faced, brown eyes, lost his whole family in an Yxtrang raid, Shan found him on a backworld an hired him[268]
  • Shadia Ne'Zame - (f), a First-In Scout[77]
  • Shan el'Thrassin - (m), person appearing in Liaden literature who faced a difficult matter of Balance in days of old[171][269]
  • Shan yos'Galan Clan Korval - (m), b. 1357[270] on Terran Planet University[271], Master Pilot, Master Trader[248] and for many years Captain[196][258] of Dutiful Passage, Healer, Lifemate to Priscilla Mendoza, Thodelm of yos'Galan, son of Er Thom and Anne Davis, brother of Nova and Anthora, father of Padi, Val Con's cousin and foster brother, brown skin, white hair and silver eyes, (pronounced: Shan yos'Galan = Shahn yos' GAL-ahn (rhymes with talon))
  • Shaper - (Captain Shaper), Yulian Rastov Shaper's grandfather, Surebleak entrepreneur [213]
  • Sheather - also known as Seventh Shell Third Hatched Knife Clan of Middle River's Spring Spawn of Farmer Greentrees of the Spearmaker's Den: The Sheather - (m) a Clutch Turtle brother of Edger[272] [57][8] [238]
  • Shereen Bhar - (f), sister of Inas Bhar (also known as Natesa), native of Skardu[160]
  • Sheyn - (m) Villy's chiefest rival in Ms. Audrey's whorehouse on Surebleak, brown hair, pale skin[199]
  • Shindi yos'Galan (f) - b. 1392, daughter and heir of Anthora, fraternal twin sister to Mik yos'Galan.[221][165]
  • Shroeder (m) (Boss Shroeder) - Boss on Surebleak, his Turf is close to Boss Conrad's turf[273]
  • sig'Andir - (m), lost at pikit to Vin Sen chel'Mara[189]
  • Silain - (f) Luthia, Grandmother of all Bedel, long silver hair[11]
  • Silk - cat, brown, with black stripes and golden eyes, who was part of the household Pat Rin inherited from Boss Moran on Surebleak[274][182][222]
  • Sinaya - norbear, at Pilot's Guild Sector Master's Desk on Velaskiz Rotundo - showed Theo an image of J. Joyita [158].
  • Sindy Clemens - one of Kamele's students "gifted researcher"
  • Singh - Technician, Delgado[190]
  • Sinit Caylon Clan Mizel - (f) Aelliana's youngest sister, still in school, brown eyes (14 Standards[275]), fostered with yo'Lanna as result of agreement with Korval, later becomes Delm (ref needed).
  • Sire Baldwin - Ex-Juntava to whom Miri acted as bodyguard; himself outlawed for crimes committed against the Juntavas. (Baldwin stole informationfrom this organization)[8]
  • Sirge Milton - trader at leisure, with a deal backed by a Liaden's card [20]
  • Sisilli bin'Flora - (m), a merchant specialising in textiles, a friendly rival of Luken bel'Tarda[100]
  • Skel - (m) Mercenary of Lizardi's Lunatics, died on Klamath [34]
  • Skene - (f) Security for Quin[276]
  • Sofi pel'Tegin Clan Aragon - (m) the delm's sister, in charge of the clan's plantation on Aedyr[149]
  • Solmin - Melchiza
  • Son Dor dea'Judan Clan Obrelt[115]
  • Stafeli Maarilex Clan Tarnia - (f) Delm, with a fearsome reputation; Norn ven'Deelin's foster mother[277]
  • Stan - Transit School on Melchiza
  • Sun Eli pen'Jerad - tailor, Tarnia's Clanhouse [20]
  • Stost Strongline -- (m) a Pathfinder Trang Yxtrang from the old universe [278]
  • Susan Blake - (f) (Captain Blake) Mercenary, Tommy Lee's Commanding Officer until his Clan called him home[51]
  • Suzan Fillips - (f) Ren Zel's co-pilot when he flies for a Terran company[102]
  • Suzuki Rialto - Senior Commander, Gyrfalk Mercenary Unit
  • Syl Vor yos'Galan Clan Korval - (m), b. 1384, Nova's son and heir[165], yellow hair, blue eyes[108]
  • Syntebra el'Kemin Clan Nexon - (f) the contract-wife chosen for Er Thom by his thodelm, opal blue eyes, petite nose[197], Pilot 2nd class[129][148][257]


  • Taam Olanek, Clan Plemia - (m), Delm[142]
  • Talizea yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (f) b. 1393 on Surebleak, Miri and Val Con's daughter and heir, copper hair, moss green eyes.[279]
  • Tan El yo'Lanna Clan Justus - (m) (7th century) promised in marriage to Rinoka yos'Phelium, but died in a catastrophe that befell his ship Zipper in the outer arm[93]
  • Tan Sim pen'Akla Clan Rinork - (m) originally of Clan Quiptic, Son of last Delm Quiptic and Infreya chel'Gaibin Clan Rinork, adopted into his mother's clan - Rinork - after the dissolution of Clan Quiptic[40], taller, with hair of a darker gold, his face somewhat rounder, a better trader than his brother, which circumstance does nothing to endear him to his family.[40] Jethri’s friend and business partner (BoT and TS)
  • Tandra Skilings - in league with the Chapelia, Delgado
  • Tansy - (f), small girl with hair in braids, schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak, from Alvarado Square[16]
  • Tassi, Seignur Veeoni - (f) The Uncle's "sister" of sorts, embued with all his memories, to know much about fractins, Independent Logics, and Tinsori Light. She theorizes about The Luck on Surebleak. Briefly helped the Surebleak Culture Study. Not a pilot. M soldier EmTraven is her pilot on Cortz Lattice, a small ship. [280]
  • Tathery - Istructor at Transit School on Melchiza
  • Taylor - (f) (Ms. Taylor) Syl Vor's Teacher at the local School and later at the Consolidated School on Surebleak[16]
  • Tef Lej pen'Erit - (m) security officer on Liaden tradeship Habista, left clanless on Surebleak after trader vin'Tenzing attempted Balance on Quin, now added security for Quin on Surebleak[49] Dubbed "Lefty"
  • tel'Brieri - (Ms. tel'Brieri) (f), qe'andra who adjudicated the breaking of the contract between Korval and Bindan[281]
  • tel'Iquin - (f), the ever-amiable Scout Lieutenant[56]
  • tel'Jorison - author of "Treatise on Trade"[167]
  • tel'Juna - (m), Scout Lieutenant, a friend of Ceola tel'Denvit's mother who preferred the red wine[66]
  • tel'Linden - a trader encountered on Verstal[201]
  • ter'Fendil - (m), an Agent of Change, formerly a Scout[25]
  • Tes Lucien - Master pilot on Surebleak, sits second to Quin on Galandasti
  • Tey Dor - Master Marksman [282]
  • Teyope - (m) Trader "just a little grey", carries Midj Rolanni's cargo for her when shee leaves to recue Korelan Zar[147]
  • Thelma de Lance - Juntava, died on Skardu, Inas Bhar (later known as Natesa) finds her notes and brings them to Boss Jamie Moore[160]
  • Theo Waitley - (f) daughter of Kamele Waitley and Daav yos'Phelium (as Jen Sar Kiladi)[192] , born on Delgado, Pilot first class and bonded captain of the self aware ship Bechimo
  • Theonna yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (f) Delm in Standard Year 1143, oversaw the disposition of Tactical Defense Pods 72 to 83[283]
  • Therin yos'Arimyst - (m), Hall Master at Irikwae's Trade Hall[284]
  • Therny Chibs (Chirs) - (m) Teacher of Commerce and Transport 111 and Professor at Anlingdin Piloting Academy, long-retired full-terran cargo master, lanky[285]. Referenced in conversation between Theo and Kara on Velaskiz Rotundo as "Professor Chibs"[158], quoted as saying, "Nothing heroic in following regs." Also printed as "Therny Chirs", Active Third Class Pilot and (former) Cargo Master, on starship Fringe Ranger in Cutting Corners[286].
  • Threesome - norbear, white, with a brown spot on the back. First norbear to greet Theo in the pet library on Vashtara. So named for always coming to greet a visitor in tandem with another norbear, never alone.[287][157]
  • Thrina Marami - (f) Pilot on Dutiful Passage, large eyes, dark face[144]
  • Thrugood Brunner - (m) Terran, pays Clan Lysta to include Line Brunner (publish a new line) in order to by a ship of Cochel lo'Vanna, thus each generation one child of Clan Lysta bears the name Brunner and a personal name of a list from the original Brunner's family history[34] Misfits
  • Thurton - (m) (Station Chief Thurton), runs Research Station Number Measton 4 in Orbit over Klamath, which belongs to Phaetera Company[34]
  • Tiatha Caylon Clan Mizel - Aelliana's daughter, fostered with Clan Lydberg[167], 10 Standards[288]
  • Tiede - (Boss Tiede), many years ago part of what is now Boss Conrad's Turf belonged once to Boss Hendrick (before Boss Tourin)[7]
  • Tiffy Hasan - (f) Armorer, Ex-Mercenary, Eylot[289]
  • Tilba -(f), a master Healer at Irikwae's Healer Hall[127]
  • Tiny - norbear, on Dutiful Passage [102]
  • Tobi - (m) owner of Tobi's (a tavern?) on Boss Conrad's turf on Surebleak[7]
  • Tocohl Lorlin - (f) offspring of Jeeves, an AI pilot, acknowledged daughter of Clan Korval, created to address the problem with Admiral Bunter[290]
  • Tol Ven yo'Endoth Clan Aziel - (m) Survey Scout, first to learn the ways of the Sanilithe[291]
  • Tolla Belle - Juntava on Liad[6]
  • Tolly Jones, Mentor Tollance Berik-Jones - (m) an engineered human slave, #Thirteen-Sixty-Two, controlled by ceramic whistle, Tolly is hunted by his creators, the Lyre Institute. [292], [293]
  • Tom Lei pen'Chapen Clan Severt - see Tommy Lee[51]
  • Tom Sen - Master Healer
  • Tommy - Juntavas Pilot[155]
  • Tommy Lee - (m), Liaden, originally Tom Lei pen'Chapen Clan Severt. Introduced in Code of Honor, he was a "festival get" (= half Terran) with pale skin, pale hair and blue eyes (other than all his siblings), given to the Mercenaries as an apprentice where he became palaver and protocol sergeant, later clanless, became hired gun for Korval on Surebleak[51]
  • Tommy Tilden - (m) Blair Road's Boss Patroller ond Surebleak[95]
  • Tonee sig'Ella - radio tech on Dutiful Passage[172]
  • Tonith - medic of Val Con's Team [66]
  • Tony - (m) one of late Boss Moran's hands, died when Pat Rin took over Moran's Turf[7]
  • Toonapple, Mistress - (f), Juntavas Boss on Liad before Clarence O'Berin, during Chi yos'Pheliums time as delm. Was known as a fair Boss. (Due Diligence chap 2)
  • Tor An yos'Galan Clan Korval - (m) originally of Alkia Trade Clan out of the Ringstars, founding head of the Line yos'Galan, co-pilot of Quick Passage on the Great Migration.
  • Tor Cam tel'Vana - (m), Eyes of the Council of Clans on Casia[115]
  • tor'Beli - (Mrs. tor'Beli) (f), cook at Tarnia's Clanhouse[296]
  • Torben - (m) (Mr. Torben), pimp on Surebleak, Miri's father tried to sell her to Torben as a whore[2]
  • Torv - (m) of The Bedel, tall and lanky, ist often among those Outside because his given-work is to repair what had not been built by Bedel hands and to listen and to watch[11]
  • Tourin - (m) (Boss Tourin), was the first Boss on what is now Boss Conrad's Turf (before Boss Randall), before that the streets belonged to Boss Henrick and Boss Tiede, turf was given to Tourin in a Fatcat Meeting[7]
  • Trey - (m) somebody who might have a small job for Miri on Surebleak when Miri was young[2]
  • Trianna Tiazan Clan Erob - (?)[253]
  • Trilla sen'Elba - (f), a dark-skinned Outworlder, Jon dea'Cort's second-in-command at Binjali's[189][297][298] and subsequently his successor as proprietor[299], a compact and cheerful person who speaks with a marked Outworld accent
  • Truffant - Pilot, math instructor at Anlingdin Piloting Academy[186]
  • Truitt - Pilot? on cruise-passenger ship Vashtara
  • Turley - 2nd class provisional pilot
  • Tyl Von sig'Alda Clan Rugare - (m), an Agent of Change [57][8] (pronounced: Tyl Von sig'Alda = till-VAHN sig-AHL-da)


  • Udari - (m) of The Bedel[108], long face, bold nose, dark eyes "Brother" of Rys Lin (found him dying and brought him to Silain), street name: Nathan, [300]
  • Uncle - (m) See The Uncle


  • Val Con yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (m) 2nd Delm, first of his Line to bear the name Val Con,[150] which comes from the Liaden word for "dragon", only son of Cantra and Jela, made an entry in Delm's Diary on Jeelum Twelfthday, Fourth Relumma, Year named Qin
  • Val Con yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (m), b. 1362[4], the seventh of his line to bear the name Val Con [301], the 86th Delm, co-delm with his lifemate Miri Robertson. Father to Talizea, son of Daav yos'Phelium and Aelliana Caylon, cousin to Shan yos'Galan, adopted brother of Edger the Clutch Turtle and Rys Lin pen’Chala of The Bedel. He is a Scout Commander, also know as Corvill[302] and as “Shadow” [303]. Has green eyes, dark brown hair, and is somewhat taller than the average Liaden.
  • Valince - Pilot? on cruise-passenger ship Vashtara
  • Vane - a Scout working the shift at Binjali Repair Shop when Aelliana and Daav drop by
  • Vanette - (f) schoolmate of Syl Vor on Surebleak, from Townsin[16]
  • Vanis Gaidon - one of the 10 passengers Bechimo took on for the evacuation from Codrescu Station.
  • Var Mon pin'Aker Clan Midys - (m) Scout Pilot, one of Aelliana's students, youngest of the group, his Cha'leket is Lyn Den Kochi, Rema's partner, 18 Standards[149]
  • Var Ond ter’Asten Clan Korval - Lifemate of Edil yos’Phelium? - mentioned by Kareen when showing Kamele the portrait hall [49]
  • Vashon - (m) oner of Vashon's Yard, one of the best all around spaceship mechanics in the quadrant[147]
  • Vaughn Crowley - Ermeritus Professor of History of Education on Delgado
  • Veena - (f) one of late Boss Moran's hands, died when Pat Rin took over Moran's Turf[7]
  • Veeno - (f) one of Nova's Hands[273]
  • Veeoni, Seignur, Tassi - (f) The Uncle's "sister" of sorts, embued with all his memories, to know much about fractins, Independent Logics, and Tinsori Light. She theorizes about The Luck on Surebleak. Briefly helped the Surebleak Culture Study. Not a pilot. M soldier EmTraven is her pilot on Cortz Lattice, a small ship. [304]
  • Vel Ter jo'Bern Clan Hedrede - (f) held the title of Elder Hedrede at the time of the Great Migration, was one of the two negotiators of the Clans' contract with Korval[305][80]
  • Vela Poindexter - member of study group "Four Team Six" on Delgado
  • vel'Anbrek, Scholar, Osabei Tower [8] (In the Meisha Merlin edition, his personal name is spelled "Gor Ton" in ch6 and "Gor Tan" in ch8 and the glossary.)
  • ven'Astra - (m) brown hair, aspires to take Korval's place after they leave Liad[51]
  • ven'Ducci - (m) Master Pilot on the Dutiful Passage, teaching Er Thom [306]
  • ven'Egut - (?), Agent of Change sent unsuccessfully against Anthora[241]
  • ven'Rathan - (f) Scout Administrative Commander, in charge of the Field Agents Korval has captured[214]
  • ven'Sambra - a trader encountered on Verstal[201]
  • ven'Tura - (m), Master Pilot, compiler of the ven'Tura Tables[307]
  • Vepal, Ambassador to the Unaffiliated Worlds. A Yxtrang [308]
  • Ver Sev - (Hall Master Ver Sev), of the Healer Hall in Avontai Port[156]
  • Ver Sev - Hall Master of the Healer Hall in Avontai Port
  • Verena Clan Lysta - a child of Clan Lysta when Ichliad Brunner worked as gardener[34]
  • Verisa pel'Quinot - (f), Scholar at Scout Academy, issued the invitation for Aelliana to teach her Math for Survival Seminar there[309]
  • Vern Bell - (m) Jasin Bell's brother, trader on Momma Liberty[22], sold Rys Lin to Agent lar'Adrin of the The Department[207]
  • Vertu dea'San Clan Wylan - Solcintra taxi driver[74]
  • Ves - of The Bedel, deceased[107]
  • Vesa bel'Ulim - (f), host of the Garden Gate Caféin Solcintra, grey haired woman of elegant learning[310]
  • Vesker pel'Tolian - (m), Pat Rin's manservant and Majordomo first on Liad , later follows him to Surebleak[45][213]
  • Vessa Quill - (f) Baker, moved into Boss Conrad's Turf to open a Bakery[198]
  • Veverain - a woman in need of magic [311]
  • Vidige - Inspector (Advance Class) at Transit School on Melchiza
  • Vigro Welsh - (m), merchant on Mondaw, to whom Fer Gun is introduced as one of Korval's business contacts, plain-spoken and hearty, dealing in everyday wares. (Due Diligence chap 5)
  • Vin Dyr Clan Telrune - (m) one of Fer Gun's cousins, Jai Kob's strong arm.
  • Vil Tor - ship's librarian on Elthoria [20]
  • Vilander - (?), Liaden, author of Vilander's Proverbs[109])
  • Villy Butler - (m) works for Ms. Audrey, also runs the sticks table at the Emerald Casino on Surebleak[98], a hetaera, blond hair, pale skin, Quin's friend[49]
  • Vilma Karapov - (f) Terran, Juntavas courier pilot, first class pilot, well muscled, blonde, pale skin[50]
  • Vilobar - (m) Pilot on Dutiful Passage, moustache[144]
  • Vilt - crew on Dutiful Passage[102]
  • Vin - (m) owner of Mr. Vin's Pawnshop on Boss Conrad's Turf[44]
  • Vin Sin chel'Mara Clan Aragon - (m) card sharp, who loses a ship to Aelliana Caylon [189]
  • Vindal - (f) (Boss Vindal), was Boss for four years on what is now Boss Conrad's Turf before Boss Moran killed her[7]
  • vin'Tael - (m), a guest at Lady Kareen's gather[140]
  • Vinter - thug on late evening bus route in Epharim, Delgado
  • Viverain - (Professor Viverain) acting head of the Leisure & Recreation department Delgado, travelling academic (Scavage)
  • von'Eyr - (f), a Master Pilot stationed at Casiaport[115]
  • Voni Caylon Clan Mizel - Birin's eldest daughter, Aelliana's sister, supports the clan through serial marriage, counted a beauty[5]
  • Voral Jene - (f), very young Surebleak Boss on Gough Street turf, not a member of the Affiliated Bosses of Surebleak because she threatened Boss Conrad at his Party[78]
  • Vylet - (f) of The Bedel[11]


  • Wal Tor pak'Ora Clan Ranvit - (m) Ezern's predecessor as Delm[38]
  • Walter yo'Lanna Clan Justus - age mate of Syl Vor on Liad[16]
  • Wayr yos'Phelium Clan Korval - (f) Delm in 1283, when a contract-marriage between Erob and Korval produced a child for yos'Galan; left a reminder message about the next contract being due in three generation. Shan calls her "Great-great-great Aunt Wayr yos'Phelium".[258]
  • Wellik - (Captain Wellik), X Strain soldier, Solcintra Garrison (pre-Migration)[8]
  • Wil Bar dea'Judan Clan Obrelt[115]
  • Wilit - (Dr. Wilit), Social Engineering, Delgado
  • Willsmyth - student at Anlingdin Piloting Academy[1], Theo's nemesis
  • Wilmet - (m) ("old Wilmet"), owner of Wilmet's Grocery on Boss Conrad's turf on Surebleak[7]
  • Win Den tel'Vosti Clan Erob - (m), Thodelm tel'Vosti, brown eyes[13], son of Randa Tiazan and Pel Jim tel'Vosti[312]
  • Win Ton yo’Vala - (m), Scout Trainee[75], Theo's friend and one time lover, second pilot of ship [[Bechimo]] severely injured by The Department of the Interior mostly healed by the remastering unit found on Bechimo.
  • Wyatt - (m) (Commander Wyatt), Captain Blake's Commander[51]

X Edit

Y Edit

  • Yinzatch - Trader on ship Selich (a Looper for the long side) on which Fer Gun pen'Uldra Clan Telrune aprenticed after school (Due Diligence - ch 4)
  • Yodel - (f) cat, one of the Trealla Fantrol cats, too young to have met Val Con before he The Department of the Interior[216]
  • yo'Hala - (in the 7th century a contract-marriage between yo'Hala and yos'Phelium, with the child coming to yos'Phelium, inaugurated an alliance that lasted many years[93])
  • yo'Hatha - (f), part of Korval's social circle when Nova was First Speaker for Korval[142]
  • Yolan pel'Kirmin Clan Reptor - (f) together with Sed Ric bin'Ala known as "The Pirates"[267]
  • yo'Laney - (?), a trader[106]
  • yos'Rida - (?), agent of the DoI[104]
  • yos'Sandow - (?), a poet who writes patient rhymes[313]
  • yo'Taler - (?), a guest at one of yo'Lanna's gathers[18]
  • yo'Zeamin - (?), Agent of Change sent unsuccessfully against Anthora[241]
  • Yulie Shaper / Yulian Rastov Shaper - Farmer, Korval's new next-door neighbor on Surebleak, grandson of Captain Shaper and heir to the former Gilmour Agency properties. “He is a mite odd, has a lot of cats, keeps mostly to himself, [213], brown eyes, thin face, [314], The Tree gives him a pod & and a seedling[247]
  • Yzel - Transit School on Melchiza

Z Edit

  • Zam Gobelyn, Gobelyn's Market [20]
  • Zan Der pel'Kirmin Clan Reptor - (m) Delm, soft body and sandy hair; bright, intelligent eyes, about 40 Standards,[267] Yolan's father and Sed Ric's uncle[103]
  • Zaneth Katrina - Theo's contact a Senior Sexton at Chaliceworks on Frenzel, refuses to do business with Theo or the clan as a whole due to unsettled times and the luck of Korval.
  • Zanith ven'Albren - [138]
  • Zar Kin pel'Odma - (m), a shrewd trader of Er Thom's acquaintence[89]
  • Zed ter'Janpok Clan Tangier - Delm, a chef[75]
  • Zena tel'Woda - (f), a dramliza who fell victim to The Department of the Interior[152]
  • Zer Min pel'Oban - (m), dancing instructor on Irikwae[296]
  • Zhena Trelu [8]
  • Zolanj - cat, Jen Sar Kiladi's cat before Mandrin, would sometimes agree to sit on Theo's lap, but never on Kamele's. [87]


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