The Tree

The Uncle

Associates of the Uncle:
  • Dulsey a close associate of The Uncle, perhaps even his second in command
  • Randoling, who had dropped to Gondola with a certain very particular something bound for the inventory of Mildred Bilinoda,trader in exotic items. Mildred was apparently captured(?) by the Department
  • Andreth found signs of surveillance at Catalinc

Kamele Waitley - Scholar on Delgrado, Mother of Theo, Daav was her Onagrata while living as Jen Sar Kiladi

Lomar Fasholt - Lead Trader of Fasholt and Daughters, Swunaket Port

Clan Erob (on Lytaxin)

  • Win Den Tel'Vosti - Thodelm
  • Emrith Tiazan - Delm
  • Alys Tiazan

Zaneth Katrina - Theo's contact a Senior Sexton at Chaliceworks on Frenzel

  • refuses to do business with Theo or the clan as a whole due to unsettled times and the luck of Korval.

Employed by the Clan

  • Mr. pel'Kana - the butler at Jelaza Kazone on Liad and later on Surebleak
  • Mrs. ana'Tak- the cook at Jelaza Kazone on Surebleak
  • Mrs. pel'Esla- the nurse for Shindi & Mik (Anthora's twins) and Talizea (Val Con & Miri's child) at Jelaza Kazone on Surebleak
  • dea'Gauss - family that came with Cantra on the migration and has served Korval then and since, mostly in matters financial
  • Mr. pak'Ora - butler

Employed by members of the Clan

  • Mr. pel'Tolian - Pat Rin' butler (on Liad - later follows him to Surebleak)

Employed on ships of the Clan

Dutiful Passage:
  • Lina Faaldom Clan Deshnol - ship librarian, healer, Thodelm, cka'leket of Pricilla Mendoza
  • Ken Rik yo'Lanna - cargomaster
  • Rusty Moergenstern - radio tech
  • Tonee sig'Ella - radio tech
  • Kayzin ne'Zame - first mate
  • Seth Johnson - pilot
  • ven'Ducci - master pilot, Er Thom's piloting tutor (when Er Thom and Daav were young)
  • Bor Gen pin'Ethil - mechanic, gambler (when Er Thom and Daav were young)

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