Allied with Clan Korval

  • goes without saying, The Tree supports Korval
  • and let's not forget The Luck, chancy as it is

Clans allied w Korval:Edit

Partial list, in progress. See The Clans for more.

Groups, Organizations:Edit

  • Some of The Dramliz and Healers
    • Descendants of Rool Tiazan's siblings, who vowed to support Korval a millennium ago. See Old Solcintra.
  • Rool Tiazan and his Lady allied with Jela, Cantra, and Tree in the escape mission:

"You, the pilot, and the ssussdriad will proceed to the world Landomist. You will recover Liad dea'Syl's equations which describe the recrystalization exclusion function and use them in the best interests of life."[1]

Organizations in Solcintra (and other places) who filed briefs with The Council of Clans in support of Clan Korval:

“I mention a few — the Scouts of Liad, the Accountants Guild, the Pilots Guild, the Solcintra Feline Appreciation Society, the Taxicab and Pedicab Association of Solcintra, Binjali’s Repair Shop and Jalopy Garage,” here there was a clear and distinctly disapproving pause, “ . . . the Juntavas.” That brought a murmur from the chamber. . .

“Also,” Speaker continued, “University, the Defenders of the Code, the Little Festival Association, Tey Dor’s Sporting Clubs — and the list is quite long, and will be appended to our decision...[2]

On SurebleakEdit

Surebleak page

Terran Business AssociatesEdit

  • The Carresens-Denobli trade group -- Shan yos'Galan asked Theo Waitley of Laughing Cat Ltd / Tree-and-Dragon to contact Janifer Carrisens-Denobli during her market research loop. He seems inclined to support a trade loop that includes Surebleak
  • Zaneth Katrina — another of Theo's contacts from Shan. She’s a Senior Sexton at Chaliceworks on Frenzel
    • refuses to do business with Theo or the clan as a whole due to unsettled times and the Luck of Korval
    • says come back when things settle down
  • Lomar Fasholt - Lead Trader of Fasholt and Daughters, Swunaket Port??
  • The Uncle and Dulsey -- not allies per se...but sometimes they do business together -- as with Pod 78 -- and sometimes Uncle lends a hand

Other AlliesEdit


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