Clan Korval, lifemate to Ren Zel

Anthora yos'Galan Clan KorvalEdit



Healing, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

  • A dramliza, possibly the most powerful on the planet, except her lifemate Ren Zel
    • But mundane Val Con can block her power:
    • Shan to Val Con: "Recall that you were the only one of us who could curb Anthora when she was in a mood to have her way."[5]
    • Miri and Anthora: "You're talking dramliza talent. He can tell you “No!” and make it stick." ......"He can do it to Priscilla, too." Anthora added helpfully.[6]
  • The Healers Guild could not measure the limits of Anthora's abilities. She is the most puissant Dramliza since Rool Tiazan.[7]
  • Taught at the College of The Dramliz in Solcintra[1], [8]
  • Using her dramliza gifts, she turned several DOI agents away from Trealla Fantrol and later from Jelaza Kazone
  • Caused an epic storm from a distance, in Daughter of Dragons
  • Rescued Mr. dea'Gauss from the DOI.
    • "Will you walk through walls, sister?"[9]
  • With her fellow dramliz, she unmade Trealla Fantrol, leaving only a meadow, in Moon on the Hills
  • Removed bullets from gun pointed her way, in Kin Ties
  • Advised Diglon that he'd be happy working with soil and seeds. See The Rifle's First Wife
  • Cured Theo of recurring nightmare about DoI ships[10]
  • Refined the "dream" created by Rys and The Bedel to free agents under The Department of the Interior's mind control [11]
  • Helped The Tree and Ren Zel defeat the Sheriekas when Tinsori Light crashed.[12]

etc. etc.


See Korval Kin for complete list and ancestry charts


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