Arin Gobelyn


  • "Father" of Jethri Gobelyn (hints indicate that Jethri is maybe biologically more a clone of Arin than a son) [1]
  • Got the Name Gobelyn from his wife (?) Captain Iza Gobelyn of the tradeship Gobelyn’s Market[1]
  • Cousin of Grig Tomas, back-up everything, on Gobelyn's Market[1]
  • Died while rescuing people from a burning house [1]
  • was collecting fractins (old tech)[1]

(the following information is assuming that the Arin who is Jethri's "father" is the same Arin we meet in Crystal Dragon)

  • Dulsey introduces him to Jela as: "our librarian and linguistic specialist". [2]
  • Described as: a tall glowering fellow with a strong jaw,[2] tall lean and tough, with greay eyes set deep under strong black brows [3]
  • He works for The Uncle and is the team leader and Uncle's representative in the research expidition on Vanehald [4]
  • Maybe the ship "Arin's Toss" Theo flies for The Uncle is named after our Arin?


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