• The self aware ship created "centuries ago"[1] by The Builders (with input from The Uncle and B. Jerome Joyita)
    • Probably 500+ years old: "In more than 500 Standard years, no one on the approved list had requested entry. Bechimo entertained the theory that the approved list might be incomplete."[2]
  • Win Ton to Theo: "My research says that Bechimo has an on-board AI. More likely it is an AI. Bechimo -- the ship -- it can fly itself...Lacking a pilot, Bechimo will itself decide where to go, and what to do when it arrives."[1]


  • Win Ton to Theo: [Scout] Headquarters is very concerned about that ship. The Bechimo was built when the Terran trading families were trying to reassert their trade routes. It used old tech. Stolen, perhaps dangerous tech. The ship owners and the ship builders hid it because they were under pressure, and in the end they were suppressed." Theo shuddered. [1]
  • Bechimo's intended crew is a mystery:
    • "The Regional Terran Trade Cartels had them [owners, crew] hounded...and The Bechimo was never flown beyond proof flights. Some [owners, crew] perhaps were forcibly removed and blackmailed... According to the stories, the crew meant for Bechimo was raided and arrested, and a lien put on the ship, whereupon the ship disappeared. Rumors said it could fly rings around other trade ships..."[1]


  • Theo is the "Over Pilot" having been given the key by Win Ton.
  • She eventually becomes the fully bonded Captain of Bechimo. [3]
  • Clarence O'Berin becomes Theo's executive officer and 2nd pilot.
  • Win Ton yo'Vala becomes Theo's third pilot (Bechimo calls him "less pilot")
  • Kara van'Erith becomes engineer and mechanic, also handling med-tech and hydroponics. If needed, she is a pilot.
  • Bechimo creates an avatar to interact with Theo and the crew. The avatar is named Joyita, in memory of Bechimo's teacher, B. Jermone Joyita. The avatar appears in screen six, looking like the first Joyita.[4]
    • "Joyita’s voice was less sharp-edged than those of the Founders, besides Uncle. Bechimo now could identify the burr and half-tongued habits of the Wikesworlds"[4]
    • In retrospect Bechimo recognizes Joyita as "his father"[4]
  • Hevelin, the old norbear, ambassador to norbears, ship's empath. (See Companion Animals.
    • Bechimo is certified as the Pilot Guild's Embassy Mobile to Norbears (Pilot Theo Waitley as official guardian of norbear ambassador Hevelin). [5]
  • Chimmy - nickname given to Bechimo by Clarence O’Berin[4]

Design and CapabilitiesEdit

  • Win Ton to Theo: "its builders dared to use some of the old tech that went into the original Terran fleets that destroyed each other in the big war. And things even older and more dangerous."[1]
  • Ability to monitor captain and crew via their ship key. From a distance, the key can also provide pain killers and an energy boost, if in contact with skin. [6]
  • Ability to bond with a human captain [3]
  • Ability to create additional personalities, a shadow AI (example, Admiral Bunter) [7]
  • Various different modules: "The Protocol Module burned bright red; Logic displayed a nauseous green; Rules an ominous, roiling purple. Morality was conspicuous by its lack of alarm."[4]
  • A subetheric control device, placed by B. Joyita on Bechimo, 500 years ago: "I am placing this item, which is a communication module permitting access to the subetheric devices used in the building of autonomous and semi-autonomous units found here and there throughout space... These permit you, Bechimo, to command and control those items, and to access other levels of your own memory systems.[8]
  • Theo to Val Con: "This thing that Bechimo does -- translating she calls it -- I don't know how it's done, but it's quick, quicker than jump, and she can translate to the surface of a planet."[9]
    • Scholar Caylon thinks it is a more advanced method of jumping. [10]
  • A superior, highly advanced auto doc unit.[11]

From Bechimo's rules moduleEdit

  • Rules Search: “Tree-and-Dragon” Results: Mark designating Clan Korval, Liaden kin group comprised of founding Lines yos’Phelium and yos’Galan; bel’Tarda later incorporated as minor Line. ALSO Registered Trade Mark of Clan Korval, operating as Korval Trade, Tree-and-Dragon Family, Dragontree Ltd. NEW: Surebleak Clan Loop Unlimited No Warnings are associated with this Mark.[4]
  • Rules Search: “Clan Korval” Warning Level One-point-five: Pay cash. Pay promptly. If contract, adhere to all terms. Rules Search: “yos’Phelium” Warning Level Two-point-five: Pay cash. Pay promptly. Disruption of causality may occur, see notes. Contract not advised, see notes. Quick disengage, see notes. ? ? Rules Search: “yos’Galan” Warning Level One: Pay cash. Pay promptly. If contract, adhere to all terms. Caution in regard to association with yos’Phelium. See notes. Caution with regard to yos’Phelium.[4]

Bechimo & UncleEdit

  • Uncle, of Bechimo: "She's engineered of old tech and new, and it's not just the Scouts who want her dead, or taken."[12]
  • The Uncle helped in the building, or at least the activation of the self-aware ship Bechimo[4]
  • "I believe in Bechimo, because I stood on her deck." [13] (but Uncle should know Bechimo prefers the masculine pronoun)[14]
  • Bechimo says: “The Uncle himself designed and oversaw installation of many of the masking systems. It is my estimation that what should not be found or seen by others will not be.”[4]
  • The Uncle was a member of Bechimo's Founders[15]
  • Uncle is banned from Bechimo: "The Uncle is on the disallowed list" ... "Who made up this list?"..."The Builders." [16]
  • B. Joyita (the 1st, a linguistics and socialization teacher) to Bechimo, about 500 years ago when Bechimo was completed: "It is mete that I should not know all the secrets the Uncle has told to you, nor all that the Builders require...[8]


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