Founder of Clan Korval with M. Jela Granthor's Guard  and Tor An yos'Galan.


  • "A tall, thin woman, her beige hair cut off blunt at the jaw line, her eyes misty green under thin winged brows. The rest of the face was sharp---cheekbones, nose, and chin---skin the uniform golden-tan prized in the higher class courtesans."[1]
  • She has a temper that is enough to sometimes scare her.[2]
  • Rimmer and Dark Trader[3]
  • Cantra is an a "aelantaza" (rare and elite scholar-assassins)[4] from Tanjalyre Institute where she was bred and trained.[3]
  • Despite gene selection for aelantaza design, Cantra is "a natural human"[5]
  • "Aelantaza's" pheromones induce trust and affection in those who are not "aelantaza"[4]. Garen called this a gift, a weapon and a boon, but Cantra thinks of it as a curse and a danger to her and those who fell under her sway. That's why she tries to stay to herself and be as cantankerous and off-putting as possible.[6] (Jela is resistant to Cantras pheromones)[7]
  • "Aelantaza" are known for subtlety[4], raised to be dissembler, thieves and when need be murderer[8] and have an extra efficient memory.[9]
  • She was rescued by Pilot Garen yos'Phelium Clan Torvin who saved her life and treated Cantra as if she were her daughter.[6] That's obviously also why Cantra uses the name yos'Phelium, Clan Torvin (not a name Jela would have expected to find on an "aelantaza"[4]).
  • For some number of years Cantra sat co-pilot to Garen.[7]
  • Survived a "line edit" with help from Garen and The Uncle [4] after her line has been found inferior[7] because "Pliny's gona and struck a teacher" [10]
  • Pilot-owner of Spiral Dance[11] which she inherited when Garen died[7]
  • Flies solo for five years after Garen died.[6]
  • Cantra's priorities are: First her ship, then herself.[7]
  • With Jela (posthumously) and Tor An yos'Galan, she is founder of Clan Korval. She served as the clan's First Delm.
  • Pilot of Quick Passage on the Great Migration
  • Upon reaching a habitable planet in the new universe, she named it Liad [12]
  • The "cantra" is a large unit of money, a coin, with Cantra's face stamped on one side.


  • Garen yos'Phelium Clan Torvin - foster mother and pilot-owner of Spiral Dance, the very last of Clan Torvin (and for all Cantra ever found the first too), not entirely sanelost her real daughter and all her family when a world-eater destroyed her home-world some many years before Cantra was born.[7]
  • Timoli - "aelantaza" and a full sister even if they were some 30 years apart, died in the line edit.[7]
  • Pliny - "aelantaza" from the same line as Cantra. Slapped and later killed her Instructor Malis[9] which was why the Directors of Tanjalyre Institute found this line to be inferior and edited it from the "aelantaza" breeding tables.[7] (thereby killing all of the line except Cantra).
  • M. Jela Granthor's Guard - partner and co-pilot.[13] and the father of their son Val Con.
  • Val Con (not the Val Con of Scout's Progress) - son of Jela and Cantra. The first to bear this name and later the 2nd Delm of Korval[14]).
  • Tor An yos'Galan, her co-pilot on Quick Passage. They founded Clan Korval together, with Line yos'Phelium the primary clan and Line yos'Galan secondary.

More QuotesEdit

"yos" was the Inworlds prefix denoting a courier or delivery person, and "Phelium" bore an interesting likeness to the Rim-cant word for "pilot".  Cantra Courier Pilot, Jela thought.[4]

The Uncle once mused "The Directors of the Tanjalyre Institute had perhaps been correct in breaking the mold from which Cantra yos’Phelium had been cast. A pity they had waited until she was free of their influence before doing so."[15]>


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