Another of Theo's contacts while investigating a loop for Bechimo

  • The Carresens were both a family and a process.? 15

  • As a family they were of Terran extraction and had interests in ships and shipping going back generations. They could follow their generations back a long way, too; at least to the period of the Great Terran Wars when rapid expansion had almost caused the Terran worlds to wipe themselves out in a mad fit of protectionism and trade wars.? 15

  • neither she nor Clarence had known of Carresens. That was partly because they’d never expanded into the large liners as Theo’s classmate Asu’s family had, nor into the larger trade ships, as Korval had. Rather than the big ship model they relied on a net of smaller ships, plus family and community connectivity.? 15

  • However they’d begun, the process of Carresens in? Spwao? System began on? Vincza, in the month before the rainy season, and then relocated for two more months to a smaller “Festevalya” on? Tradedesk? for the amusement of cruise ship passengers, and those citizens of Vincza who removed to the station to escape the rain.? 15

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