Background InfoEdit

  • See Plan B and other novels
  • Clan Erob are descendants of the dramliz, specifically Rool Tiazan and his Gray Lady, who migrated on Quick Passage with Cantra yos'Phelium, Tor An yos'Galan, Liad dea'Syl, The Tree, dea'Gauss, the 50 so-called High Houses, etc.[1]
  • Erob and Korval are long-standing allies. Erob (Line Tiazan) and Korval contract marriages (for begetting children) every third (or fourth?) generation.
  • Erob is an outworld Liaden clan, based on planet Lytaxin.
  • Miri Robertson's family [2] (Miri has Rool's red hair and his Gray Lady's gray eyes)
  • Respected Traders.[3]
  • Lines: Tiazan (delm's line), tel'Vosti
  • Badge: Stylized mountain-and-hawk, depicted in red and gold on a field of indigo blue[4] - "a field of indigo, across which a crimson bird stooped to a gold-limned mountain"[5]

Erob's TreeEdit

  • One of Tree's offspring, a Ssussdriad, grows on the grounds of Clan Erob on planet Lytaxin. Korval gave Erob the tree to seal their ancient alliance. From Plan B: "It was a largish tree, Miri thought, with a pleasingly tree-like trunk and nice broad four-fingered leaves a shade greener and a shade less blue than the grass. Nuts or seed pods hung in clusters here and there, and the whole thing smelled good."[6]
    • In Plan B, Val Con and Miri greet Erob's tree. It welcomes them. [7] Later in the book, Erob's Ssussdriad welcomes Shan to Lytaxin. [8] Still later, Tree's offspring gives a seedpod to Miri, for Daav.[6]


Line TiazanEdit

  • Alys (F), Makina's daughter,[5] calls Emrith "aunt" and Win Den "uncle"[9]
  • An Der (M), Emrith's nephew[5]
  • Baan (M), a former Delm, Miri Tiazan's father (and Emrith's?)[5]
  • Bendara (F), Thodelm Tiazan, Cel Met's daughter[5]
  • Cel Met (?)[5]
  • Danae (F), served as first mate on Dutiful Passage after Korval exiled from Liad[10]
  • Dil Nem (M), Kern's son,[5] served as third mate on Dutiful Passage after Korval exiled from Liad[11]
  • Emrith (F), Delm Erob[5]
  • Ilvin (F), Jen Sar's daughter[5]
  • Jen Sar (?)[5]
  • Kea (F), "the very best we had", pilot, died in the war[5]
  • Kern (M), Miri Robertson's "uncle" (given relative ages, etc., more likely her grandmother's brother than her mother's)[5]
  • Makina (?)[5]
  • Miri (F), Miri Robertson's grandmother[5]
  • Randa (F), Win Den tel'Vosti's mother;[5]
  • Rool (M), line founder[12]
  • Kol Vus (M), the clan's radio tech,[9]
  • Trianna (?)[13]
  •  ? (M), deceased, Emrith's father and predecessor as delm[14]

Line tel'VostiEdit

  • Pel Jim (M), Win Den's father[5]
  • Win Den (M), Thodelm tel'Vosti[5]


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