Clan Guayar is one of the High Houses of Liad. It has close links with Clan Justus and Clan Korval.


Line ter'MeulenEdit

  • Bal Dyn[1] (M)[2] -- always has the good gossip; brother to Ilthiria yo'Lanna Clan Justus[3][4]; in later life, Delm Guayar[5]
  • Clonak (M) -- Bal Dyn's son[6][4] and Daav's friend[7]; wears a mustache[8]. See his page for more details.
  • Riaska (F) -- Clonak's daughter and heir,[9] stationed on Lytaxin.[10][11][12] She died during initial enemy strafing / bombing (Plan B) and was subsequently mourned by Clonak, Shadia, and Daav.[13]


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