Korval LinesEdit

  • yos'Phelium, descendants of Cantra yos’Phelium; the delm's blood; roughly translated by Jela as "Courier Pilot"
  • yos'Galan, the trading clan, descendants of Tor An yos’Galan
  • bel'Tarda, the subordinate Line (fine rugs, etc)
  • nor'Phelium, house guards, acknowledged by the clan
  • Possible: Clan of the Tree, Tree-Kin (see below)

Korval's SigilEdit

Tree and Dragon. The name of the Dragon is Megelaar.

Clan IdentityEdit

  • Clan Motto: Flaran Cha'menthi which means “I Dare!”[1]
  • Shield: “Clan Korval's shield with its lifelike Tree-and-Dragon and bold, almost arrogant, inscription: Flaran Cha'menthi. I Dare.”[2]
  • Remember who we are. We are not Solcintran. We are not derived from the Old Houses. We are Korval. Keep the Contract, protect the Tree, gather ships, survive. But never, never, never let them make you forget who you are. —Val Con yos'Phelium, Second Delm of Korval, Entry in the Delm's Diary”[3]
  • “In an ally, considerations of house, clan, planet, race are insignificant beside two prime questions, which are: Can he shoot? Will he aim at your enemy?”—logbook of Cantra yos'Phelium[4][5]
  • The drive to excel lies at Korval's heart [6]
  • ”The best pilot the clan possesses must be delm, regardless of bloodline. This will be taken as a clan law. The delm's heir must be a pilot”— logbook of Cantra yos'Phelium[7]
  • ”There must be ships, spaceworthy and ready to fly: As many ships as it is possible to acquire.”—logbook of Cantra yos'Phelium[8]
  • It is not the best care of the clan to huddle safe, upon the homeworld. Korval is ships, Korval is pilots. If Korval allows fear to rule it, we become less than we are. More, we violate the law laid down for us by the Founder. yos'Galan advice [9]

Sayings about KorvalEdit

  • There are fifty High Houses - and then there is Korval [6]
  • A Dragon does not change it's nature [6]
  • Korval is ships


  • Founded by M. Jela Granthor's Guard.
  • Founding members Cantra yos'Phelium Clan Torvin and Tor An yos'Galan Clan Alkia.
  • ("Korval" is a combination of T orvin and Al kia)
  • Korval is ships
  • Korval is also bound to The Tree Jelaza Kazone (roughly - Jela's Promise/Dream/Contract/Fulfillment) based on a promise Cantra's partner, M Jela, made to the Ssussdriad, as The Tree's species is known, when he was stranded on its last home planet.
  • The founding of Clan Korval is described in Crystal Dragon, chapters 30 and 31.
  • Shan gives another briefer account of the founding of the Clan, which differs somewhat in the details, in Conflict of Honors, Shipyear 65, Tripday 143, Second Shift.
  • The circumstances under which Line bel'Tarda was later brought into the Clan are described in "Heirloom".
  • From Bechimo's Rules Search: “Tree-and-Dragon” Results: Mark designating Clan Korval, Liaden kin group comprised of founding Lines yos'Phelium and yos'Galan; bel'Tarda later incorporated as minor Line. ALSO Registered Trade Mark of Clan Korval, operating as Korval Trade, Tree-and-Dragon Family, Dragontree Ltd. NEW: Surebleak Clan Loop Unlimited. No Warnings are associated with this Mark.? 15

Primary Clan HousesEdit

  • Korval's home on Liad is the valley named Valcon Berant'a ("Dragon's Price"), which was part of the payment given to Cantra and Tor An when Liad was first settled. The valley is situated just north of Solcintra city.[10] There are two clan houses in Korval's valley.
  • Jelaza Kazone, home of line yos'Phelium, is the original clan-home, built around The Tree from which it takes its name. Jelaza Kazone translates to Jela's Promise/Dream/Contract/Fulfillment.[11]
  • The other clanhouse is Trealla Fantrol, located closer to town at the mouth of the valley. Trealla Fantrol is the home of line yos'Galan.[12]
    • (The meaning of Trealla Fantrol appears to be unstated.)
  • Trealla Fantrol "was house writ large, bold, and proud....She might have supposed it to be a mercantile center or a building attached to an university....Our mother taught that, in the past, it was also a fortress, guarding the mouth of our valley." [13]
  • Korval off-world: See Surebleak page for details

Clan Safe HouseEdit

  • Hideaway Home: Runig's Rock, aka "The Rock"
  • All quotes below are from the short story "Hidden Resources" [14]
  • A safe place for vulnerable clan members , especially children, used during operation "Plan B"
  • An asteroid, most likely
  • "A pilot of Korval had found it — the place and the Rock -- and so another pilot might also."
  • "It was an odd eddy of space they sat in, and far out from usual traffic. Still, they were not hidden, only inconveniently located."
  • "Luken had walked the rock for the third and last time during his shift."
  • "The screens showed the docking bay, live, feeds of near space..."
  • Possibly a cave? "She [Kareen] frowned at the screen. Shall we take to the ship?"

Korval in Terran LandsEdit

Moving from Liad's code-based, delm-led culture to a Terran planet has the potential to effect Clan Korval. Delms Val Con and Miri have tasked Kareen yos'Phelium to study this matter:

  • Kareen speaking to Kamele: "Since the relocation, my work has been redefined. The Delm requires me to observe the society in which we now find ourselves, and compile a plan for the clan's new direction, now that the Code no longer...constrains us, as the Delm would have it. I prefer informs us." [15]
  • Pat Rin to Quin: “Kareen yos’Phelium Clan Korval,” his father continued, “has been tasked to study -- and if necessary, to advocate -- the future shape and duties of Clan Korval, and those dependent on and from it.”[16]

Korval Homes on SurebleakEdit

  • On Surebleak, Jelaza Kazone stands a distance from Surebleak City, but the crown of The Tree is visible from the port.[17] The drive takes an hour by taxi cab, from the port to Jelaza Kazone. [18]
  • Shan yos'Galan and Priscilla are buying an island from Yulie Shaper, for the yos'Galan house site. Twin saplings from The Tree will be planted on the island. [21]
  • Pat Rin yos'Phelium (Boss Conrad) lives on Blair Road with his lifemate Inas Bhar / Natesa, his son Quin yos'Phelium, his foster-father Luken bel'Tarda (until he found a suitable apartment), his "head hand" Cheever McFarland, security Gwince, Barth, etc., butler Mr. pel'Tolian, Cook (makes fine shortbread)[22], assistant cook Jenntte[16], etc.
  • Lady Kareen yos'Phelium lives on the corner of Dudley Avenue and Farley Lane, along with her colleagues Professor Kamele Waitley and Scout historian vey'Loffit. Her cook is Esil Lang. For security, she has Hazenthull Explorer, and "head hand" Gert Jazdak, bodyguards Dafydil (Dilly) and Amiz, etc. [23]
  • Nova yos'Galan lives on Blair Road with her son Syl Vor, her foster daughter Kezzi of The Bedel (occasionally), her security chief /"hand" Mike Golden, the cook Beck, general duty 'hand Gavit, and various house staff. [24]
  • Luken bel'Tarda lives in an apartment across from Audrey's House of Joy,[22] managing The Carpet Emporium and Port Annex Rugs. [25] He spends time across the street with Audrey[26]


Line yos'PheliumEdit

  • Aelliana Caylon (F) -- b. 1335[27]originally of Clan Mizel (Birin Caylon's middle daughter[28]), Lifemate of Daav yos'Phelium, mother of Val Con, Honored Scholar of Sub-rational Mathematics
  • Bindrea yos'Phelium (F) -- Delm in a time before Trealla Fantrol was built.[29]
  • Cantra yos'Phelium (F) -- 1st Delm. Founding head of the Line. Pilot of Quick Passage on the Great Migration, Cantra is an Aelantaza from Tanjalyre Institute[10]
  • Chi yos'Phelium (F) -- 84th Delm. Identical twin sister to Petrella yos'Galan. Mother to Kareen and Daav. Deceased on Ganjir.
  • Daav yos'Phelium (M) -- 6th Delm.[30] First of his Line to bear the name Daav. Eba yos'Phelium's delm[31] (and also her thodelm? unclear)[30]
  • Daav yos'Phelium (M) -- 85th Delm. b. 1325[27] Lifemated to Aelliana Caylon[32]. Father to Val Con & Theo Waitley, Cha'leket to Er Thom yos'Galan, onagrata of Kamele Waitley, Fourth of his Line to bear the name Daav, Scout Captain, later also known as Scholar Jen Sar Kiladi[33]
  • Del Ben (or Del Ban) yos'Phelium (M) -- His misdeeds against Line bel'Tarda required a major Balancing which included bel'Tarda being brought under the Dragon's wing.[34]
  • Danise bel'Tara (F) -- Luken bel'Tarda's eldest daughter. (Dragon in Exile, Ch 2)
  • Eba yos'Phelium (F) -- In the time of the first Daav, she was publicly flogged by her thodelm,[31] who was also her cha'leket -- that being the least undesirable course of action left open to them by the Clan's enemies. The subsequent Balancing took seven years and resulted in the deaths of all those responsible.[30]
  • Edil yos'Phelium (?) -- Delm, with lifemate Var Ond ter'Asten.[35]
  • Inas Bhar (F) -- b.1355, Skardu in a Terran sector. Third daughter of Scholar Reyman Bhar. >t age 13 (in 1368) after avenging her fathers death, she sought the sanctuary of the Juntavas with whom she later becomes a Judge.[36] AKA: Natesa the Assassin, she assists Pat Rin yos'Phelium to go underground during Plan B.[37] Becomes Lifemate of Pat Rin on Surebleak. [38]
  • Jen Sin yos'Phelium (M) -- The best Korval pilot of his generation, he was ordered home from the Scouts by his delm to serve the necessities of his clan, and in that service he was lost.[39]
  • Jeni yos'Phelium (?) -- 9th Delm. Donated land and building for the establishment of the Scout Academy.[40]
  • Kareen yos'Phelium (F) -- b. 1313[27] Pat Rin's mother; Daav's sister; Liad's foremost authority on the Code. Not a pilot.[41] Also known as The Right Noble Lady Kareen yos'Phelium, Patron of the Solcintra Poetry Society, Founder of the League to Preserve the Purity of the Language and Chairperson Emeritus of the Embassy of Form[42]
  • Ker Lin yos'Phelium (M) -- Delm in the 7th century, following his aunt Rinoka. A Seer, who foresaw the outlines of his life as a young man: Scout, lifemate, Delm. Died c. Standard Year 680.[43]
  • Kin Dal yos'Phelium (M) -- Father of the identical twins, Chi yos'Phelium and Petrella yos'Galan.[44]
  • M. Jela Granthor's Guard (M) -- Soldier, Cantra's partner and co-pilot and the father of her son. Rescued The Tree from it's dying home-planet, died before the founding of Korval, but he brought the founding members of the clan together and gave them their purpose, and he is officially recognized as the clan's Founder.
  • Miri Robertson (F) -- b. 1365[27] on Surebleak, Mercenary sergeant, retired. Half of the Delm with her lifemate Val Con. Mother to Talizea. Member, by genetics, of the Tiazan line of clan Erob, daughter of Kati Tayzin and Chock Robertson.[45]
  • Pat Rin yos'Phelium (M) -- b. 1354[46] Son and heir of Kareen, fox-faced with brown hair and wide brown eyes. At age 6 was fostered with Luken bel'Tarda[41]. Failed piloting exam 5 times: the first three times because of his mother influence, the other two because he had lost confidence in himself. [47]. Father of Quin.[38]. Becomes known as Boss Conrad on Surebleak, earns a Pilot license, and gains a lifemate: Inas Bhar, AKA Natesa. [37].
  • Quin yos'Phelium (M) -- b. c1379 Pat Rin's son and heir, 2nd class pilot[48]
  • Rinoka yos'Phelium (F) -- Delm in the 7th century, preceding her nephew Ker Lin.[43]
  • Talizea yos'Phelium (F) -- Miri and Val Con's heir. b. 1393 on Surebleak.
  • Theonna yos'Phelium (F) -- Delm in Standard Year 1143, oversaw the disposition of Tactical Defense Pods 72 to 83.[49] "I fear her orbit was more erratic than most. To her credit, she did bring the clan through a field thick with thorns, with scarcely a scratch... It may have been that she had flashes of long-sight among her delusions. Certainly, that would account for the overall success of her stewardship."[50]
  • Val Con yos'Phelium (M) -- 2nd Delm. First of his Line to bear the name Val Con,[51] which comes from the Liaden word for "dragon". Only son of Cantra and Jela.
  • Val Con yos'Phelium (M) -- 86th Delm, with his lifemate Miri Robertson. Father to Talizea. Scout Commander and former Agent of Change, seventh of his Line to bear the name Val Con.[52] b. 1362[27]
  • Var Ond ter'Asten (?) -- Lifemate and delmae of Edil yos'Phelium.[35]
  • Wayr yos'Phelium (F) -- Delm in 1283, when a contract-marriage between Erob and Korval produced a child for yos'Galan; left a reminder message about the next contract being due in three generation. Shan calls her "Great-great-great Aunt Wayr yos'Phelium".[53]

Line yos'GalanEdit

Line bel'TardaEdit

  • Luken bel'Tarda (M) -- b. 1315. Sandy haired, buff - good humored face. A Master Merchant, in the business of rugs. Excellent sense of space as applied to interior design. Good humored, wins friends in both the Port and City. Becomes foster father of six year old Pat Rin yos'Phelium in 1360. Has at least two children (possibly counting Pat Rin as one): when he volunteered to contract marry Syntebra el'Kemin, he told Korval that another child would be no hardship as "the eldest is away at school more often than she's home nowadays"[63] Has a daughter named Danise, who has a younger sister who may or may not also be Luken's daughter.[26] Moved to Surebleak with Clan Korval in Standard Year 1393 (I DARE). He sells rugs in Port City, Surebleak, and enjoys an intimate relationship with Audrey (DRAGON in EXILE).

Line UnclearEdit

  • Tocohl Lorlin is accepted into the clan by Val Con & Miri, but line is not mentioned.[64]
    • Tocohl's "father" Jeeves may also be a type of clan member, but this was not stated explicitly in his book, "Intelligent Design" short story.[65]
  • Dubbed nor'Phelium as house guards directly serving the clan and under the protection of Tree and Dragon: Nelirikk, Diglon, & Hazenthull (Neogenesis) -- (Diglon assumed nor'Phelium)

Tree-Kin, Clan of the TreeEdit

  • Neighbor Yulie Shaper was given a small shoot from The Tree to plant at his farm, in Dragon in Exile.[66] Weeks later, in Neogenesis, Miri, Val Con, Aelliana and Daav discuss the idea of creating a new clan designation: The Clan of the Tree. This will allow the clan to grow in number. Everyone who is accepted by The Tree and receives a seedpod and a sapling would become part of Korval's extended clan, called tree-kin:
    • "Val Con said, taking up the thread again, “we have here, as my lady points out, the opportunity to create a clan by design. In fact, she makes the argument that the Tree has shown us the way, by giving Yulie Shaper both a sapling and a pod, making him, if you will, Tree-kin."[67]
    • An offspring of Tree grows on planet Lytaxin, near the clanhouse of Clan Erob, descendants of Rule Tiazan. Old Delm Erob used the term "tree-kin" several years earlier: "I'll tell you plain, Korval. It's no joy to see you at this time, tree kin though we be."[68]

Korval Ships Edit

  • Spiral Dance - Cantra yos'Phelum's courier ship
  • Quick Passage - Lead ship of the Exodus, given to Cantra by the military, resting now at the base of Jelaza Kazone
  • Pale Wing - a Korval trade ship
  • Dutiful Passage - Korval's flagship and main trade ship
  • Ride the Luck - courier ship
  • Tarigan -- Originally a Scout survey ship, now with upgrades and modifications [69]


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