Clarence O'BerinEdit


  • age "within three Standards" of Daav's (doesn't say in which direction)[1]
  • young: "Copper hair slightly shorter than current fashion and brushed severely back from a pale, round face, eyes very blue, moving with pilot's grace, the clothes he uneasily wore were those of a prosperous merchant of no discernible clan."[2]
  • older: "in that chair sat a very blade of a man. That his hair was more grey than red, and he was clearly old enough to have stood as Win Ton’s father — those things were immaterial. His body was hard, the stern face watching the screens as if daring the weird space outside to produce anything but peace denoted a man both used to making hard decisions, and enforcing them."[3]
  • Clarence was for a number of years the head of the Juntavas (Juntavas Boss) on Liad, which is how he and Daav becamee aquainted with and trustful of each other, without being friends.[3].[2]
  • “First Class Pilot Clarence O’Berin, born Strabane and all that stuff including the proper pilot ID number, was on the seventy-ninth day of local year seven hundred and twelve named as an active antagonist, thief, scoundrel, and an agent of the Juntavas. This was sworn to by Hiramson O’Nandy O’dell, citizen of Strabane…” [3]
  • "Pilot O'Berin ran Solcintra Low Port for twenty Standards or more."[3]
  • Co-Pilot to Theo Waitley on Bechimo
  • Clarence was married once (to a man). They broke up when Clarence did a favor for Juntava Lela Toonapple, in return for the buy-in for his first class license. That's how he came to be a Juntavas courier pilot for Toonapple. (This was before Toonapple became boss on Liad)[4]
  • At the time of joining Bechimo as crew, has no living kin.[5]


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