Clonak ter'Meulen Clan Guayar


  • Delm Guayar's son,[1][2]
  • formerly a Scout in Daav's command, and still in the habit of addressing Daav as Captain[3]
  • wears a mustache[4] which is likewise a holdover from his days as an active Scout[5]
  • In the Agent of Change sequence, Clonak holds the rank of Commander[6] and the office of Chief of Pilot Security.[7] Val Con accuses Clonak: "You fed me to them....The Scouts gave me to the Department." Clonak agrees that he did, presumably while still serving as Chief of Pilot Security.[8]


  • Bal Dyn ter'Meulen[9] (Delm Guayar)[10], Clonak's father
  • Riaska ter'Meulen Clan Guayar, Clonak's daughter and heir,[11] was stationed on Lytaxin[12][13][14], deceased


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