Dulsey was a "batcher" whose pod(?) were all killed on Faldaiza resulting in her becoming attached to Jela & Cantra. She subsequently entered the service of the Uncle.

In Trade Secret, Uncle (who may be the same Uncle as Jela and Cantra met) is accompanied by Senior Pilot Dulsey Omron (who may be the same Dulsey).

When Theo meets her, Dulsey is apparently The Uncle's right hand, and one of the few (perhaps the only) with the use of the Uncle's personal name.

If all these Dulseys are one and the same, which seems likely, then she is hundreds of years old, perhaps second only to The Uncle himself.

Physical descriptionsEdit

Dragon ShipEdit

  • "Grey eyes. She preferred grey eyes. It was in the chart."[1]


  1. Dragon Ship, ch 11

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