• (f) A close associate of The Uncle, she's been with him the longest, probably since pre-exodus days. She is probably a continuously regenerated clone, like The Uncle, and Arin...
  • Dulsey was a "batcher" clone whose pod(?) were all killed in the old universe, on Faldaiza. During the attack, she became allied with Jela — whom she may have grown to quietly love — and Cantra yos'Phelium. They taught her to pilot, on Spiral Dance. She subsequently entered the service of The Uncle, by her own choice, to free more batchers.
  • Later, she went by the name Pilot Dulsey Ormon, in 12th C.[1]
  • In Trade Secret, The Uncle is accompanied by Senior Pilot Dulsey Omron.
    “Dulsey Omron’s the pilot who companions Uncle—I reckon he’s got as good a name as any of the rest of us somewhere about, but that’s what everybody calls him, just Uncle. None of us have kin-claim on him; just, he’s been around forever—and her, too—always busy, always open to helping; scheming and hatching, like traders do.[2]
  • When Theo Waitley first meets her, Dulsey is apparently The Uncle's right hand, and one of the few (perhaps the only) with the use of the Uncle's personal name. Yuri. Yuri Tomas. [3]
  • If all these Dulseys are one and the same, which seems likely, then she is more than a thousand years old, perhaps second only to The Uncle himself.

Physical descriptionsEdit

  • In Crystal Soldier: The original Dulsey had pale skin, pale hair, gray eyes, and a stocky figure. A former "batcher" clone, she trained as an engineer and learned to pilot on Spiral Dance with Jela and Cantra. [4]
  • In Trade Secret -- "The woman was dark, spare, with a touch of exotic mixed genes about her face that could have been Liaden and Trollian and looper all rolled into one. There was perhaps something familiar about the set of her chin, the angle of her jaw. “Dulsey Omron,” he remembered Doricky telling him, “the pilot..."[5]

  • In Dragon Ship -- "Grey eyes. She preferred grey eyes. It was in the chart."[6]


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