Tea VarietiesEdit

  • glys-blossom tea -- the favored variety of Elsu Meriandra, Ren Zel's wife[1]
  • Grey Pearl; "the flavoor--more smoke and less roses--as the beverage cooled"[2]
  • Hightide Stone of the Sea (Jethri's rendering in Terran of the Liaden name; served at a nuncheon by Master ven'Deelin)[3]
  • Joyful Sunrise
    • Anne's favored morning blend[4]
    • a single stasis-sealed tin fetches at least a cantra on the open market[5]
    • scent: "delicate, with a sharp undernote that promised alertness"[6]
    • flavor: "rose, citrus, new rain. Beneath was a tang of ozone, edgy and exciting, as revitalizing as a snap of ammonia beneath the nose"[6]
  • Lishanea spring-morning[7]
  • McWhortle's Special Wake-Up Blend -- a Terran variety; Luken bel'Tarda keeps a supply in his warehouse[8]
  • Morning Sunrise[9]
  • Morning's Fresh Blush[10]
  • smoky morning tea (a description, rather than a name)[11]
  • Smoky Black [12]
  • Peppermint tea
  • Rose Tint -- Clarence's 3rd favorite[13]
  • Supa Oolong Dark ("the best tea in the universe"[14])
  • Vadanya tea -- "festive"[15]
  • Vodamorang blend - said to be lightly calming[13]
  • zymuth veska -- a Liaden variety, a preference for which speaks of consequence and good taste[16]

Wine VarietiesEdit

  • Green Nogalin - an aphrodisiac, banned on about three-quarters of the Terran worlds[17]
  • Jade
  • Autumn Wine - Surebleak [18]
  • an unidentified wine introduced to Jethri by Master ven'Deelin: "Dry, bitter with tannin, and - just as he was about to ask for water - a surprising and agreeable tang of lemon."[19]
  • Canary[20][21]
  • cha'Ravia - "a spirited wine fit for extremely quiet dinners", reputed to be an aphrodisiac[22]
  • Felinada - one of the premier wines produced by Clan Tarnia[23]
  • Misravon - an Altanian wine, fine but not as fine as Misravot; stored out of the light, at a regulated temperature, when not being served[23]
  • Misravot
    • an Altanian wine, finer than Misravon; stored out of the light, at a regulated temperature, when not being served[23]
    • "Misravot—at least this glass of the same, in lighting adjusted to local seeing and star colors—was pure, unadulterated blue. There were gemstones of the first water that boasted a blue so pure"[23]
    • "smooth in the mouth, and the flavor—as he recalled it—tart, with an overnote of sweet-blooming flowers packing behind it a complex secondary set of notes and flavors."[23]
    • "pale blue"[24][25]
    • with a "burnt cinnamon taste"[24]
    • Daav's preferred wine (although he is not particularly fond of it)[26]
    • He swirled the pale blue liquid in the delicately-stemmed goblet. "Altanian wine—misravot."[27]
  • morning wine[28]
  • Red
  • Simmin - "tart"[29]
  • Summer Wine - Langlast[30]
  • White
  • yos'Postal - "a fine wine for quiet moments, and of subtle palate"[22]

Other BeveragesEdit

  • Bloosharie
    • "tended toward the reddish-purple side of things"[23]
    • there is a candy with a thin shell of "darkcho" around a soft filling "made mostly of bloosharie"[31]
  • Blusharie
    • "Don't never gulp Blusharie, whether it's smooth or whether it's not. If it ain't smooth, gulping it will knock you off your pins so hard you'll think you had a code red collision. If it is smooth, you'll be wasting one of the rare joys of this life and didn't deserve to have it."[32]
    • Genuine Smooth Blusharie comes in a blue bottle, corked and sealed with gold foil, inside a green cloth bag tied with a silver cord. The liquid inside is "gem-colored", with "amber depths". "It all but took his breath, that sip, leaving a smooth tartness on his tongue and tingling at the back of his throat. Fiery and mellow at once"[32]
  • Blusherrie - a blue liquid, served in a tall glass, that burns down the throat and leaves the drinker feeling drowsy and at peace[33]
  • Coffee
    • Lankshire Lakes Bold[10]
  • Coffeetoot (or 'toot) - "chicory-laden synthetic coffee substitute"[34][35][36]
  • Genwin Kaffe[37]
  • Klah[38]
  • Kynak[38] - low quality alcohol favored by mercenanies
  • Lemon water
  • 'Mite - thick and yellow and smelling of yeast, with a recipe that places nutrition over flavor, dates from the early days of Terran space travel; Spacers drink it for pleasure, but nobody else'll touch it[39] except the occasional Liaden Scout.[40] Served hot.[41]
  • Montora juice - blue, with an astringent taste, on Langlast it is drunk as a palate cleanser between courses of a banquet[30]
  • Oonla - drunk on Langlast, something like tea or coffee but not either of those[42]
  • Peace tea - drunk on Skardu, has a narcotic effect[43]
  • 'Retto[38]
  • Truecafe (a shorthand for "real coffee, not 'toot"?)[44]
  • Yittle - a yeast and caffeine drink added to the breakfast selection at the request of Diglon Rifle[45]
  • Beer [18][46]

Fruits, Vegetables, Berries, NutsEdit

  • Bluefruits -- berries found in some parts of Surebleak[47]
  • Cabbage -- farm produce on Surebleak, orange-striped [47]
  • Cobrok -- vegetable grown on Langlast, green in color and spicy of flavor[30]
  • Eklist -- vegetable grown on Langlast, orange in color and sweet of flavor[30]
  • Fieldbeans -- farm produce on Surebleak, not to be confused with tankbeans or jellybeans[48]
  • Frenal nuts -- brought by the birds to Pris [48]
  • Harvest plum -- brought by the hawk to Pris [48]
  • Kelchin fruit (which are nuts) [49]
  • Laster -- a fruit very popular on Andiree[50]
  • Milaster -- the edible kernel of the laster fruit[50]
  • Pesselberries [49]
  • Poorbellows -- edible fungus, Suzan Fillips' desired delicacy[1]
  • Snowits -- vegetable grown on Langlast, yellow in color and bland of flavor[30]
  • Spudfruit -- farm product on Surebleak, also raised in home gardens, one is "easily a meal or two for the kid and his family"[47]
  • Tubers -- farm produce on Surebleak[47]


  • candied sventi leaves (a delicacy on Skardu)[43]
  • gelth (a Liaden dish, spicy, served in a bowl, perhaps with toast)[24]
  • ice-toast (eaten at breakfast)[51]
  • Jumbleburger ("a chewy yeast patty seasoned with sweet-hot spices, a slice of soy cheese on top and bottom, and the whole served between two slices of fresh-baked bread", served at the Jumble House on Jemiatha station)[42]
  • Niglund Boilt (New England Boiled Dinner) [52]
  • pecha (a Terran dish: "flat round dough, spiced red sauce, vegetables, and cheese, baked until cheese and sauce bubbled, served on a hot stone")[21]
  • Rimrunner's Stew (a Terran dish served on Staederport; very spicy)[53]
  • Space Jockey Special (a Terran dish served on Staederport; quantity its defining feature; consists of two or more "overflowing" buns containing a sauce and other fillings, eaten -- messily -- with the hands)[53]
  • toasted cheese sandwiches[26][53][54]
  • tra'haina (a soup local to Liad)[55]
  • vehna fish and mint sandwiches (Liaden)[56]
  • poached Siclarian Walking Mushrooms (spicy) (served at dinner aboard Vashtara)[57]
  • candied dromisain leaves with sour sauce (a dessert, served at dinner aboard Vastara)[57]

Drugs and pharmaceuticalsEdit

  • Aserzerine -- A legitimate pharmaceutical.[58]
  • Bellaquesa -- A restricted drug carried as contraband by Daxflan.[58]

Pet FoodEdit

  • Yummifish -- The variety of kitty kibble preferred by Professor Kiladi's cats[59]


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