Major GroupsEdit

Other Groups by OccupationEdit

Surebleak Bosses

Aelliana's Scout Academy students

  • Rema ven'Deelin Clan Ixin - (f) Scout Corporal. Has an eidetic memory.
  • Var Mon pin'Aker Clan Midys  - (m) Scout Pilot, youngest of the group, his Cha'leket is Lyn Den Kochi
  • Lys Fidin - one of Aelliana 's most brilliant and outrageous students. Insisted that Aelliana learn piloting. Left Liad as a First-In Scout (F)
  • Qiarta tel'Ozan - (m) Field Technician, older than the others
  • Baan yo'Nelon - (m) Scout Pilot
  • Nerin

Binjali Crew

  • Jon dea'Cort - owner of Binjali Repair Shop.  Well past middle years, sturdy rather than stout; hair a close-clipped strip of rusty gray about four fingers wide, eyes the color of old amber. Was Daav's piloting tutor.
  • Trilla sen'Elba - his second; a compact and cheerful person who speaks with a marked Outworld accent
  • Patch - resident cat; black and white
  • Mistress Apel - Jon's paramour
  • Clonak ter'Meulen - Clan Guayar, Daav's friend and a member of his Scout team, taffy eyes, mustache
  • Frad Jinmaer - Scout cartographer, also of Daav's team
  • Vane - a Scoutworking the shift when Aelliana and Daav drop by

Port Folk, Pilots, and Shopkeepers

  • Narna vin'Tayla - Solcintra Portmaster (F)
  • Per Sea ren'Gelder - Pilot Guild Master (M)
  • Scout Commander - unnamed (M)
  • Clarence O'Berin - Juntavas boss, red hair, pilot
  • Jazla pen'Edrik, Dispatcher at Korval's office in Solcintra Port
  • Lys Fidin - one of Aelliana 's most brilliant and outrageous students.  Insisted that Aelliana learn piloting.  Left Liad as a First-In Scout (F)
  • Master Fis Lyr - boss of Korval's Chonselta yard 
  • Eyla dea'Lorn - seamstress
  • Vesa bel'Ulim - host of the Garden Gate Cafe
  • Pendra Ongit (f; on reception);
  • Felea (m; waits tables in the common room at lunch time) (owners and operators of Ongit's) 
  • San bel'Fasin - a Port tough who was squeezing Ran Eld Caylon and others
  • Jas Per -- big man that helps out in Shadow Partner, owes balance to Val Con
  • Captain Elby - Min tel'Denvit's latest boyfriend, attempts to force Ceola to sell [1]
  • Don Sin - keg delivery [1]
  • Hantem - regular at The Friendly Glass who usually has ale [1]
  • Gus Tav bel'Urik - a merchant near Ongit's [2]


  • see dea'Gauss
  • Mr. dea'Gauss - Korval's former man of business; a very upright man with brown hair going gray, a Master of the Accountants Guild
  • Ms. dea'Gauss  -  succeeds her father as Korval's business representative.
  • Ms. tel'Brieri - sat as the impartial third accountant in the breach hearing between Korval and Mizel 
  • Ms. pen'Dela - works in dea'Gauss' office, young woman dressed in sober business clothes

Korval House and ship Staff


  • Learned Doctor Jin Del yo'Kera Clan Yedon - deceased.  Anne's colleague, whose book she finished
  • Linguistic Specialist Drusil tel'Bana - Dr. yo'Kera's aide (Note: Anne refers to her distillation of Professor tel'Bana's theory of the common root-tongue [3]
  • Director Barq - the director of Chonselta Technical College
  • Guardians of Knowledge, Dobrin University -- see Jen Sar Kiladi

Gyrfalks (Mercenaries)

Other Groups by LocationEdit

on Tokeoport

  • Portmaster McKlellan
  • Osa pel'Naria - seeking Theo on behalf of FTC (and others ?)
  • Mags
  • Kazee

On Avontai

  • Bre Din sig'Ranton Clan Persage -- also called "Rosie" a musician who plays at Bas Ibenez in Avontai Port
  • Hall Master Ver Sev -- of the Healer Hall in Avontai Port

On Staederport

  • Bruce Peltzer -- Circuit Rider for the Terran Guild, later Guildmaster on Codrescu
  • Chames Dobson -- who took Jen Sar Kiladi's class on comparative cultures at Searston University, some few years ago

On Casia [4]

  • von'Eyr -- master pilot
  • Otaria new first-class
  • Lai Tor -- Ren Zel's friend

Present at the midmorning picnic

  • Lord Andresi -- one of Chi yos'Phelium's allies
  • Nasil ter'Gasta Clan Idvantis
  • Dema Wespail Clan Chad, Thodelm
  • Len Sar Anaba Clan Shelart
  • Lady Sera tel'Kai Clan Vakmont
  • Delm Guayar
  • Delm Etgora
  • Delm Korval
  • Aelliana Caylon Clan Mizel


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