• Jeeves was assembled from an centuries old AI admiral (an IAMM: Independent Armed Military Module) by Val Con and Shan [1]
  • His body was presumably created from a service robot that was a gift from Master Trader Prael given to Er Thom[1]
  • Metal grey cylinder topped by an orange globe that flickers, three articulated arms, rolls on wheels[2]
  • Used to be Korval's Butler at Trealla Fantrol, now in charge of House Security and care of the cats at Jelaza Kazone.
  • Intimate Friend to all of Korval's cats (he talks to them and understands them)
  • Was certified as sentient by Scout Commander Ivdra sen'Lora [1]
  • Produces a child, Tocohl, whom Val Con & Miri accept into the clan.[3]


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