Kamele WaitleyEdit


  • Mother of Theo Waitley
  • Jen Sar Kiladi (aka Daav yos'Phelium) is her onagrata and father of Theo
  • Native to Delgado, a Safe World, born c. 1342
  • Her dearest friend is Ella ben Suzan
  • Lives with Jen Sar in a small house at Number 12, Leafydale Place
  • Describes herself as "full professor and junior administrator" 15 in the hardly exciting specialty of the history of education (as Theo put it)15
  • sings in a choir
  • has no sisters[1]
  • was 30 at time of Theo's birth
  • her mother left Delgado shortly after Theo's birth, moving to Serpentine to take up directorship of a moribund diaspora studies program.


  1. Ghost Ship ch 28

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