Kara ven’Arith Clan MenlarkEdit

Theo Waitley's friend at Anlingdin Piloting Academy and later on Bechimo.


  • a Liaden woman near to Theo’s age, and very nearly a beauty, with rose gold hair and well-opened blue eyes.
  • Theo's friend and fellow student at Anlingdin Piloting Academy [1]
  • Tech on Codrescu station [2][3]
  • Becomes third pilot and chief technician on Bechimo [3]
  • Clan Menlark is a Liaden clan based on Eylot
    • "pilots for hire, the lot of us" — also techs and mechs
    • ven'Arith is the delm's line[2]
  • an engineer of precision
  • a woman of melant'i, who respects the melant'i of others and errs on the side of modesty when reconing her own status
  • an adequate medical technician
  • a pilot of competence, if not brilliance
  • diligent and zealous
  • not one to demand more from a comrade than a comrade's care [4]

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  • Kara's mother, the delm;[5]
  • Bon Sel, uncle who runs a repair shop[2] at Portcalay;[6]
  • There is also an uncle who lives in Chonselta on Liad[5]


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