Luken bel'Tarda Clan Korval


  • Sandy haired, buff - good humored face
  • Born 1315[1]
  • A Master Merchant, in the business of rugs, has a shop in the High Port of Solcintra City, Liad (until Korval leaves Liad)
  • After the move to Surebleak Luken opens a rug shop there
  • Good humored, wins friends in both the Port and City
  • Becomes foster father of six year Pat Rin yos'Phelium in 1360
  • Has more than one child - though it should be noted that he includes Pat Rin in the tally, which leaves the number of his true-children uncertain. When he volunteered to contract marry Syntebra el'Kemin, he told Korval that another child would be no hardship as "the eldest is away at school more often than she's home nowadays"[2]
  • Has a daughter named Danise, who may be the aforementioned eldest who was away at school. (It's mentioned that Danise has a younger sister, but not whether the sister is also Luken's daughter.)[3]
  • On Surebleak he befriends Audrey Breckstone (Ms. Audrey) the proprietor of the whorehouse on Blair Road, one of Boss Conrad's supporters.



  • Niki, white cat, frivolously befurred, long-haired with pink ears and toes, and brilliantly emerald eyes, resident in Luken's warehouse on Liad, prior to the Clan's move to Surebleak [4]


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