Non-professional Liaden-inspired imagesEdit

  • created by fans, the dabblers and the demons
  • - for non-profit free sharing

Images List Edit

  • Map: a map of Port City, on the Surebleak page. Over time, I'm updating with revised versions. It's just doodling, but it's based on numerous novels and short stories. The authors leave much to interpretation, so this is my take. Jamiemarie
  • Tree: an image of Jelaza Kazone on The Tree page.
  • Quote: a quote graphic from Skyblaze on The Tree page.
  • Jelaza Kazone: An attempt to capture the essence of clanhouse and Tree, on the Jelaza Kazone page. It was impossible to show the scale of the tree and the entire encircling house, with an inside-the-garden perspective, so I opted to show some key details the books mentioned, as itemized on the page:
    • sloping roof, balconied apartments,viewing platform up in the tree, cats, yellow trellised flowers, profusion of plants, stone walkway, spiraling path to Tree at center, green quartered seedpod, etc.
      • For fun, I added some stuff that's not in the texts, too.

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