Miri Robertson Tiazan Clan Korval, mercenary captain, retired; personal bodyguard, retired; half-a-delm


  • 5’2″, slender build
  • Straight red hair (copper colored), braid around the head like a crown, or down below waist
  • Freckles across small, snubbed nose
  • Grey eyes, direct, expressive, beautiful
  • Willful, intelligent face, all sharp angles
  • Square chin, willful
  • Full mouth

Miri Robertson was born on Surebleak of a Liaden mother and a Terran father. She is petite, with long red hair and grey eyes. She apprenticed at 13 (?) with Lizardi's Lunatics, a mercenary company. She retired as a sergeant and took bodyguard work. The man she was bodyguarding had left the Juntavas (a mafia-like group) and they came for him. At the beginning of Agent of Change, she is now on the run from the Juntavas when she is meets up with a young man, Val Con yos'Phelium.

"She had heard tales of the headwoman of the People of the Tree. She was a warrior so ferocious the Yxtrang revered her as a hero; a lover so skilled that she had captured the heart and hoard of a dragon; a woman who gave her word but rarely, and always kept her promises." Silain in DiE

Currently half of the delm with her life mate Val Con.

One time member of Lizardi's Lunatics

  • (details needed)

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