Miri Robertson Tiazan Clan Korval, mercenary captain, retired; personal bodyguard, retired; half-a-delm


  • Born 1365 day 28 on Surebleak.
  • 1375 day 116 Miri gets first paying job, age 10
  • 1379 day 4 Miri joins Lizardi's Lunatics merc unit and leaves Surebleak, almost 14 years old (see Fighting Chance)
  • 1382 day 198 Corporal Miri arrives with Lizardi's Lunatics on Klamath and meets Ichliad Brunner. (see Misfits)
  • 1384 Lizardi's Lunatics deactivated, Miri in rehab from Cloud addiction
  • 1385 Miri takes Bank of Fendor loan for half a cantra
  • 1386 Miri becomes Sergeant with The Mercs —The Gyrfalks
  • 1388 Miri pays off Bank of Fendor loan
  • 1388 Miri becomes Master Sergeant, Gyrfalks
  • 1388 Miri loans Murph the money he needs to make his severance payment so he can leaves Gyrfalks
  • 1391 Miri resigns from Gyrfalks and some month later signs on as bodyguard to Sire Baldwin
  • 1392 Juntavas attack Sire Baldwin's household (5 month after Miri signed on with him)
  • 1392 Miri meets Val Con yos’ Phelium, an Agent of Change for the DoI — The Department of the Interior
  • 1392 Miri and Val Con lifemate on planet Vandar
  • 1392 Plan B goes into effect while the world seeks Miri and Val Con: The Juntavas, The Scouts, the Clutch Turtles, Shan and Nova, and the DoI
  • 1393 Miri meets her maternal kin, Clan Erob on Lytaxin
  • 1393 Miri becomes Captain of the Lytaxin Irregulars
  • 1393 Miri makes Nelirikk her aide
  • 1393 Miri (captain) holds the oaths of three former Yxtrang: Nelirikk, Diglon, & Hazenthull
  • 1393 Miri and Val Con take up the Delm’s ring for Clan Korval
  • 1393 Korval attacks The Department of the Interior on Liad.
  • 1393 Miri moves back to Surebleak with Clan Korval, where they become Road Boss, entrusted with keeping the Port Road open and in repair
  • 1393 Miri gives birth to Talizea


  • Straight red hair (copper colored), braid around the head like a crown, or down below waist
  • Freckles across small, snubbed nose
  • Grey eyes, direct, expressive, beautiful
  • Willful, intelligent face, all sharp angles, willful square chin, full mouth
  • 5’2″, slender build
  • Name given by Clutch Turtles is Miri Robertson Mercenary Soldier, Retired, Personal Bodyguard, Retired, Have Weapon Will Travel.
  • Name given by The Mercs is “Redhead”


  • Miri Robertson was born on Surebleak of a Liaden mother and a Terran father. She is petite, with long red hair and grey eyes. She apprenticed at 13 -- one month shy of 14 -- with Lizardi's Lunatics, a mercenary company.[1] She retired as a sergeant and took bodyguard work. The man she was bodyguarding had left the Juntavas (a mafia-like group) and they came gunning for him. At the beginning of Agent of Change, she was on the run from the Juntavas when she met her future lifemate, Val Con yos'Phelium.
  • "She (Silain of The Bedel) had heard tales of the headwoman of the People of the Tree. She was a warrior so ferocious the Yxtrang revered her as a hero; a lover so skilled that she had captured the heart and hoard of a dragon; a woman who gave her word but rarely, and always kept her promises."[2]
  • Currently half a delm with her lifemate Val Con yos'Phelium
  • Currently, Road Boss on Surebleak, with Val Con[3]
  • Currently captain to Lieutenant Nelirikk (see Nelirikk, Diglon, & Hazenthull )[4]
  • Currently raising her toddler, Lizzie / Talizea, with Val Con


  • Father: Chock Robertson -- Terran, born on Surebleak, a repairman, "the best there was..if he was sober" but he was usually "smoked or drunk" and then so abusive that his wife Katy denied him: "You're none of mine, Chock Robertson! I deny you!"[1]
  • Mother: Katalina (Katy) Tayzin -- Liaden, born on Surebleak, descendant of Clan Erob /Rool Tiazan [5]. She was a baker on Light Street, where young Angela Lizardi also worked (bakery isn't there now)[1]
  • Grandmother: Miri Tiazan -- Liaden, born on Lytaxin, a pilot. She left Lytaxin and Clan Erob to postpone a contract marriage until after she gave birth to her dead lover's child. "She ran away to have her kid...She crashed on Surebleak and couldn't get home...I'm guessing."[6]
  • Husband: Val Con yos'Phelium, a Liaden of Clan Korval, born on Liad
  • Daughter: Talizea yos'Phelium, Liaden, with some Terran, born on Surebleak
  • Foster sister to Edger's clan of Clutch Turtles

Appearances Edit

  • Fighting Chance (young Miri Robertson's last days on Surebleak)
  • Misfits Corporal Miri meets Ichliad Brunner and fights together with Lizardi's Lunatics on Klamath and later meets Ichliad Brunner again with Val Con on Liad)
  • Agent of Change (Val Con and Miri meet and flee the Juntavas)
  • Carpe Diem (Val Con and Miri survive, make friends and find themselves on Vandar)
  • Plan B
  • I Dare
  • Ghost Ship
  • Prodigal Son
  • Necessity's Child 
  • Dragon Ship
  • Dragon in Exile
  • The Rifle's First Wife
  • Street Cred
  • Neogenesis


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