Nova yos'Galan Clan Korval



  • Pale hair, violet eyes, small in stature[3]
  • Prudent, self-contained, almost stern, with rare beautiful smiles
  • Dignified: "“I once overhead someone say he would rather meet an angry lyr-cat unarmed, than Nova and I in a reception line.”[4]
  • Beautiful: "The voice was soft, accented and thoroughly lovely. And the person who came with it was slim and small and golden and perfect. The violet eyes were huge in an adorable pointed face, framed by spun-gold hair. Cheever frankly stared. The diminutive goddess stared back, infinitesimal frown shadowing the smooth expanse between flawless brows."[5]


  • Can vividly experience the past through long-dead ancestors dating back to Cantra yos'Phelium. These visions come upon her suddenly. She dreads them.[6][7]
    • "Shan regretted that Nova's talent was one that gave her access only to the memories of those already dead, rather than to the living emotion all about her."[8]
  • Can pilot a ship and accurately shoot a gun[9]
  • Speaks Liaden, Terran, and Trade [10]
  • Capably manages people and juggles multiple tasks with prudence, fairness, and shrewd serenity. She becomes executive assistant for Boss Conrad. "Nova had managed Clan Korval as temp Delm for years. Surebleak would hardly be a challenge." [11]


Surebleak StaffEdit

  • Michael Golden, Mike, Mr. Golden -- Nova's chief of security / "head hand"
    • “Michael Golden, whom Mr. McFarland had speedily taken as his advisor in matters of greater street security and implementation of new policy—what one might call “law.” Unlike Mr. McFarland, Michael Golden had grown up on Surebleak—indeed, on this very turf..."[13]
  • Beck -- Nova's good natured cook[13]
  • Gavit -- general duty 'hand[13]
  • Larnce -- general duty 'hand, dismissed when he failed to adequately protect Syl Vor [14]
  • Pounce -- house medic[14]
  • Ms. ker’Eklis -- Syl Vor's advanced maths tutor, dismissed for unkindness [15]
  • Ms Veeno -- door guard, general 'hand[16]


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