The Department of the Interior - Clan Korval's nemesis

Ban Del ser’Lindri - befriended Kamele on her trip to Surebleak, almost certainly an agent of The Department. (Dragon Ship)

Captain Retzler - somewhat in command on Eylot when Codrescu station was under pilot in peril emergency.

Cho sig’Radia -the Senior Scout who had sponsored Theo to Anlingdin piloting academy

  • (Scout Inspector Specialist) meets Theo and Kamele's party on board Vashtara (Fledgling)
  • arranges payment for Theo's sailplane sim (Saltation)
  • (Scout Captain), along with Jon dea'Cort, arranges to get Bell (Harold Geneset Belansium) out of the drunk tank. (Phoenix)
  • Acting Scout Commander, Nev'Lorn (see Breath's Duty

Grenada -- person owed a counterchance debt (Breath's Duty)
Olwen sel’Iprith Scout Lieutenant Specialist

  • Was Daav's lover at one time.  She brought him a parting gift (nubiath'a) when she was recalled to active duty. (Ch 15 and 25, Local Custom)
  • Olwen sel’Iprith’s mouth tightened. “Daav yos’Phelium was my team Captain, many years ago it will be now. I know him—knew him—very well.” The mouth curved, just a bit, the faintest of faint smiles.

Kara ven’Arith - Theo's friend and fellow student at Anlingdin (Saltation)

Kar Min pel'Mather - Captured agent of the DOI who chose to die (DiE)

Kez Rel ter'Ista Clan Wilkin - Physician introduced in Chimera

Melsilee bar'Abit - Captured Senior Field Agent of the DOI, ValCon forced to kill her in DiE

Mr pel’Kana Butler at Jelaza Kazone, Surebleak (Ghost Ship)

Mr. Vesker pel’Tolian Pat Rin's servant and Majordomo (Certain Symmetry,Ghost Ship, Moon on the Hills)

Mrs. ana’Tak Cook at Jelaza Kazone (Ghost Ship)

Mrs. pel'Esla - nanny at Jelaza Kazone (Dragon in Exile)

Pilot Orn Ald yos’Senchul - one of Theo's instructors at Anlingdin Piloting Accademy

  • Orn Ald yos’Senchul, Flight Operations Associate Supervisor, Codrescu Station.

Niota yos’Wentroth - Scout Pilot arrived on Carresen packet ship Twinkle to observe evacuation of Codescru station

Sye Mon van'Kie - captured agent of the DOI who chose to live

Tey Dor - Master Marksman (A Choice of Weapons)

Tef Lej pen'Erit - security officer left clanless on Surebleak after trader vin'Tenzing attempted balance on Quin.

  • added security for Quin on Suirebleak, nicknamed Lefty by the cook, 

Vazineth ser'Trishan - Captured agent of the DOI who chose life. (DIE)

Win Ton yo’Vala - Theo's one time lover, second pilot of ship Bechimo severely injured by The Department of the Interior mostly healed by the remastering unit found on Bechimo.</p>