Padi yos'Galan Clan Korval


  • born 1380, making her 13 or 14 when Clan Korval moved to Surebleak[1]
    • Discrepancy with Alliance of Equals, where Padi says, "I have but 17 Standards"[2]

Abilities, etc.Edit

  • a young pilot, shares the board with her cousin Quin en route to and from Runig's Rock (see Hidden Resources)
  • an apprentice trader on Dutiful Passage[3]
  • formerly served a brief stint on Pale Wing, Korval's trade ship [4]
  • Dances menfri'at daily -- a martial art that pilots use -- but she's too quick to go for the kill, so is assigned to dance daibri'at, to slow down and consider options[5]
  • After repressing her talent, unwilling to be goofy like Aunt Anthora, she discovers she is a powerful dramliza: "The universe had acquired a dragon."[6]


See Korval Kin for complete list and ancestry charts


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