Pat Rin yos'Phelium Clan Korval
(pronunciation: Pat Rin yos'Phelium = PAT'rin yos' FELL-ee-um)

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Pilot LicenceEdit

  • Failed piloting exam 5 times: the first three times because of his mother influence, the other two because he had lost confidence in himself. (this story isn't official canon, but he did fail 5 times, as told in several other books) [4]
  • Cheever McFarland, the master pilot who persuaded Pat Rin to sit second on Fortune's Reward while hiding from The Department of the Interior, signs off on a piloting license for Pat Rin.
    • “Yes, ma’am, I vouch for him. He knows his math and he knows his board. Bit thin on flight time, but there ain’t no doubt he’s a Jump pilot.” His smile grew to a grin. “I’ll be pleased to sign his card.” [5]
  • Portmaster Liu countersigns the license: “First Class, grade S -- that’s small ship. The S’ll drop off as soon as you complete the required flight time across all classes of Jump ship.” [6]
  • License is made under the name Jonni Conrad [7]

His WorksEdit

  • Accomplished gambler, especially with dice; owner of The Emerald Casino on Surebleak[8]
  • Sharpshooter, champion at Tey Dor's Gun Club, Solcintra[8]
  • Learned a lot about rug trade from Luken bel'Tarda
  • Becomes known as Boss Conrad while cleaning up crime on Surebleak[9]
    • Theo reflecting: "Pat Rin yos'Phelium was also known as Jonni Conrad, the Reform Boss, so the news feeds had him, of Surebleak. The man responsible for all that opportunity being shouted about, and all those ships in orbit. He was, in a word, the most powerful person on Surebleak, and here he was, coming back to the booth."[8]
  • Lifemate of Inas Bhar, also known as Natesa the Assasin[9].
  • Fires on The Department of the Interior ships in Surebleak Space and again above Liad. His asteroid miners fire on Solcintra, destroying Old Tech planet killing murder machines[10]
  • On Surebleak, Pat Rin is commonly believed to be the older brother of Val Con yos'Phelium because they look so much alike and wear the same ring.
    • Even Theo mistakes him for Val Con, the first time she sees him: "No offense was offered, no offense is taken. Nor will it," he continued, humor shading his voice, "be the first time I was taken for Val Con, or he for me."[8]



  • Mr. Vesker pel’Tolian - Pat Rin's servant and Majordomo [12][13][14]
  • Cheever McFarland - Boss Conrad's head of security
  • Penn Kalhoon - Boss of Hamilton Street, Boss Conrad's deputy
  • Gwince - one-time support for Boss Moran, then aide to Pat Rin [15]
  • Ms. Audrey (Breckstone) - proprietor of the whorehouse on Blair Road
  • Villy -- works at Audrey's House of Joy and at The Emerald Casino, Quin yos'Phelium's friend


  • Silk - A brown cat, with black stripes and golden eyes, who was part of the household Pat Rin inherited from Boss Moran on Surebleak[16][17]
  • Mistress Miranda - Pat Rin and/or Quin's cat, from Nasingtale Alley, on Liad


Fortune's Reward -- Pat Rin's ship. A pre-1350 model.[18] [3]


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