Pilot Training and PayEdit

  • Training -- 4 years, 24 cantra + 2 years apprentice[1]
  • Pay -- 1st class, 8 cantra a year, 2nd class 5 cantra a year (estimate for a good pilot doing contract work)[1]

Pilot Hand TalkEdit

see Pilot Lore

Master Pilots (all Scouts are Master Pilots)Edit

  • ven'Ducci -- Master Pilot on the Dutiful Passage, teaching Er Thom (Pilot of Korval)
  • Hopanik -- Master Pilot who tested Er Thom
  • Robir -- Master Pilot who taught Er Thom and Daav
  • sig'Radia, Acting Scout Commander (on Nev'Lorn, [2]) (same as Cho sig'Radia who sponsored Theo or related to ? )

Pilot GuildEdit

The Pilot Guild opperates in Terran and Liaden Space. They issue and update Pilot Guild Licences. Most reputable pilots are Guild members.

Guild MastersEdit

  • Guild Master Bruce Peltzer

Pilot Guild OfficesEdit

While bigger ports and major Trade Centers qualify for permanent offices with several staff, smaller ports have make do with Temp Offices, managed by Circuit Riders.

  • Staederport Guild Temp Office - where Daav and Aelliana give Hevelin to Circuit Rider Bruce Peltzer[3]
  • Codrescu Station Guild Office - above Eylot - where Theo gets her Guild licens and meets Hevelin for the first time.

Pilot Guild HeadquartersEdit


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