Pilot Training and PayEdit

  • Training -- 4 years, 24 cantra + 2 years apprentice[1]
  • Pay -- 1st class, 8 cantra a year, 2nd class 5 cantra a year (estimate for a good pilot doing contract work)[1]

Pilot Hand TalkEdit

see Pilot Lore

Master Pilots (all Scouts are Master Pilots)Edit

  • ven'Ducci -- Master Pilot on the Dutiful Passage, teaching Er Thom (Pilot of Korval)
  • Hopanik -- Master Pilot who tested Er Thom
  • Robir -- Master Pilot who taught Er Thom and Daav
  • sig'Radia, Acting Scout Commander (on Nev'Lorn, [2]) (same as Cho sig'Radia who sponsored Theo or related to ? )


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