Tree & Dragon



Apel's Wine Room -- in MidPort, just 'round from Binjali's

Anlingdin - The piloting accademy Theo attended on? Eylot 15


Bas Ibenez, Avontai -- a jazz club. Sort of.

Binjali Repair Shop -- Mechanic Street, Upper Port

Blair Road -- Boss Conrad's home turf on Surebleak

Blueway Cul-De-Sac 12, also Avenue of Dreams, Venture Port

Boulevard of Flowers -- Daav drives Aelliana here, showing off the Afternoon Garden (yellow), and mentioning the Evening Garden, Dawn Garden, and Midnight Garden (M&D, ch.7)


Catalinc - a project of the Uncles that would have been "disasterous" had the Department been sucessful in infiltrating 15

Chaliceworks Aggregations - Theo's contact on Frenzel? 15


Chonselta Financial District

Chonselta Healer Hall -- where Daav sends a jacket (Mouse and Dragon, Ch. 1), Hall Master Ethilen, Aelliana's room is third floor, second door on the left

Chonselta Korval's yard -- where Master Fis Lyr loaned Daav the yard car (M&D, ch. 6)

Chonselta Quenpalt's Casino, Chonselta Port

Chonselta Technical College -- where Aelliana teaches

Codrescu Orbital Trading Station, planetpoint Eylot 15

Conservatory -- where Dath jo'Bern will sponsor Bre Din sig'Ranton, with a dulciharp as a promise (M&D, Ch. 19)

Crystal Flower -- in Solcintrata. Where Aelliana buys her clothes on her first shopping trip with Anne

Crystal Energy Consultants - One of the Uncles businesses


Dobrin University -- from whence Scholar Kiladi gains his third degree, based on Bontemp, a Terran world


Econsey, Lufkit

The Emerald Casino - owned by Boss Conrad


Frader Transport Group? - Theo's contact on Cresthaller 15

Ferry to Solcintra leaves from Chonselta Port

Findoir's -- Port restaurant, Casia (Changeling)


Garden Gate Cafe -- where Anne and Aelliana have lunch (Host Vesa bel'Ulim)

Glavda Empri -- yo'Lanna's house


Hamilton Street -- Penn Calhoon's territory on Surebleak

Hayzin Mountains -- where the "rustic cabin" that Daav gives Aelliana as part of the original division of his personal wealth is located

Head'o Port restaurant -- expensive, Casia (Changeling)

House of Chance -- gambling house owned and run by Betea sen'Equa, Low Port (Certain Symmetry)

Howsenda Hugglelans

Hugglelans Galactica

Hugglelans - A repair shop Theo worked at ... 15



Jectova -- planet(?) where House Albren had its seat (Necessary Evils)

Jelaza Kazone -- The Clanhouse, the Tree is sited here; yos'Phelium lives here, moved from Liad to Surebleak

Jamiatha Station - location of Jemiatha’s Jumble Stop. 15

Jemiatha’s Jumble Stop - where Bechimo and Theo go for a new Struven Surface unit 15



Leafydale Place, #12, Greensward-by-Efraim, Delgado - Jen Sar Kiladi' residence, where Theo grew up

Luken's Carpet Warehouse -- in High Port


Megway Field - Where the DOI wanted Bechimo to land at Ynsolt’i 15

Morjan -- where Eba is going (another town?), Casia (Changeling)


Nasingtale Alley -- where Pat Rin kept his digs (Heirloom, Moon on the Hills)

Noneen's -- where Min and Shadow were to go (Shadow Partner)

North Street -- where they turn off the Boulevard of Flowers


Ongit's Restaurant -- in Solcintra Port between Mid and High. Neutral ground.

Osabei Tower Crystal Dragon


Pilots Guild Hall

Pod 78 - The Defense pod tampered with by the? Department of the Interior That Miri sent Daav to defuse


Querna, the spiritual city (with sacred six hours of Dawn), Delgado


Raingleam Street, where Mizel's Clanhouse is located in Chonselta.

Runig's Rock: a place that isn't very interesting, except that no one goes there (Hidden Resources)


Scout Academy -- the World Room -- Aelliana has an appointment with Jon and the Scout Commander for a tour of the World Room on Trilsday (M&D, Ch. 7)

Solcintra -- aka "the City of Jewels"

Sood'ae Leather Works -- the main resource of Clan Mizel, that San bel'Fasin tried to take over

Spinning Wheel, Venture Port -- gambling casino

Street of Epicures, Balchiaport -- location of Kapoori Fine Wines and Custom Foodstuffs (Necessary Evils)

Swunaket Port - home of Lomar Fasholt Lead Trader of Fasholt and Daughters 15


Tel'esha lake -- near the skimmer race track, A Day At the Races

Tey Dor's -- a shooting club in Solcintra

The Friendly Glass -- Min and Ceola tel'Denvit's bar twixt midport and low (Shadow Partner)

The Grand Lake Townhouses -- Kareen lives here

Train from the Port to a few blocks from Raingleam Street

Trealla Fantrol -- The "outpost" yos'Galan lives here, by tradition. Local Custom, Scout's Progress, Mouse and Dragon, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, Plan B, I Dare



Valcon Berent'a -- Korval's Valley, they say in Solcintra. A more direct translation being Dragon's Price or Dragon Hoard -- the valley to the north of Solcintra City where the Korval houses are situated. See Trealla Fantrol and Jelaza Kazone.


Wilt's Poolroom and Tavern -- where the fight happens, Casia (Changeling)



Yonimiko-Chan - Kamele's ship Hoselteen docked there, where she left the ship to avoid probable DOI? 15


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