Old UniverseEdit

  • Ardega -- where Jela hears an alarming rumor about Taliofi [1]
  • Barbit -- Trading stop where Cantra and Jela go into a bar where soldiers compete over a Battle Sim. Jela shows an X-Strain why one should never argue with an M. [2]
  • Chelbayne -- Cantra stopped here on business, before she met Jela. She found it "Spooked. Pilots doubling up on port. Rumors thicker' star fields. Reported sightings of anything you like, including world-eaters, manipulators, and ancient space probes showing up with 'return to sender' writ on the power panels."[3]
  • Curker Center -- orbits Loadzt. A station orbits both. [4]
  • Faldaiza -- The planet where Cantra and Jela met.[3] a bit more law-abiding than Taliofi
  • Gimlins -- where Jela and Cantra run into a trap and ally with Rool Tiazen and his Gray Lady (Crystal Soldier chap 30 - 32)[5]
  • Planet 475A -- Where Jela found the Tree (Crystal Soldier, ch 1-4)[6]
  • Landomist -- Location of Osabei Tower.[7]
  • Loadzt -- where the archive with histories of seven thousand worlds is. Loadzt is orbited by Curker Center and a Station orbits both. In the last days the pathfinders Chernak and Stost retrieve special items from these archives, before the archive was destroyed. [4]
  • Rockhaven -- The Uncle's stronghold, hidden among asteroids in The Deeps (Crystal Soldier, ch 24 - 27)[8]
  • Scohecan -- a mid-rim world, where Jela visits a garrison, confides his mission to Commander Harrib and sits on a Stonewood chair, while Cantra buys a present for Uncle. [9]
  • Solcintra -- "Kind of an Inner World, was Solcintra, or near enough that somebody from the Rim might think it not quite on the Arm, proper.[3] "a fair trip from Vanehald, though not so far as Vanehald from Landomist"[10]
    • "a kind of has-been old settle in a quiet area and where everyone traded with neighbors..."[3] "nothing to trade for there...nobody went to Solcintra, which Solcintra liked just fine, the Founders having explicitly wished to divorce themselves from the so-called "dissipated lifestyle" embraced by the citizens of the Inner Worlds"[10]
    • "the sorriest port she'd ever had the misfortune to find herself on..."[11]"a not-especially-prosperous world"[3]
    • "There's a military unit garrisoned there. A good few dozen ships attached to it...Most of them seemed to be in twilight"[3]
    • "the double-secret unit personally sworn to Commander Ro Gayda, garrisoned at Solcintra...That's where I sent Liad dea'Syl and the boy. It's the only place left."[12]
    • "There were plenty of ships in -- and not counting the slowly waking fleet under Wellik's care."[11]
    • At Solcintra, Captain Wellik gave Jela's mothballed troop transport Salkithin to Cantra (renamed Quick Passage). [13]
    • Cantra yos'Phelium and Tor An yos'Galan began the Great Migration from Solcintra.[14]
  • Taliofi -- Rint dea'Sord's home.[15]
  • Tinsori -- planet where the Order of the Sandaret lived, around which The Tinsori Light Station appeared, built by the Great Enemy as a lure, supposedly a peace offering to replace the space station they destroyed. It migrated to new universe and became known (or mostly unknown, kept at the expanding edge of the universe) as Tinsori Light (The Space at Tinsori Light)[16]
  • Vanhald -- a Rim planet with a military garrison and old Timonium tech underground [10]where Jela died fighting the original M-series of the enemy [17]
  • Vantegra -- where Cantra and her brother Pleny visit guildlord Bentaji Zolibrith and pick up the Mother of the Vine, one Sartony Tokai of House Tan Jevonese (Strings, Strands, and Vines in Motion)

New UniverseEdit

  • Aedryr -- The planet where Sofi pel'Tegin, Clan Aragon, takes charge of Vin Sin chel'Mara on the family holdings. Gambling of any kind is banned, with strict penalties.[18]
  • Alanzia -- Where Theo first met Mayko Ikari. Has remarkable birds, which are protected as treasures.[19]
  • Albion -- A Terran world, where social capital is dependent upon Rankings and Followers.[20]
  • Andiree -- In the Kinsa Sector. A nominally Terran world, with cultural influnces from the Liaden artisans who were among the first settlers. The main cultural unit is the trade guild, which acts somewhat like a Liaden clan. Rated "Safe" in the Guild Quick Guide. One of the stops Shan hopes to add to his new trade route.[21]
  • Angelus -- Fourth planet in a "backwater" system one jump from Arsdred.[22]
  • Anon -- Location of the Lyre Institute's secondary school.[23]
  • Anusta Heyn -- Er Thom attended a trade reception there.[24]
  • Argost -- Location of the trade fair where Captain pen'Uldra met and hired Trader Danac-Joenz.[25]
  • Arsdred -- A Terran world, with two suns.[26] One of Dutiful Passage’s usual stops.[27] Where Priscilla catches up with Daxflan, and has an encounter with Dagmar Collier.[26] Dutiful Passage leaves cargo here after Plan B is enacted.[28]
  • Ashlan -- Part of the Carresens Syndicate's trade network, an anchor port for three long-loops and many other smaller loops. Suggested as a connection point for a loop to also include Surebleak and facilitate trade between Carresens and Korval.[29]
  • Avontai -- Where Aelliana and Daav are contracted to take the dulciharp for Ride the Luck’s first offworld courier job.[30] Avontai has a horror of mind control; Healers are barely tolerated, and norbears are regarded as abominations and banned outright.[31] A Liaden world.[32]
  • Barvenna -- A "very Terran" world. Jen Sar Kiladi was a grad student there, or so his paper trail says.[33]
  • Bazaar -- A space station where "one might find anything in profusion".[34]
  • Bestleaze -- Site of one of the galaxy's premier research universities, which has tight security owing to holding many irreplaceable documents.[35]
  • Bestwell -- One of the stops on a trade route established by Master Trader Shan yos'Galan.[21]
  • Bieradine -- One of Tarigan's stops on the way from Surebleak to Jemiatha’s Jumble Stop.[36]
  • Billingston -- One of the places yos'Galan trades. Faw Chen joined Dutiful Passage here.[37]
  • Bontemp -- Where the Dobrin University is based, Bontemp Terran world, Dobrin University.[30]
  • Brieta -- Nearest neighbor is Langlast.[38]
  • Brinix -- A valuable market for mezzik-root. One set of jumps from Tulon.[39]
  • Brulandia -- Where Beba and Joshu go when they leave Bazaar.[34]
  • Callian -- Admiral Bunter's temp registration was out of Callian.[40]
  • Capenport -- Where James Abrofinda was given trouble for being a Tree-and-Dragon contractor.[21]
  • Caratunk -- Where Arin and Iza Gobelyn met at a ship-owners' meeting.[41] Also where Win Ton escaped the clutches of the Department.[42]
  • Cardimin -- Where Captain Blake's mercs had recently been involved in ugly house-to-house fighting when Tommy Lee was called home.[43]
  • Casia -- A Liaden outworld, where Jabun and Obrelt are based.[44]
  • Chantor -- A minor trade port, where Scouts often come to train. Daav has maintained a maildrop on the orbiting Waystation Number 9 since his own training there.[45]
  • Chessel's World -- Has a caste-based society. One of the places Shan hopes to add to his new trade route.[37]
  • Chustling -- one of the planets in the Spwao System. It shares the space station Tradedesk with the planet Vincza.[46]
  • Contrast -- Miri saw action there with Lizardi's Lunatics,[47] and picked up a new scar[48]
  • Clarine -- Midj Rolanni had cargo for here when Korelan Zar called for help.[49]
  • Cresthaller -- The second stop on the loop that Theo & Bechimo are testing.[50]
    • "A port so minor, on a planet so seldom visited, that Travasinon didn’t list it at all. The Guild Quick Guide did grant Cresthaller an entry, with the notation: No reason to call."
    • The station in orbit above Cresthaller was destroyed 20 years previous to Theo's visit during a civil war.
  • Cruchov -- A spectacular multi-mooned and multiringed gas giant in the Izviet system, where Scouts often come to train.[45]
  • Dagylte Seam, Runcible System -- fallback headquarters for  Dept of Interior .[51]
  • Daphyd -- The seat of "that upstart of an O'Hand".[14]
  • Dayan -- Second planet of four in Irrobi System. Ruled by priestesses of the Goddess, called the "thrice-blessed". Men are treated as property of women. Swunaket Port is the port for offworld trade.[52][53]
  • Delgado -- The planet where Kamele taught at the University and where Theo was born and raised. (Mouse and Dragon, Fledgling, Saltation, Dragon Ship)
  • Delium -- where Pilot Jen Sin yos'Phelium is sent on a secret mission by his Delm to deliver a package (The space at Tinsori Light)
  • Deluthia -- The planet to which the trade mission Clonak is working security for is bound. Ruled by a theocracy. Not a friendly place, necessarily.[54]
  • Denko -- pickup destination for the Uncle, visited by Theo between Liad and Gondola[55]
  • Desolate -- The only world Aelliana's meager savings might have stretched to paying for passage to.[56] Its reputation is not at all good.[57]
  • Drethilit -- Described euphemistically as a "free-duty port". One of the stops on Daxflan’s smuggling route. In the same sector as Theopholis.[58][59]
  • Dundalk -- Registered home planet of Midj Rolanni's ship Skeedaddle.[49]
  • Ecbatana -- Homeworld of one of Theo's fellow students at the Transit School on Melchiza. He wore an embroidered half-veil over the bottom half of his face, and wasn't permitted to speak to the other students because he was in a period of preparation for a rite of passage called ianota.[60]
  • Echieta -- Homeworld of Clan Telrune, where Fer Gun pen'Uldra grew up. Disreputable, and home to disreputable people (Clan Telrune not excluded).[61]
  • Edger's homeworld -- Has two moons, the lesser of which is the color of Shan's hair.[62] More info about Edger's planet is provided in the short story "To Cut an Edge" published in "Two Tales of Korval" and in "A Liaden Universe Constellation" (volume 1)
  • Eskelli -- Miri saw action there with Lizardi's Lunatics[47]
  • Eylot -- The planet where Theo attended Anlingdin piloting accademy. Home planet of Kara. (Saltation) Population is divided approximately half-half Terran and Liaden.[63]
  • Feinik -- A Terran world, associated with Albion, and sharing its social system.[20]
  • Fendor -- Command, mercenary soldiers (Plan B) Registered home planet of Lizardi's Lunatics.[64]
  • Fetzer's World -- Registered homeworld of Family Uldra-Joenz.[65]
  • Finifter -- Visited by Tan Sim.[66] Mentioned in a Culture Club conversation as a place where a meal invitation may have unintended connotations.[67]
  • Foruner -- A world where the Juntavas have an interest.[68]
  • Frenzel -- The first stop on the loop that Theo is exploring for Clan Korval.[69] One of two active commercial worlds in the Feraldo System. A warehouse trade center.[70]
  • Fron Du Lac -- Purported home port of Bitty Kitty (the fake ID used by Fortune's Reward when Pat Rin went into hiding).[71]
  • Ganjir -- RP-7026-541-773, Tipra Sector, First Quadrant. Planet where Chi yos'Phelium and Sae Zar yos'Galan died, Petrella yos'Galan wounded[72]
  • Gaston -- Vanner Higgs was there during the Feast of the Founder[73]
  • Gilady -- Where the news of Theo's adventure at Ynsolt'i caught up with the Uncle.[37]
  • Glondin -- One of the stops on Dutiful Passage’s route.[24]
  • Gondola -- Located deep within Terran space. A rich world, located at the intersection of several master trade routes. Location of Mildred Bilinoda, trader in exotic items and drop spot for the Uncle. Gondola Spaceport is the fourth busiest in the sector, and rated high for safety by the Pilots' Guild[74] although Bechimo’s records (perhaps out of date) advise extreme caution as pirates have been known to operate there. The port is divided into sections named by color (Orange, Blue, Green) and includes an enormous book market.[75] Is where DOI agents put a tracker on Arin's Toss.[76]
  • Granda -- Has a long-standing trade contract with yos'Galan.[37]
  • Grandia -- only mentioned once by Clarence, on his cabin's lighting: "I usually keep it on Grandia sundown."[77]
  • Grundig -- Mentioned in a Culture Club conversation as a place where a meal invitation may have unintended connotations.[67]
  • Hascove -- A Terran world, associated with Albion, but not sharing its particular relationship with the social media.[20]
  • Ibenvue -- Home port of Vashtara. When Cho sig'Radia visited, it was engaged in covert military build-up.[79]
  • Irikwae -- Tarnia makes its seat upon Irikwae.[80]
  • Izviet -- A minor trade port, in the same system as Cruchov.[45]
  • Jankalim -- Where Priscilla Mendoza parted ways with Daxflan.[81]
  • Jelban -- A world where the Juntavas have an interest.[68]
  • Kago -- Where Edger and Sheather changed ships on their journey from Lufkit to Shaltren. Four days from Lufkit by Terran space drive.[10]
  • Kendrik -- on the loop planned for Bechimo by Shan, the next scheduled stop after Ynsolt'i[82]
  • Kessel -- One of the stops on a trade route established by Master Trader Shan yos'Galan.[21]
  • Kiang -- purported home world of Connor Phillips[83]
  • Klamath -- Miri saw action there with Lizardi's Lunatics. The world shook apart, and all but five of the Lunatics were killed.[47](Misfits)
  • Krisko -- Korval has warehouses here, and one of several weapons caches, from which Dutiful Passage enhances its armory after Plan B is enacted.[28]
  • La'Quontis -- One of the stops on a trade route established by Master Trader Shan yos'Galan.[21]
  • Langlast -- One of the places Shan hopes to add to his new trade route.[84] Nearest neighbor is Brieta. A transshipping hub, well situated in terms of Jump points.[38] "Langlast had a vigorous culture of invention of new technologies, and adaptation of existing technologies. They prided themselves on being able to improve any mechanical design brought to them, and also produced manufacturing designs on request."[85]
  • Liad -- The planet central to the series, found by Math Scholar Liad dea'Syl. The planet was named in his memory by Captain Cantra yos'Phelium. [86] The main spaceport city is Solcintra. Clan Korval settled in a valley on Liad, several miles from Solcintra.
  • Liltander -- Where Pale Wing is attacked by the Department.[87]
  • Lufkit -- where Val Con and Miri met.[88]
  • Lyre-Unthilon -- Location of the Lyre Institute.[23]
  • Lytaxin -- where Erob is ascendant
  • Malta -- where Theo began her apprenticeship to Rig Tranza[89]
  • Margate -- Location of a Carresens shipyard, "not exactly secret, but not much talked about".[78]
  • Maris -- There is a saying: "When on Maris, drink what they offer."[90]
  • Mayflower -- where Daav met with the Uncle to discuss the problem of Pod 78[91]
  • McGee -- where Pat Rin and Cheever McFarland are when they receive the Plan B message[92]
  • Medusa -- home of the craftsman Calintak[93]
  • Melchiza -- A planet located about 200 days, round trip, from Delgado. "How long — how long will you be gone?"..."I think we ought to assume most of two hundred days." and "the probable length of your voyage? Two hundred days." (Fledgling, ch. 18, 19). "Beltaire settled upon Melchiza and eventually the original papers passed into the House of Planetary Treasures there." (Fledgling, ch. 14)
  • Mithlyn -- offered by Portmaster Liu as evidence that she's served on worse planets than Surebleak.[94]
  • Moleria -- Where Rys Lin pen'Chala fell into the hands of the Department of the Interior.[95]
  • Mondaw -- A "plain-spoken and hearty" planet. First stop on Comets shakedown cruise. Home of the merchant Vigro Welsh.[96]
  • Moonstruck -- Location of Tactical Defense Pod 78.[97] A large and anomalous asteroid popular with tourists.[98] Technically a planet, in that "it had managed both to collapse into a sphere and to gather to it a seasonal atmosphere". In a stable though highly eccentric orbit around the star Gemaea.[91] The system was a "back pocket of the galaxy" when Theonna yos'Phelium chose to site Pod 78 and a stormfort on Moonstruck; its discovery by the tourism trade came later.[99]
  • Moraldan -- A Liaden outworld, with a poor reputation.[100]
  • Naome -- A popular retirement spot for "rich paranoid types". The location of Miri's brief and ill-fated brush with a bodyguard's career.[101]
  • Natterling -- A minor trade port, in the same system as Stall.[45]
  • Neglit -- A back world, home to Master Jeweler Jen.[102]
  • New Dublin -- Anne's home world. A Terran colony located in their Faerie Sector, one of many seeded by the Gaelic Union.[103][104]
  • Nomi-Oxin-Rood -- Described by Carresens as being in a similar situation to Surebleak, of having potential but being away from existing trade routes.[29]
  • Nostrilia -- The Lyre Institute has a hiring hall here.[23]
  • Omenski -- In the same sector as Lufkit. Was hosting an Yxtrang diplomatic mission in Agent of Change.[105]
  • Ondileigh -- Visited by trade ship Momma Liberty while Rys Lin pen'Chala was a member of the crew.[106]
  • Palamar -- One of the ports where Dutiful Passage has traded.[107]
  • Panore -- A fabulous and fabulously expensive holiday destination.[49]
  • Pelaun -- An inhabited world that has not yet achieved space travel. Val Con was the first Scout to visit it. One of four in the smuggler's coord book found by Miri.[108]
  • Philomen -- Pat Rin's intended holiday destination in Carpe Diem.[109]
  • Ploster -- delivery destination for the Uncle that Theo is headed for when gets diverted to Tokeoport.[110]
  • Pomerloo -- Where Val Con found the unit that became Jeeves. Robot servants are common there.[24]
  • Porum -- Miri saw action there with Lizardi's Lunatics[47]
  • Proziski -- the planet where Er Thom and Anne met. Has fourteen moons. [111]
  • Raggtown -- In the same sector as Theopholis? Dutiful Passage carried an urgent cargo from Raggtown to Theopholis after Daxflan failed to call for it on time.[58] Dutiful Passage leaves cargo here after Plan B is enacted.[28]
  • Rooba -- On the route from Delgado to Eylot, two ship-days from Eylot.[112]
  • Rosencrantz II -- Selected by Clarence and Bechimo as the emergency destination should they have to depart Frenzel in a hurry.[113]
  • Shaltren -- Residence of the Chairman of the Juntavas. "respectable ships do not ordinarily go to Shaltren".[10]
  • Sherzer II -- Uninhabited gas giant in an uninhabited system; the Korval ship-stack Pat Rin draws his fleet from is located in one of its Lagrange points.[114]
  • Sinfreed -- Location of a Department of the Interior communications hub dealt with by the Scouts.[115]
  • Skardu -- Natesa's planet of birth[116]
  • Skittle -- Miri saw action there with Lizardi's Lunatics[47]
  • Soltier -- A planet in the next quadrant over from Shaltren; Kore's emergency pin-beam had a spoofed address making it appear to come from here.[49]
  • Springwood -- among the places whose coordinates Quin has memorized[117]
  • Spwao System -- where the two planets Chustling and Vincza are located. The Orbital Market Tradedesk services the two planets.[118]
  • Staeder -- Where Daav and Aelliana take Hevelin to meet Bruce Peltzer. A Terran world.[32]
  • Stall -- A planet in the Natterling system with surface outcroppings of pure timonium, where Scouts often come to train.[45]
  • Stelubia -- A world where the Juntavas have an interest.[119][49]
  • Strabane -- First Class Pilot Clarence O’Berin, born Strabane.[120] A Terran colony, one of many seeded by the Gaelic Union; considerably less respectable than New Dublin.[103]
  • Talanar -- An oceanic world, where Val Con expected to be sent for his Scout Prelim.[121]
  • Talitha -- A world where the Juntavas have an interest.[68]
  • Terra -- The Terran world of origin.(needs reference) The Academy of Music on Terra is widely respected.[122] Daav's racing cycle needs a part shipped from Terra when he repairs it.[123] It is possible to Jump from Solcintra to the outer fringes of the Terra system in a single transition.[124]
  • Theopholis -- Where the showdown between Dutiful Passage and Daxflan happened. (Conflict of Honors)
  • Tokeo -- The Pilots' Guild recommends that pilots visit Tokeoport in pairs, visibly armed, and alert for cheating; it stops just one step short of recommending that they do not visit Tokeoport at all.[125] where Theo meets Bechimo after being attacked by alleged FTC agents.[126]
  • Tourmalin -- Cited by Rig Tranza as an example of a planet that will insist on seeing a pilot's log to make sure the pilot hasn't been anywhere they disapprove of (Tourmalin specifically disapproves of places with a significant Juntavas presence).[128]
  • Trantor -- Setting of the weapons test sim Theo takes when she acquires her first handgun. (Might be fictional?)[129]
  • Trellen's World -- Korval has been trade representative of Trellen's World (just to Arsdred, or more widely?) for nearly two hundred Standard Years.[130]
  • Troit -- birthplace of Dagmar Collier[131]
  • Tulon -- Where Priscilla signed on to Daxflan.[132] Also where Sav Rid Olanek conned Shan out of forty cantra.[39]
  • University -- Terran Sector Paladin. Location of where Anne was employed and Shan born. [133]
  • Valhalla -- A resort world visited once by Kamele and Ella, who judged it all surface and no substance, and sadly lacking in good libraries.[134]
  • Vandar -- Where Val Con and Miri spend most of Carpe Diem. An interdicted world due to its inhabitants not yet having achieved space flight and being unaware of the rest of the universe's inhabitants. Planet Designation I-2796-893-44.[135] Vandar's interdiction status eventually changed, as mentioned in "Ghost Ship" and elaborated upon in the short story "Prodigal Son."
  • Vanichi -- The Lyre Institute has a hiring hall here.[23]
  • Venture -- Planet where the young Er Thom rescued a crewmember from the Juntavas and then had to be rescued himself by Daav.[136]
  • Velaskiz Rotundo -- is a pricey place, requiring bribes to match the landing fees. Where the Pilots Guild officials evacuated from Codrescu Station are taken to by Bechimo.[137][138] Location of the Pilots Guild Sector Guild Master's office.[82]
  • Vincza -- one of the planets in the Spwao System, located near planet Chustling and the station Tradedesk [46] About Tradeship station: "an intermediate, orbital market....Bechimo's third stop on the loop....There is a Guild office on Tradedesk....The Carresens hold a smaller Festevalya on Tradedesk, for the amusement of cruise ship passengers, and those citizens of Vincza who removed to the station to escape the rain....It takes a Master [pilot] to see that a pilot might fly here to Tradedesk and back to Surebleak usefully." ("Dragon Ship, ch 11-18)
  • Volmer -- Val Con and Miri's destination on departing Lufkit (from which it is two days' travel using Terran warp technology, or three weeks in a Clutch vessel). A planet of the federated interests of Liad, Terra, and Clutch, and a handy starting-out point for many other destinations. Planet Designation V-8735-927-3.[139][19]
  • Waymart -- Where Tyl Von sig'Alda's ship supposedly went after leaving Vandar. One Jump from Vandar and two Jumps from Liad.[140] Noted for offering "much possibility in the matter of Jump points".[141] A common flag-of-convenience port for Terrans, that people (such as Jethri[142]) and ships (such as Arin's Toss[143] and Bechimo[144]) might claim as their home port regardless of their actual origins or likelihood of ever visiting the place.[145]
  • Wellsend -- Dutiful Passage leaves cargo here after Plan B is enacted.[28]
  • The Wikesworlds -- where Jermone Joyita came from[146]
  • Winegeld -- World of origin of Pinglit Manufacturing Company.[147]
  • Ynsolt'i -- A Liaden world.[148] The planet where Jethri Gobelyn met and was apprenticed to Master Trader Norn ven'Deelin.[149] The destination of Bechimo and Theo before the Codrescu station emergency in Eylot.[82] In Theo's time, the planet supports three orbiting trade platforms.[145] When they go there later, they are attacked by DOI vessels who have become allies of the Ynsolt'i Military.[148]


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