Quin yos'Phelium Clan Korval


  • Born 1379[1] (thus, 14 years old when the clan moved to Surebleak)
  • Son and heir of Pat Rin yos'Phelium[2] who is also known as Boss Conrad on Surebleak
  • Opal blue eyes[2]
  • Learns how to be a Boss on Surebleak[3]
  • was at school at Trigrace Eclectic before Plan B[3]
  • his early test had shown that he was neither destined for the Healer's Hall nor the Scouts, so he's gone for piloting as major with a minor in generalist[3]
  • he is a good shot and won a holster at Tey Dor's[3] -- and has more recently out-shot several top guns on Surebleak:
    • Excerpt: "He’d shot every other day when he was undertree and missed it dearly -- both Nelirikk and Cheever McFarland applauded his skill, and he had no doubt that his last few impromptu matches there -- he’d beaten both of them the last time -- had been genuine. Nelirikk considered that he was the equal of his father with the pistol at distance..."[3]
  • good at sticks and card games[3]



  • Quin's head hand is Skene Liep: She is not intrusive and knows when Quin doesn't want to talk. Fast reflexes and shrewd: "Her skill with muscle reading might make her a candidate for Scout training"[4]
  • Quin's second hand is "Lefty" / Mr. Tef Lej pen'Erit, abandoned on Surebleak by Trader vin'Tenzing, the Liaden lady who tried to kill Quin[4]


  • Mistress Miranda - Pat Rin and/or Quin's cat, from Nasingtale Alley, on Liad
  • Silk -- Pat Rin's house cat on Surebleak, often wakes Quin in the morning.[3]


  • Quin's ship is Galandasti


  • Vanilla and spice seed cookies are Quin's favorites[2]


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