Ren Zel dea'Judan Clan Obrelt


  • Brown hair, brown eyes [1]
  • Born on Casia
  • Fist class pilot
  • Dramliza, can see and manipulate the strands that connect everything, maybe the most dangerous dramliza in the galaxy
  • Lifemate to Anthora yos'Galan
  • Pilot on Dutiful Passage


"Into Clan Obrelt, then, in the last relumna of the year called Mitra, a boychild was born. He was called Ren Zel, after the grandfather who had first taken employ in a shop and thus found the clan its destiny, and he was a normal enough child of the House at fist, second and third counting. He was quick with his numbers, which pleased Aunt Chane, and had a tidy, quiet way about him, which Uncle Arn Eld noted and approved. No relative was fond enough to proclaim him a beauty, though all allowed him to be neatly made and of good countenance. His hair and eyes were brown; his skin a rich, unblemished gold." [1]

His Aunt Chane suspects that he could be a Pilot and brings him to Pilot' Hall in Casiaport to be tested. Afterward she reports to the Delm: "The Master Pilot allows me to know that our Ren Zel is more than a step out of the common way, in her experience of pilot-candidates." [1]

"Ren Zel achieved his first class piloting license on the nineteenth anniversary of his Name Day." [1]

Ren Zel works hard as a pilot-to-hire to pay back the debt of his training costs. Then his Delm decides that he should contract-marry Elsu Meriandra, a fist class pilot of Clan Jabun. Right after the wedding night Ren Zel and Elsu start for a pleasure flight that ends in a tragic accident, leaving Elsu dead and Ren Zel injured. Clan Jabun demands Ren Zel's death as Balance. He is cast out and declared dead. For one relumma Ren Zel flies for the terran Gromit Company intra-system until Jabun tries to kill him in earnest. When Shan yos'Galan finds him he hires him as crew on the Dutiful Passage[1].

see also Changeling

Later lifemates Anthora yos'Galan and helps her against The Department of the Interior.


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