Class A Jump ship previously owned by Vin Sin chel'Mara, Clan Aragon. Scholar Aelliana Caylon won it in a game of pikit at Quenpalt's Casino in Chonselta. [1] Co-piloted by Daav yos'Phelium.


From Scout’s Progress:

  • Class A jump ship used as a courier ship
  • single-hold
  • pilot’s seats are ivory leather
  • tiny dispensary housing a premium autodoc
  • dining alcove with a gourmet automat
  • a valet that dries clothes, folds them and leaves them scented with jazmin
  • Sleeping quarters: silks, sleeping furs, heaps of gem-colored pillows, carpet so fine, it's a shame to walk on it; wall tapestry gardens burgeoning with ripe fruits
  • someone — probably chel’Mara — tampered with the navigation system but Aelliana could do the math so no harm done


After eight years together [2] Daav and Aelliana armed the ship, adding weapons:

Things had changed: The ports had grown chancier; Terran ports, if one were Liaden, chancier still. Ride the Luck carried weapons now... The Low Port pushed at its limits, reaching stealthy fingers out toward Mid Port's plump pockets, to the point that the Portmaster fielded more proctors, and the Pilots Guild offered warnings to those newly arrived, on a street-by-street basis.” [3]


  • The Caylon’s ship
  • Beat the record for an emergency landing on Liad[4]
  • Featured in short story “Guaranteed Delivery”
  • known as L'il Orbit on Delgado, Jen Sar Kiladi's derilict ship [5]
  • Returns from the dead to defend The Scouts at Nev’Lorn [5]
  • Targeted on Surebleak for its role at Nev’Lorn — but Clarence O'Berin foiled that[6]


Destroyed by The Department of the Interior at Moonstruck worldlet, pod 78:[7]

The ship was a cyclops — a siege ship — usually fitted with one weapon, an outsize combined beam device, something used against the heart of planets and not single vessels. This was not just a bolt loosed, it was a stream inundating the surface of the worldlet, centered on the spot that was Ride The Luck.[7]


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