• Rys Lin pen'Chala



  • Ifry pen'Chala, elder sister [7], killed in the Yxtrang raid that wiped out the whole clan exept Rys Lin[2]
  • Udari of The Bedel[6], "Brother" to Rys Lin (Udari found Rys dying and brought him to Silain), street name: Nathan, [8]
  • Rafin of The Bedel, Artificer, "Brother" to Rys Lin[9]
  • Silain, Luthia, Grandmother of all Bedel, and thus also Rys Lin' "Grandmother"[10]
  • Val Con yos'Phelium Clan Korval, "Brother"
  • Jasin Bell, Rys Lin's ex-lover, first mate and later Captain on Momma Liberty where Rys Lin worked as pilot[11]


"Rys sat on the rug, as neat and quiet as a cat. His face was delicate, a flower framed by the stormclouds of his curls. His nose, not so emphatic as a Bedel nose, had been broken with the rest of him, and was bent slightly to the left. His hand, that Rafin had made him, gleamed like molten gold in the hearthlight."


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