Shan yos’Galan - Master Trader on Dutiful Passage




  • Local Custom (Story of Shan's parents, Shan is a child)
  • Conflict of Honors (Story of Shan and Priscilla)
  • A Day at the Races (Shan and Val Con in a skimmer race)
  • Changeling (Shan meets Ren Zel dea'Judan)
  • Plan B
  • I Dare
  • Ghost Ship
  • Dragon Ship
  • Lord of the Dance (Pat Rin is retested as fist class pilot, Shan acts as Master Pilot)


  1. Local Custom, ch 10
  2. Local Custom, ch 5
  3. I Dare, ch 43
  4. Conflict of Honors, ch 7
  5. Plan B, ch 5
  6. Intelligent Design
  7. Hidden Resources
  8. Plan B, ch 12

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