• "The Bedel is a Kompani."[1]
  • "A Kompani is Bedel on Chafurma."[1]
  • "Chafurma is the Gathering Time."[1]
  • They are a tight-knit group of "brothers" and "sisters" (not necessarily blood-related) secretly living in the lower levels of the abandoned warehouse district on Surebleak[2]
  • They were set down on Surebleak in a bad time when Gilmour Agency had just withdrawn. During Chafurma conditions grew worse and the ship (presumably the ship that brought them) would not risk itself. Now the ship could not be secret.[1]
  • The true reasons behind this are only hinted at:

“Luthia and the Headman well know the “why” of this particular Chafurma, this Kompani of Bedel. Set down of all possible planets, on this one, this Surebleak.”[1]
“Luthia has memories of those who have felt their lack. And of those who had made the decision not to return for them.”[1]

  • Their usual way of life seems to be less sedentary:

“In truth, we were made to wander and wander, that we will”[3]

Members of the Bedel, Kompani on SurebleakEdit

  • Alosha (m) Headman of The Bedel[4]
  • Dmitri (m) deceased[5]
  • Droi (f) cat green eyes, has the true Sight[6], seduced Rys to get his child in order to even out the number of Bedel left in unbalance by Dmitri's death[2]
  • Ghan (?) [7]
  • Isart (m) halfling age, lanky, black hair, black eyes[7]
  • Jin (f) [3]
  • Kar (?) [7]
  • Kezzi (f) (street name Anna Brown, Wentworth' Turf)[8] "Sister" of Syl Vor[9], black eyes and black hair[8], apprentice of Silain-luthia[5]
  • Luma (f) deceased, daughter of Dmitri[5]
  • Memit (f) blade thin, big hands[10], in charge of the garden
  • Pulka (m) bald and plump, moustache, designed Rys' leg brace and artificial hand[8]
  • Rafin (m) Artificer, "Brother" of Rys Lin, tall, sharp cheekbones, strong brow, lean dark face, blue eyes, prominent hooked nose[8], built Rys' leg brace[11] and artificial hand, came from Outside or was fathered by an Outsider ("We went Outside and got Rafin.")[5]
  • Riva (f) killed by a gadje because she muddled the meaning of the cards[12]
  • Silain, Luthia, Grandmother of all Bedel, long silver hair[4]
  • Torv (m) tall and lanky, ist often among those Outside because his given-work is to repair what had not been built by Bedel hands and to listen and to watch[4]
  • Udari (m) long face, bold nose, dark eyes, "Brother" of Rys (found him dying and brought him to Silain[13]), street name: Nathan, [9]
  • Ves (?) deceased[5]
  • Vylet (f) sister to Kezzi, gives her the pack of stiff paper Kezzi uses for her own deck of cards[6]
  • Zand (m) Vylet's swwetheart[6]


  • Malda (m) dog, belongs to Kezzi [4], black and tan, pointed nose, skinny tail, street name: Rascal[13]

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