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Internal Chronology & Reading Order(s) in graphical format (first 13 books only)

  1. Agent of Change The Man who was not Terrence O'Grady had come quietly.
  2. Conflict of Honors
  3. Carpe Diem
  4. Plan B
  5. Local Custom
  6. Scout's Progress
  7. I Dare
  8. Balance of Trade
  9. Crystal Soldier
  10. Crystal Dragon
  11. Fledgling
  12. Saltation
  13. Mouse and Dragon
  14. Ghost Ship
  15. Dragon Ship
  16. Necessity's Child
  17. Trade Secret
  18. Dragon in Exile
  19. Alliance of Equals
  20. The Gathering Edge

Short StoriesEdit

Order based on "A Liaden Universe Constellation" publications Vol 1, published July 2013; Vol 2, published July 2014; and Vol 3, published August 2015 by Baen Publications

Volume 1Edit

  1. To Cut an Edge -- c. SY-1379. Scout Cadet Val Con yos'Phelium meets Clutch Turtle, The Edger.
  2. A Day At The Races -- c. SY-1384. Shan yos'Galan and Val Con yos'Phelium race a sprinter at "Little Festival". At the end of the month Nova yos'Galan will become Korval's First-Speaker-In-Trust.
  3. Where the Goddess Sends -- Moonhawk and Lute adventure.
  4. A Spell for the Lost -- Moonhawk and Lute adventure.
  5. Moonphase -- SY-1375. Sequel to "A Matter of Dreams", below. Moonhawk and Lute help Priscella Delaroix y Mendoza. Prequel to "Conflict of Honors" published in omnibus "The Dragon Variation" published June 2010, Baen.
  6. Pilot of Korval -- SY-1339. 14-year old halflings Daav yos'Phelium and Er Thom yos'Galan.
  7. Breath's Duty -- c. SY-1393. Daav yos'Phelium at Nev'Lorn.
  8. The Wine of Memory -- Moonhawk and Lute adventure.
  9. Certain Symmetry -- c. SY-1384. Pat Rim executor for a friends debt book. Takes place during Little Festival mentioned in "A Day at the Races", above.
  10. Balance of Trade -- This short story about Jethrie Gobelyn is later published as a novel of same name in the omnibus "The Crystal Variation", published September 2011, Baen.
  11. A Choice of Weapons -- Daav and Chi yos'Phelium.
  12. Changeling -- Ren Zel dea'Judan outcast from his clan. Hired by Shan yos'Galan.
  13. A Matter of Dreams -- c. SY-1375. Prequel to "Moonphase", above.
  14. Phoenix -- SY-1293. Cyra chel'Vona gets help from Scout Jon dea'Cort.
  15. Naratha's Shadow -- Scout Monet sig'Norba finds an ancient artifact.
  16. Heirloom -- c. SY-1374. 12-year old Nova yos'Galan's dramliza talent manifests: she remembers why bel'Tarda became attached to Clan Korval.
  17. Sweet Waters -- Non-Canon. Useful as the source about the earring and Mum name Daav yos'Phelium got at the Grandmother's tent.

Volume 2Edit

  1. Veil of the Dancer -- c. SY-1368. Inas Bhar gets aide from the Juntavas to escape Skardu.
  2. Quiet Knives -- c. SY-1392. Splinter of "Plan B", chp 9, Shaltern.
  3. This House -- connection to any other stories???
  4. Lord of the Dance -- Non-Canon, but useful in that the reason why Pat Rin yos'Phelium was fostered to Luken bel'Tarda is explained.
  5. Necessary Evils -- no apparent tie-in with other stories.
  6. The Beggar King -- Clarence O'Berin becomes Juntavas Boss on Liad. Meets Daav yos'Phelium.
  7. Fighting Chance -- SY-1379. Miri Robertson joins the mercenaries.
  8. Prodigal Son -- Splinter of "Ghost Ship". Val Con yos'Phelium returns to Vandar.
  9. Daughter of Dragons -- SY-1392. In spite of Plan B being called, Kareen yos'Phelium lingers on Liad for a pre-scheduled meeting of The League for the Purity of Language.
  10. Dragon Tide -- Miscellaneous story about dragons and trees.
  11. Shadow Partner -- c. SY-1384. Scout Captain "Shadow" helps a bar owner. Ending of story corresponds with ending of "A Day at the Races" in Vol. 1, above.
  12. Persistence -- SY-1392. Conrad (AKA Pat Rin yos'Phelium) buys rugs - including the 'Sinners Rug', for a new store.
  13. Misfits -- former Corporal Miri Robertson and Ichiad Brunner first met at Kalmath in SY-1382. When they meet again. in SY-1393, she offers him the Weatherman job on Surebleak.
  14. Hidden Resources -- SY-1393. Kareen yos'Phelium and Luken bel'Tarda guard Korval's children during Plan B.
  15. Moon on the Hills -- SY-1393. The Edger delivers Jelaza Kazone to Surebleak.
  16. Skyblaze -- SY-1393/94. Taxi driver Vertu dea'San is banned to Surebleak for inadvertently aiding Clan Korval during their attack against DOI Hq on Liad.

Volume 3Edit

  1. Guaranteed Delivery -- Daav and Aelliana, early in their courier career.
  2. Kin Ties -- Ren Zel dea'Judan returns home. Follow-on story to #12 Vol 1, above, which explains why he is ourt-clan and was subsequently hired by Shan.
  3. Intelligent Design -- Jeeves backstory.
  4. The Space at Tinsori Light -- The story behind one of the chapter-heading quotes in Scout's Progress
  5. Landed Alien -- Kara ven'Arith, occurs between Saltation and Dragon Ship
  6. King of the Cats -- Non-canon, a crossover with the authors' Kinzel series
  7. Eleutherios -- Bedel
  8. Out of True -- Backstory for a group of incidental characters from Trade Secret, and norbears
  9. The Rifle's First Wife -- Diglon Rifle
  10. Roving Gambler -- Quin yos'Phelium
  11. Code of Honor -- Tech Sergeant Tommy Lee, AKA Tom Lei pen'Chapen.
  12. Moon's Honor -- Moonhawk and Lute adventure.

not yet collectedEdit

  1. Chimera -- A streeter-level look at changing times on Surebleak.
  2. Wise Child -- Tolly backstory.
  3. Friend of a Friend -- Non-canon. Villy


Prior to the "Liaden Universe Constellation"-Collections most short stories and novellas were published in chapbooks called "Adventures in the Liaden Universe" (all still available at This is a list of the chapbooks with their content.

  1. Two Tales of Korval -- contains: To Cut An Edge, A Day at the Races
  2. Fellow Travelers --contains: Where The Goddess Sends, A Spell for the Lost, Moonphase
  3. Duty Bound -- contains: Pilot of Korval, Breath's Duty
  4. Certain Symmetry -- contains: The Wine of Memory, Certain Symmetry
  5. Trading in Futures -- contains: Balance of Trade, A Choice of Weapons
  6. Changeling -- contains: Changeling
  7. Loose Cannon -- contains: A Matter of Dreams, Phoenix
  8. Shadows and Shades -- contains: Naratha's Shadow, Heirloom
  9. Quiet Knives -- contains: Veil of the Dancer, Quiet Knives
  10. With Stars Underfoot -- contains: Lord of the Dance, This House
  11. Necessary Evils -- contains: Necessary Evils, The Beggar King
  12. Allies -- contains: Fighting Chance, Prodigal Son
  13. Dragon Tide -- contains: Dragon Tide, Daughter of Dragons
  14. Eidolon -- contains: Shadow Partner, Persistence
  15. Misfits -- contains: Misfits
  16. Halfling Moon -- contains: Hidden Resources, Moon on the Hills
  17. Skyblaze -- contains: Skyblaze
  18. Courier Run -- contains: Kin Ties, Guaranteed Delivery
  19. Legacy Systems -- contains: Intelligent Design, The Space at Tinsori Light
  20. Moon's Honor -- contains: Moon's Honor
  21. Technical Details -- contains: Landed Alien, Eleutherios
  22. Sleeping with the Enemy -- contains: Friend of a Friend, Chimera
  23. Change Management --contaiM's Street Cred, Wise Child
  24. Due Diligence---single novella

unnumbered chapbooks:

  • The Cat's Job -- contains: King of the Cats (+ other non-Liaden cat-stories)
  • Calamity's Child -- contains: Sweet Waters (+ non-Liaden story: A Night at the Opera)

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