(Official Scout Sigil: "the ship and planet")

The Scout RainbowEdit

Visualize the colors of the rainbow, one by one, relaxing more deeply at each level. Beyond violet, the last color of the Rainbow, is a door, beyond the door is a Safe Place. Each Place is unique to each practitioner of the Rainbow. The order of the colors is: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Violet. At Yellow and at Purple, one may exit the exercise by opening one's eyes, if one so wishes.[1]

Scout Solo TestingEdit

  • Preliminary: achieve planetfall; learn the language, customs, lifeforms; survive six standard months and sound recall. (needs reference)
  • Complete Belt Kit includes: pellet gun, machete, rope, flare gun, pitons, stick knife.[2]

List of ScoutsEdit

  • Verisa pel'Quinot, Scout Academy - invites Aelliana to teach her Math for Survival Seminar at Scout Academy
  • Daria dea'Luziam/dea'Luzian? - one year older, lover, Scout, intended partner, died during Solo [3]; killed in the drop from the mothership, victim of a freakish solar storm [4]
  • Scout Lieutenant tel'Juna -- mother's friend who preferred the red wine [5]
  • Tonith -- Shadow's medic [5]
  • Scout Linguist pel'Odyare -- supporting Anne's work, in their spare time
  • Mrs. Intassi, the nurse for Shan

See alsoEdit


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