Theo Waitley is the daughter of Jen Sar Kiladi (aka Daav yos'Phelium) and Kamele Waitley)[1]


  • born 1372 [2]
  • dark eyes, light yellow whispy hair, pale skin[3]
  • favorite flowers - Bluebells [4]
  • born on Delgado
  • Pilot first class
  • bonded captain of the self aware ship Bechimo[1]
  • Theo is at least a bit of a Dramliz or witch:
    “Pilot, it is not your voice that is loud, but your…self. Your will has been crossed and you have raised energy. As you have not directed the energy, or contained it, it spills everywhere, creating interference and distress for those who hear you.” - from Theo's visit to Chaliceworks Aggregations on Frenzel?[1]
  • Win Ton yo'Vala named her Sweet Mystery[1]




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