• born 1372 [2]
  • intense dark eyes, light yellow whispy hair, pale skin[3]
  • favorite flowers - Bluebells [4]
  • born on Delgado to Kamele Waitley
    • a Terran planet, a matriarchal society, a safe world[1]
  • Win Ton yo'Vala calls her Sweet Mystery[5]

Pilot RésuméEdit

  • Attended Anlingdin Piloting Academy on planet Eylot
    • Expelled from Anlingdin Piloting Academy as a "nexus of violence"[6][7] (see Landed Alien)
  • Earned Pilot First Class license by sitting second to Master Pilot Rig Tranza, a teaching captain, on Hugglelans cargo ship Primadonna[8][9]
  • courier pilot of Arin's Toss -- contract work for The Uncle [10]
  • “over pilot” on Bechimo[11]
  • bonded captain of Bechimo[12]
  • Resisted numerous ship-to-ship attacks by The Department of the Interior[13]
  • Responded to a "pilots in peril" hail from Cordrescue Station[14]
  • Became the official pilot and ship for the norbear ambassador, Hevelin[15]
  • Rescued / retrieved Spiral Dance from no-way coordinates[16]
  • Rescued three survivors of a shipwrecked "Orbital Aid" [17]
  • Rescued a stranded pilot from Minot Station [18]

The LuckEdit

the Luck is drawn to Theo:

  • Anthora says: “The luck runs roughly around us. Around all of us. And most especially, it would seem around you. Ren Zel was positively dazzled, when we came in — he could scarcely see to pilot! The brilliant unlikely tangle of you, Theo Waitley! Truly, you are Daav yos’Phelium’s daughter.”[19]
  • Daav to Theo: “Now, regarding this adventure of yours at, my child, need a copilot. I say this not merely as your elder in the Guild, but as one of a bloodline whose very existence disturbs and roils what we in-clan dignify as the luck. As tumultuous as event is about and around you, Theo Waitley, you must have backup.”[20]
  • Theo at Chaliceworks: “You come among us...with Random Event trotting at your heel like a half-trained hound. And you offer us an affiliation with Korval, Luck’s very darlings.”[21]


  • Theo is at least a bit of a Dramliz or witch:
    “Pilot, it is not your voice that is loud, but your…self. Your will has been crossed and you have raised energy. As you have not directed the energy, or contained it, it spills everywhere, creating interference and distress for those who hear you.” - from Theo's visit to Chaliceworks Aggregations on Frenzel?[21]
  • In Ghost Ship, she can “see” whether someone is a pilot, including the baby girl Miri is carrying[10]


See Korval Kin for complete list and ancestry charts



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