In Liaden BooksEdit

  • Tinsori Light is first mentioned in Scout's Progress, preface to chapter 29.[1]
  • Years later the authors decided to use Jen Sin and Tinsori Light as more than just a chapter header. Thus, the short story, The Space at Tinsori Light. It's chilling, obscure, and fascinating, with Artifical Intelligence and flashbacks to the old universe and The Great Enemy. [2]
  • The Tinsori Light is briefly mentioned in the short story Roving Gambler and again in The Gathering Edge

History of the Light & Light Keeper LorithEdit

  • Light Keeper Lorith: "My sister's of the Sandaret [religious order] believed that the Great Enemy built it [the Light Station]. We found it abandoned, and riding in space where a way-station had been sorely needed [in the old universe]. The Soldiers were in favor of destroying it, but it was in Sandaret space, and we undertook to keep it. Three of our order were dispatched... Feren, Jeneet,...and Lorith....Faren died in the storm...the big storm, that shifted everything away from where it had been. When it was done, the Light was...not in orbit around Tinsori, as it had been. Tinsori we were not able to locate...Janeet took our boat and went out to find where we were....Much time has elapsed since then. I fear she has been lost, or died, or taken up in battle." [2]
  • The origin/history of the Light Station is also briefly described in The Gathering Edge, chapter 22.[3]

  • Centuries pass. Then, in the short story The Space at Tinsori Light, Jen Sin yos'Phelium, former Scout, and the best pilot in Clan Korval's roster, accidentally wound up at Tinsori Light while escaping enemies in an emergency auto-coords jump. He was badly wounded, his ship Lantis unable to jump again without repair.[2]
    • Excerpt: "Any ship arriving here was a ship in need. The operator extended her hand and touched a plate set away from all the toggles, buttons, and tags that attended to her part of the function. She touched the plate. And woke the Light."[2]
  • More years pass after Jen Sin docked at the Light, perhaps more centuries. Then Quin yos'Phelium includes Tinsori Light in his list of escape coordinates, in Roving Gambler (short story).
    • Excerpt, Roving Gambler: "The coords got mentally filed away in order, Lytaxin, Springwood, Tinsori Light. Well, that last one, that was one he'd been supposed to forget, to put out of his head as a last resort just ahead of, or maybe behind, Jumping into a sun. He'd not have had it at all except for the oddity of his grandmother knowing it, though she was not now and never had been a pilot. "[4]
      • But The Space at Tinsori Light states that Jen Sin sent a pinbeam to Korval "that would warn the clan away, and see Tinsori Light scrubbed from the of auto-coords in Korval courier ships." [2]

Abilities of the LightEdit

  • "a working, aware structure built entirely from forbidden tech -- that was enough to give a Scout nightmares. Even Koral might quail before such a thing."[2]
  • "The station moves of its own volition"[2]
    • So one of the Light Keeper's functions is to "keep it from doing mischief...keep it at the expanding edge of things...keep the coords constant...The Light would be better pleased, if we were closer in, where it could wield its influence."[2]
  • "The Light was at its most dangerous when it offered your heart's desire"[2]
  • "the schematics were fascinating -- and horrifying"[2]
  • The Light takes DNA samples to clone and resurrect people, with memories stored in crystal beads.[2]
    • The Station had repaired itself after the Migration Transition Storm damage and taken new samples of the two surviving Sandarates, but since Janeet didn’t take her crystal hair beads when she went to explore local space, she remembered nothing when Lorith the Light Keeper tried to call her back. [2]
  • Tinsori Light Station can repair ships[2]
  • One room simulates planetary weather "so they were rained upon, dried by a warm wind and then snowed on"[2]


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