Offspring of Jeeves, created to address the problem with "Admiral Bunter"

a shapely pale construction about as tall as Val Con’s sister, Theo, with a suggestion of shoulder, neck, and even face, all close to Theo wide, the glow emanating largely from the top of the shoulders and the back of the could-be head. There were no sharp lines in it as the glow dimmed and the form diminished in size past suggested hips, gently into a rounded column hovering a couple inches above the carpet.
The could-be face was as dark as space itself, and the glowing body provided all the illumination for the room.
“Tocohl,” Jeeves said from behind her. “Please make your bow to Delm Korval.”
The lamp shifted, top leaning slightly toward them, light playing oddly about the walls, and then arms and hands came soundlessly out of the housing beneath, and Tocohl bowed, gracefully, and with the proper hand expression: Honor to the delm.
“Greetings, Korval.” The voice was female, rich and slightly accented. Miri felt a small flutter from Val Con, sort of like a mental gasp, and looked at him, worriedly.
His attention was on Tocohl. Jeeves’ daughter. The newest member of Clan Korval.


  1. Dragon in Exile, ch 23

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