• Tor An yos'Galan was the co-founder with Cantra yos'Phelium of the Clan Korval.
  • yellow hair, amethyst-colored eyes, golden skin[1]
  • Pilot and licensed Trader[2]
  • Originally of Alkia Trade Clan out of the Ringstars (Alkia was the premier trade clan of the Ringstars).[2]
  • Shortly before he meets Cantra and Jela he has just finished his tutoring and earned his big ship license.[2]
  • Sought help with the missing Ringstar problem from the nearest military base, Korak Garrison. The tattooed soldiers shot him, obeying orders.[3]
  • Helped Jela sneak Professor Liad dea'Syl from Landomist and took him to Solcintra [4].
  • Founding head of the Line yos'Galan[5]
  • Co-pilot of Quick Passage on the Great Migration[6]


  • Fraea - sister and the Voice of Alkia[2], died when Ringstars were decrystallized[3]
  • Syl Vor - grandfather[2], died when Ringstars were decrystallized[3]
  • Sae Zar - uncle, a pilot to behold (said: "A pilot trusts his fingers or he trusts nothing")[7], died when Ringstars were decrystallized[3]
  • Er Thom - Great-Grandfather (Tor An served under him as cabin boy on his first flight on Baistle)[8]
  • Jinsu - Aunt[8], died when Ringstars were decrystallized[3]
  • Pel - Aunt[9], died when Ringstars were decrystallized[3]


  • Light Wing - an ancient single ship the clan has assigned to Tor An's use.[2]
  • Quick Passage - Tor An is co-pilot, ship brings the passengers to Liad in the Great Migration[6]


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