• Val Con sounds like it looks: VAL'CON (equal stress on each syllable, always together, NEVER just Val, and not like falcon.
    • However, Gwince greets him in ‘Bleaker tongue as “Mr. Falcon” [1]
  • yos' FELL-ee-um (not Feel)

Names, Dates, RelativesEdit

  • Born 1362
    • Shan says that Val Con is 30 yrs old in the book Carpe Diem. [2] He is 31 in SY 1393 when the clan moved to Surebleak[3]
  • Son of Daav yos'Phelium and Aelliana Caylon, who raised him until he was about 7 or 8 years old[4]
  • Fostered by Er Thom yos'Galan and his life-mate Anne Davis
  • Half-brother to Theo Waitley
  • Lifemate to Miri Robertson
  • 86th Delm of Korval (together with Miri
  • seventh of the Line Direct to bear the name Val Con [5][6] (which means ‘dragon’ and was also the name of the second Delm, born by Cantra yos'Phelium)
  • Father to Talizea, aka Lizzy
  • Adopted brother to Edger, a leader of Clutch Turtles
  • Adopted brother to Rys Lin pen’Chala of The Bedel [7]
  • On Surebleak, Val Con is commonly believed to be the brother of Pat Rin (aka Boss Conrad)
  • on Vandar, Val Con is known as Corvill [8]
  • Clonak calls him “Shadow” because he moves quietly
  • Clutch name: Val Con yos'Phelium Scout, Artist of the Ephemeral, Slayer of the Eldest Dragon, Knife Clan of Middle Rivers's Spring Spawn of Famer Greentrees of the Spearmeakers's Den, Tough Guy [9]


  • Slender, carriage smooth and easy, 5’5″, dark brown hair, thick and glossy, deep-set green eyes (luminous, alight), quirking straight eyebrows, lean high cheeks, pointed chin, golden skin, wide, generous mouth
  • left-handed


  • plays the omnichora, learned from Anne Davis, his foster mother
  • a crack shot, he favors knives and carries a uniquely efficient blade given to him by Edger the Clutch Turtle
  • dramliza block (see “I Dare” scene with Anthora and Miri)
  • intuitive, responsive to “hunches” (see “Intelligent Design”)
  • a Scout generalist, trained broadly, with ability to analyze a breadth of information and make connections across disciplines [10]
  • First-In certification makes him a master of survival, linguistics, culture, assimilation, etc
  • Can predict, using a mental Probability Loop, embedded by The Department of the Interior when he was an Agent of Change, Senior Field Agent


  • Val Con's mother Aelliana died when he was three (? Citation?), killed while saving his father, Daav, from a Terran assassin.
  • Daav left Liad to balance Aelliana's death and Val Con was raised by his uncle Er Thom yos'Galan and aunt Anne Davis with his cousins Shan, Nova, and Anthora.
  • He joined The Scouts and achieves the rank of Scout Commander, with a First-In certification allowing first contact.
  • Recruited by the Department of the Interior as part of their long-term plan to minimize the threat of Clan Korval, he became one of their most valued agents of change (read: spy and assassin).
  • He has always had 'hunches' and the Department of the Interior added an 'odds calculator'
  • Val Con meets(saves?) Miri Robertson from Juntavas members but is knocked out. She rescues him in exchange and he convinces her that they have a better chance of escaping the planet if they join forces.
  • Val Con wins his mind free of The Department of the Interior, with help from Miri and others.
  • Miri and he become lifemates on Vandar, a non-space-faring planet. Because of the lifemating, Val Con and Miri together are considered the delm of Clan Korval.
  • Val Con and Miri have a daughter Talizea ("Lizzie") , who Theo foresaw would be a pilot.



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