Win Ton yo'Vala


  • Scout Trainee[1]
  • Theo Waitley's friend and one time lover
  • second pilot of ship Bechimo
  • severely injured by The Department of the Interior and later mostly healed by the remastering unit found on Bechimo.
  • Classified as "The Less Pilot" by Bechimo even though Win Ton was the one to wake Bechimo. This is because Terrans and Liadens differ in which seat (left or right) is the pilot's and which is the copilot's.
  • Scout Win Ton's nickname for Theo is Sweet Mystery.
  • Win Ton was apprenticed to Scout Cho Sig'Radia  at the time he met Theo Waitley aboard the Vashtara. Then he was 16 years old and had already mastered jump.


  1. Fledgling, ch 20

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