Win Ton yo'Vala


  • an adventurous and optimistic nature
  • lacking in discipline despite scout training (self-assessment)
  • "of the delm's line” - which combination of traits had inspired his parent and his delm to allow him to go for Scout"
    • (assuming parent and delm to be the same person - different melanti)
  • if his scout mind perceives a puzzle, all else falls before his needs to solve it
  • after his torture he doesn't like himself very much. [1]

A ScoutEdit

  • A Liaden
  • Studied with the Liaden Scouts[2]
  • Like all Scouts, a Master Pilot, with a teaching and certification license as well as a top-tier jump pilot card
  • Win Ton was apprenticed to Scout Cho Sig'Radia  at the time he met Theo Waitley aboard the Vashtara. Then he was 16 years old and had already mastered jump. (Theo was 14 at the time).
  • Later, he served on Captain Ing Vie yos'Thadi's team, seeking out and archiving or destroying "hazardous and contraband technology" (Old Tech and Independent Logics) [3], [4] [5]
  • In the course of his Scout duties, he came upon the self-aware ship Bechimo. The ship gave him access and a key. The Department of the Interior tortured him for the key to Bechimo, futilely:

“"After my report reached a dishonest agent within (Scout) Headquarters and was noted, waves happened. While the actual administrator was attempting to route me to a safe place to be questioned, this group, this Department, captured me and inflicted torture in the hope that I could, and would, give them Bechimo. They used Old Technology...”[6]


  • Theo Waitley's friend and one time lover
  • He taught her Bowli Ball and encouraged her to attend piloting academy
  • His nickname for Theo is Sweet Mystery


  • Tortured for the key to Bechimo , he got away, helped by the key.
    • When The Uncle's equipment couldn't heal him, he was placed in the remastering unit on Bechimo, which had a sample of his baseline DNA. The unit slowly rebuilt him till he was "whole, well, and so in debt"[7]
  • became second (or third?) pilot on Bechimo when he was healed
  • created a piloting exam for the AI comm officer, Joyita
  • Classified as "The Less Pilot" by Bechimo even though Win Ton is a Master Pilot, and was the first person to board Bechimo in centuries. This is because Terrans and Liadens differ in which seat (left or right) is the pilot's and which is the copilot's.


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